18 November 2016
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By Rhoda Collins

A lot of people have ignored Jesus’ commands such as cast out devils, heal the sick, or raise the dead, until there is a crisis, and then they try to learn how to get faith to do something or try to obtain some “special” anointing. The best way to operate in the gift of faith is to operate in abiding faith. The abiding faith has an overall approach to life that draws from the goodness of God and knows everything for His good.

Carrying this attitude is not just a psychological attitude; it’s not just being positive, but having a new mindset that everything works for good for God. Even in the worst situations, God is prepared to reverse its effect, so that the tragedy becomes His triumph, for His glory. That abiding Faith is what positions us for what we need in crisis, the gift of Faith. It’s difficult to move from ground zero to extraordinary faith. Jesus did not pray and fast for a miracle, He talked to Father, fasted regularly, operated in spiritual senses and in the supernatural realm, which was a lifestyle.

Most Christians may know the general will of God on a biblical or intellectual level, such as we know He wants everyone healed, but most don’t operate from a supernatural level; an abiding level; not from a place of seeing and hearing God’s perfect will now for this specific moment or crisis, as Jesus did and taught us to do. Nor do most have conviction. Faith is the conviction of things hoped for. Abiding faith is the thing that burns within us; is an awareness that no matter what comes against us, God is capable of handling it. Carrying that abiding faith is what prepares us for that faith that we need for something that is beyond what we’ve experienced so far.

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