Are you a Slave or a Son of God?

17 December 2018
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By Rhoda Collins

What is the difference between a slave and a Son?

Slavery breeds a poverty spirit of fear and lack of identity. Sonship breeds faith, identity, resources and responsibility.

The Israelites in the wilderness had a slavery mindset. They were given freedom and responsibility, but they showed no loyalty to God or to Moses because they still had a mindset of slavery (Exodus 15-17, 32, Numbers 21).

A Son of God knows who they are in Christ, born of God, sitting on the throne of authority, declaring the promises of God, holy without blame before Father.

They know they are the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ and they don’t live under condemnation:

“For our sake He made Christ [virtually] to be sin Who knew no sin, so that in and through Him we might become [endued with, viewed as being in, and examples of] the righteousness of God [what we ought to be, approved and acceptable and in right relationship with Him, by His goodness].” 2 Corinthians 5:21

When someone knows who they are, God can use them to release their own creativity into His creation.  Let’s not empower people who don’t know who they are nor restrict those who do. We need to put things in place which will help Sons come into the fullness of Sonship and to deal with any slavery mentality they may have.


The issues are found in our hearts not our heads because things in our lives gets loaded from our hearts into our conscious thinking. Then we act out of it as a result.

There are circumstances in our lives and our behaviour that will help us indentify to what extend we act out of spirit of slavery vs a spirit of Sonship.

A spirit of slavery is often the product of poor nurturing, unhealed wounds and brokenness in our own lives, but it can also be generational, which is, particular ways of thinking handed down to us from previous generations.

Below is a list that shows the Heart of Slave vs the Heart of a Son:


Sees God as a master… insecure/lacks peace.

Independent/self reliant… strives for praise, acceptance and approval of man.

Live by love of law… a need for personal achievements as they seek to impress God and others, or no motivation to serve at all.

Motive for purity… must be holy to have God’s favour, thus increasing sense of shame and guilt

Self image for an orphan heart… self rejection from comparing yourself to others.

Comfort… seeks comfort in counterfeit actions… addictions, compulsions, escapism, hyper religious activity.

Peer Relationship… competition, rivalry and jealousy towards others success and position.

Handling other’s faults… accusation and exposure in order to make yourself look good by making others look bad.

View of authority… sees authority as a source of pain.

View of admonition… difficulty receiving admonition. A slave must be right.

Expression of love… guarded and conditional based upon others performance as they seek to get their own needs met.

Sense of God’s presence… conditional and distant.

Position… feels like a slave and servant.

Vision… spiritual ambition; the ernest desire for some spiritual achievement and the willingness to strive for it; desire to be seen and accounted among the mature.

Response to pain… runs from pain.

Perspective on work… obeys orders.

The uses of resources… sees costs, wants to receive from those who have.

The nature of relationship… talks about self, expects from others, rather than from self.

View of Future… looks for immediate microwave results.

Exercise of power… is disloyal when experiences success, seeks supernatural for self.


  • Sees God as a loving Father
  • Has rest and peace
  • Totally accepted in God’s love and accepted by grace
  • Service; motivated by deep gratitude for being unconditionally loved by God
  • Motive behind Christian discipleship: pleasure and delight
  • Wants to be holy… doesn’t allow anything to hinder a relationship with God.
  • Their self image is positive and affirmed… you know you have a value to God.
  • Seeks time of quietness and solitude of rest in Father’s presence and love.
  • Humility and unity as they value others in their success.
  • Handles others faults… love covers, as they seek to restore others in spirit of love and gentleness
  • View of admonition… sees it as a blessing so that people faults are put to death and weaknesses turned into strength
  • Open and expression of love as they lay their agenda down to meet other’s people’s needs
  • Sense of God’s presence very intimate… operates in the spirit

Go though the list and see what fits you better. Work with God to make corrections.

Get rid of the slave mentality. Adopt a Son mentality and become a giant for God.

When we recognise that our mindset is not right, we:

  • Forgive and release those whose words and deeds have resulted in us being the way we are. We don’t rationalise it away. We see that it happened and it had an effect on us, and forgive and release them.
  • Own your way of thinking or your behaviour. We don’t make excuses for it, it is sin to think like a slave when God has said you are a Son, and if you don’t treat it as sin you will most likely carry on and be comfortable with thinking that way. Confess it, renounce it, and repent of it (turn from it and turn to the truth). Take it to the courts, if you know how to do that, and get divorce papers which enforce separation from that way of thinking and behaviour.
  • Meditate on the truth of God’s love for us and His acceptance of us. Meditate on the destiny He has for us. Get these things into our spirit by experience and encounter so that they become the basis of how we live. This is not an instant fix – it takes time.
  • Attack the familiar spirits. Don’t let them lie to us and whisper into our minds. Take captive every thought. Deal with the thoughts that come, don’t entertain them and allow them to take root. Challenge them! We must be very careful about what is coming out of our mouth, not saying negative things that line up with the spirit of slavery. Speak out the truth.
  • Get help if we need to. If we cannot deal with familiar spirits ourselves, we enlist the help of someone else who can minister deliverance to us. We may need healing from a wounded heart, and someone to minister that healing if we are not receiving it on our own.

Then we can be restored, and come back into a place of peace and rest, knowing who we are as children of God, knowing God’s love.

He really wants us to know our identity as His Sons, and to renounce our slavery and orphan mentalities. He wants us to receive our security and acceptance from Him. Then we will be manifested as Sons on the earth, to bring the whole of creation back into alignment with God’s eternal intentions before Satan fell.

“For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God”. Romans 8:19

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