2 June 2017
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By Rhoda Collins

“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; All Your waves and billows have gone over me.” Psalm 42:7

God is calling people with a sound to go beyond the veil deeper into the supernatural realm. Jesus’ voice is like: “…. the sound of many waters”. Revelation 1:15

That sound has been released for a lot of years and people’s spirits have been drawn to this sound, even though they don’t know what it is.

This sound has been released from Heaven and some people connect with it one way and some another way. This sound is drawing people into a new level of Heavenly authority and its main purpose is to lead people beyond the veil.


It has been said, that we as a body of Christ, are on a Prophetic timeline – that is Wine, Fire and Wind.

  1. Wine- a call to intimacy: Fatherhood, Sonship, and Royal Identity which has been going on for a long time.

    For example, the Toronto Blessing revival that started in 1994, with anointing, miracle breakthroughs, etc., was calling people to intimacy with the Father.

  2. Fire- a refining of repentance, a release of hindrances, moving past the veil.

    The Brownsville revival that started in 1995, can be said was releasing a Joshua generation, removing stumbling religious blocks, such as wilderness and Gilgal thinking.

    And yet over 20 years later, this whole movement of God’s Fire for repentance and removing stumbling blocks, is where The Church is stuck right now.

    There will be judgment of God’s household (The Church) for those who insist on staying in the wilderness or in Gilgal. The Fire of God is coming in different ways to different people.

    God is purifying the body of Christ and He is asking individually the following questions:Are you willing to be purified and refined and go deeper beyond the veil throughout The Promised Land and beyond?Are you willing to let My refining fire spill over everyone you encounter and everything you are doing and leave everything behind in the wilderness that I have not designed, and come and do a new thing that I have designed?

    So, in this Joshua generation there are leader’s or spies that are called by God to go into the Promised Land to experience something before anyone else and then give a good report to The Church, that we can possess the land and stop living in the wilderness.

  3. Wind – (the harvest) is the group of people that gather around under the shadow of God – a supernatural harvester of supernatural labourers.


The whole body of Christ has been in the wilderness, a prison of religion for almost 1900 years and now, as we can come out of it, we are going to see a period of exceptional supernatural harvest come in, to people and places that are ready to receive it.

When that harvest comes, we are going to have the shaking of everything else and we are going to live under the laws of heaven, completely unaffected by the religious systems that are going on in the Church today.

Now this [expression], “Yet once more,” indicates the removal and final transformation of all those things which can be shaken—that is, of that which has been created—so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.”   Hebrews 12:27

Everything will be shaken and all that is a man-made religion will collapse.

So, God gives 2 choices to Christians:

Do you want to stay in the wilderness and perish like the Moses generation?
Or do you want to cross over into the Promised Land, into a new dimension,
Going Beyond the Veil, as a Joshua Generation and take the land and beyond?

Let’s take back what belongs to us and not die in the wilderness!


This generation over the last 40 years or so of the apostolic/prophetic order, have failed to equip people to engage Heaven. There have been amazing miracles around the world, but leaders failed to equip regular people, meaning them going and operating beyond the veil, into the supernatural realm.

These leaders built and continue to build Moses ministries in the wilderness, rather than equip a Joshua generation to go deep beyond the veil into the Promised Land. They made themselves as mediators that created dependent people.

God is removing this “kind of ministry” and He is giving authority to regular people that go deep beyond the veil, to engage Heaven for themselves, hearing God’s voice and operating in the supernatural realm.


This Moses generation built mountains of ministries under the cloud of anointing, rather than to equip people to engage God in the cloud. And they produced ‘covering ministries’ rather than foundational floors, to release living stones into their destinies. Anything that is declaring itself a ‘covering’ such as a religious denomination or a person (i.e. priest, pastor, apostle, prophet, leader), is putting themselves between you and God. So, when people accept such a ‘covering’, then they accept a no access to God position, unless they go through this man ‘covering’. God never intended this to happen.

Foundational ministries release people to go directly to God for themselves, not create dependence on man. There are many conferences in which many people flock into, pay lots of money to attend (merchandising) hoping they would get a miracle or a word of God for themselves. Prophesies may be accurate, but those ‘covering’ leaders, never equipped anyone to hear God’s voice, to have miracles flow through them. Each Christian is a sheep that hears the shepherd’s voice (John 10:27). They need a proper shepherd to train them, not presentations.

“And in their greed they will exploit you with false arguments and twisted doctrine. Their sentence [of condemnation which God has decreed] from a time long ago is not idle [but is still in force], and their destruction and deepening misery is not asleep [but is on its way].”
2 Peter 2:3 AMP

‘Covering’ leaders build in the wilderness rather than preparing a generation of forerunners or spies who cross beyond the veil.

Joshua and Caleb went in the Promised Land ahead of everyone else, and saw this abundance of harvest, came back and said: “this is our land lets go and possess it” Numbers 13:30. The others said we are like grasshoppers so we can’t fight the giants. Then this whole generation, including the leaders who convinced the people to follow them, died in the wilderness, because of their unbelief.

True harvesters of God are supposed to equip people to release them into their supernatural inheritance.


Many people are fearful to go beyond the veil, saying they’re too young or too old. There is no age limit with God! Joshua and Caleb were 80 plus and still going to war getting rid of the giants in the Promised Land.

Others say that they aren’t ready yet, so they have to attend more conferences and seminars or read some more books. These are excuses to delay moving out of the wilderness.

Even when the Promised Land is pointed out to them, most prefer to stay in the wilderness, listening to the 10 false leaders (Numbers 13), as they did in Moses’ day. They also perish there, just short of the Promised Land that God has prepared for them.

Get away from such people.


God is establishing people under the direct authority of God, without man made ‘coverings’.

During the Church Age, there have been those who have gone deep beyond the veil, such as The Desert Fathers and Mothers, Daniel Nash, and Rees Howells, who are discussed in Al’s book, “Xtreme Big Game Hunting’. But now, God is inviting people to go deeper into His mysteries.

The new Christian walks in Heaven and Earth at the same time, as Jesus did.

This is what the order of Melchizedek is all about, which is a mandate to reflect the 4 faces of God on earth: Priestly, Kingly, Apostolic, and Prophetic.


Man and satan don’t want the current state of The Church to become like this God model. They don’t want the Kingdom government to reign.

What man wants, is a hierarchy of man government. A priest/pastor command structure, a pastoral team, a praise team, a prophetic team, a prayer team, a worship team, an evangelism team, a therapy and counselling team, even a marketing team. So, there is a battle of man’s will vs. God’s will on how The Church is supposed to be governed. Most ‘churches’ (assemblies) are led by a pastoral ministry, rather than an apostolic ministry (God’s definition of Apostle, not man’s).

The Government of Heaven desires a servant leadership, who serve in an apostolic, priestly, kingly and prophetic way, all under Father God’s will, as Jesus did. This is the proper reflection of Heaven on Earth.

The Church today would rather host the people of God, rather than the God of the people. The boards of ‘church’ government today, hires leaders to do their bidding.

If you decide as a leader to host the people of God, then people set the agenda and you have to serve them and cater to their wants as otherwise, people will leave and go somewhere else, which affects tithes, offerings and job security.


What happens when you host God? When a leader decides to host God, some people won’t like the Kingdom government. They don’t want to stop sinning. They don’t want to repent or forgive. They don’t want to be equipped. They don’t want to get up off the pew. They prefer the wilderness. This kind will leave. But, then God will come. Heaven will come. Angels will come. Hungry and thirsty people tired of corrupt, flesh-driven ‘churches’ will come. God will develop new Christians that go beyond the veil deeper into the Promised Land.


What happens to a new Christian that hosts God, instead of man? The wilderness Christians will be afraid of them, reject them, renounce them, attack them, laugh at them, call them ‘fringe element’ and ‘mystical’. This just happened to me (again) at a group that considers itself charismatic. When I talked about some supernatural activities such as walking in Heaven, the leader actually got up and walked away from me and ignored me the rest of the night! Not so subtle of a hint that I could leave. They actually told me that I was too mystical.


This brings us to another ‘kind’ of Christian. The ones that cross over the Jordan into the Promised Land, set up camp in Gilgal and say ‘they’ve arrived’ (Joshua 4)!

This ‘kind’ also usually sets up the ‘man’ government of ‘covering’. They’ll do some supernatural things such as speaking in tongues, rarely perhaps set up a healing team, have some leadership ‘approved’ prophecies and are satisfied. They also rarely equip anyone else, as it would be a threat to their power structure. They reject supernatural outsiders beyond their Gilgal level, except to perhaps bring in an ‘acceptable’ speaker from far away, that won’t threaten their position. Known to reject supernatural precedents outside the miracles of the Bible. Al and I have seen it over and over… and over. A religion has formed.

Imagine Jesus deciding to stay in the wilderness, join the ‘religious norm’ and do nothing. Or perhaps restricting Father God and the Holy Spirit to only the known and ‘acceptable’ Old Testament miracles. Or going under the ‘covering’ of the Pharisees and Sadducees when they questioned His authority. Or decide to become a leader, but refusing to train disciples, as that would erode his popularity. Ridiculous I know, but this is going on all over the world right now!


We need GOING BEYOND THE VEIL leaders that host God, who will harvest people, equip people, disciple them, and release them into their FULL destinies, not control them or hinder them. Who reject religious government.

God desires us and earth to be a template of Him and of Heaven.

He wants us to leave the wilderness, cross the Jordan, leave Gilgal, possess the Promised Land and go beyond, with Him!

Don’t restrict yourself or God. Surrender to Him, not to man or religion.

Don’t stop! Fly higher!

Teaching adapted from Mike Parsons at freedomarc.org

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  • Viccent Hove

    Viccent Hove31 July 2017Reply

    Thank you so much for your teachings. I have kept many of them including your e-books and always pray for a help to grow to your level. May God continue to reveal greater things to you.

    V. Hove

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