Eagle Missions School Training Application

This form is to be filled out by applicants for Eagle Missions School Training in Africa and Asia. We cannot help with any visa applications and we do not have any finances or scholarships available. There is a $500 non-refundable application fee which you can pay online within 10 days after you receive your acceptance letter. This is the registration fee and it is mandatory to guarantee your place in the school. This fee will not be reimbursed in case of your cancelation.

    Permanent Address

    Emergency Contact Information

    Your Missionary Support

    Each Eagle Missions School student is required to cover all of their own tuition. There are no scholarships available.

    Are you able to cover the required tuition amount?
    Asia Tuition: US $200/day/person.

    Price is for a single student and includes tuition, transportation, food and lodging.

    Students should also budget for their own return flight from the pick-up/drop-off School airport, extra personal food costs plus any taxi transportation and any other personal items.

    Prayer Support

    Upon entering the Eagle Missions School training field, you will be fully immersed in spiritual warfare. It is essential that you have people who are covering you in prayer, as will our team. We suggest that you have prayer partners who have committed themselves to intercede and pray for you, for your ministry, and for the people to whom God sends you. Start now to form your team of prayer partners. Make a list of their names and addresses, so that you can keep them informed of your Missions School efforts.

    Activity Information

    Christian Life and Calling

    Missions Experience, Education, and Abilities.

    Past History and Personal Information

    ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. Please answer the following questions thoroughly and honestly as we need to be aware of potential growth and discipleship areas.

    Have you ever had or do you currently have problems in any of the following areas? Mark them with a check and give a detailed description below.

    Medical History

    We collect the following information and have it on file in case you have a medical emergency while serving with us. We will also need to have your insurance information in case we ever need to take you a local doctor or hospital.

    Note: You can leave this page now and submit the form at a later time. Your filled in information will be saved

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