January 4, 2021


In case any of you missed the significance or reasoning for it… mankind brought this global corona pestilence/plague upon itself for not only recompense for entire civilizations living in ever widening and deepening sin they consider acceptable but also as God’s warning yet again to turn back to Him before the times of destruction will be released.

If that wasn’t enough, the last four years of the Trump presidency and especially 2020 has seen a coming-out of a plague of violence in America against conservative and moral values and Christians, who are declared as “haters”, “bigots”, “homophobes”, “racists”, “white supremist” and “colonizers” by not only fringe organizations but by the mainstream media and educational and government institutions. Physical attacks and murder against Christians; church burnings and governors shutting down Christian gatherings are being shrugged off, accepted and even encouraged.

The rise of the BLM and Antifa militant, pagan groups, with their cultural and political ideals, have become celebrities in the media and Hollywood circles for their acts of domestic terrorism that they consider justified protests.

This other plague is a religion being called Progressive Fundamentalism; whose beliefs are that the faith community (Christians) are an assault on what they hold sacred. There is no co-existence in this religion. There is no forgiveness of what they consider to be a “sin” or “misdeed.”  They are obliged to purge that which they consider impure.

Statistics and research reveal that those who call themselves Christian are mostly progressive liberals who have determined their own definitions of God’s truths. This is yet another plague within the Church body that’s been festering and metastasizing for centuries.

And yet even one more plague… our experience has been, that true remnant Christians are intimidated, complacent, timid or are ignoring these rampaging elephants in the room, praying to be raptured rather than taking on their responsibilities now as ambassadors of God, which only emboldens the attackers against them further.

It’s rather easy to understand why and how this is all happening.

Christians have been busier running businesses and social clubs rather than bringing God’s will down from Heaven.

The church/denominational, liberal, socially acceptable blueprints don’t work, as these were set up my man, not God.

“Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” 1 Corinthians 3:16 AMPC

Too many are running their own personal, flesh-driven truths, self-righteous acts and agendas rather than working with God.

“So then those who are living the life of the flesh [catering to the appetites and impulses of their carnal nature] cannot please or satisfy God, or be acceptable to Him.” Romans 8:8 AMPC

Path to Victory with God

As all these plagues happen around us, we continue to work at this ministry as Watchmen to sound the warning to snatch the deceived away from their lives of illusion and pathways to death, to place them right now on their eternal seats of power and authority.

The depth of what needs to be accomplished in America and around the world is enormous. Flesh-driven religious schedules, ways, doctrines and traditions don’t work, no matter how well-intentioned. The collapse going on around us is proof enough of that.

God tells us plainly what we should be doing and He gives a warning to those who decide to do otherwise.

“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to and different from that which we preached to you, let him be accursed (anathema, devoted to destruction, doomed to eternal punishment)!” Galatians 1:8 AMPC

Your support to do what God expects of us and for the lost and disillusioned is vital and appreciated beyond words for us. We help you build your treasures in Heaven.

In 2020 we put out two new books…


God led Al to write a children’s/young adult supernatural/action/adventure fiction book to reach those who are turned off by religion and will never tune in to efforts made through typical Christian methods to introduce salvation to them.

From the Back Cover

Two kids discover reality in the most unlikely place where they’re taught how to become gods.

Setting out on adventures in different dimensions, these two new gods defeat wizards, monsters and other nasties afflicting Earth to rescue those trapped in their fantasy worlds of superstition and illusion, setting them free to become gods themselves.

Will a final epic war destroy them and the planet before they can stop it and move onto more important things… like living for eternity in peace, governing their own personal universes?

Take a detour onto the road to The God Farm.

They’re waiting there to teach you how to become a god yourself.

If you like J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, C.S. Lewis’ Narnia and William Young’s The Shack, then you won’t be able to put down the riveting adventures of these heroic God Operators.

“It totally transformed my 13-year-old daughter who is now seeing angels, spending time in heaven daily and is now being taught by God how to see into both realms with her eyes open.” Larry, TX Kingdom Talks Media


Supernatural Testimonies of Bilocation, Translocation, Healing and Spiritual Warfare

Heavenly Crowns you should be Wearing / The Seven Spirits of God

The Four Chambers of the Heart/Travelling in the Spirit

Spirit of Wisdom and Her Handmaidens / Getting Justice in Heavens Courts

From the Back Cover

“My journey with God goes to multidimensional levels of reality that’s beyond human comprehension.

Nothing in this world is worth striving for as this world is in the process of decaying day by day. When I’m in the spiritual realm with Father, Jesus, angels, the cloud of witnesses and all the other beings, I’m in His multidimensional love. I experience Heaven beyond all that I could describe with human words. There is nothing like it. Father’s love is immeasurable.

In the spiritual realm are gardens, treasures and dimensions that we, as children of God, have inherited and that are available to us now and through eternity. What I’ve experienced on My Journey with God and revealed to you here is only a fraction of reality.

Father says to you, “My dear ones, don’t hesitate to come up here. I am waiting with My arms open. Come and fellowship with Me and drink from the water of life. Get to know Me Face to face. I AM. My heart leaps for joy for each of you to experience My multidimensional love and all that I have in store for you.”

Jesus says to all of you reading this precious book, “I Am the Son Who died for you. Receive My love in a unique way. Come up here to meet me Face to face. Let’s travel together in the unknown and explore Father’s kingdom. Heaven doesn’t compare with anything you’ve seen here. Let your hearts expand beyond where you are. My heart longs for you. Come. I AM. My love for you is infinite.”

“And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things) not on the things that are on the earth,” Colossians 3:2 AMPC

“And He raised us up together with Him and made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere [by virtue of our being] in Christ Jesus (the Messiah, the Anointed One).” Ephesians 2:6 AMPC

“Rhoda is such a gift. Her new book, “My Journey With God- Traveling in the Supernatural Realm “(2020) has been the source of radical spiritual growth for me.  Rhoda gives us many, many examples of her journeys into the ascended realms in the spirit as well as terrestrial encounters with Jesus on the Earth. I found myself mesmerized by the vastness of the realities open to us, if we only learn how to look. She took me on one amazing adventure after another, far mightier than any Captain Marvel movie. This is real, not make believe.

Beyond the spellbinding visions, Rhoda’s beautiful heart for the lost and injured shows through. Through Rhoda, we see more of the heart of Jesus in action. His love for those not saved and willingness to heal without condition, was an eye opener. The few fore-runners into the next age, that are leading the way for us, are amazing people that we are blessed to have. I count Rhoda as one of the handful in the world, that is destined to bring us out and up to the Light. Thank you, Rhoda.   

Sheila McQuinn, Ph.D. (Psychologist -retired)”, Maryland, USA


A lot has been going on over the last year in The Philippines.

Hundreds of people, including children and youth, have been trained in the supernatural, to walk with God, visit Heaven and to raise the dead, do healing and spiritual warfare AND many became leaders! THE WAY book was translated into Tagalog for them to work from.

You are all such radiant gems of God!

Just a few testimonies of many…

Raising the Dead, Crippled Healed  and Teleportation of a Man and his Car

Al & Rhoda,


One of the tribal evangelists here on the island of Mindanao who spent many days of fasting and also spent 3 to 5 hours every day in prayer, experiences supernatural manifestations of God’s resurrection power. He experienced using by God five times in raising the dead.

Another disciple while spending whole night in prayer, God took him to the third heaven.

In heaven an angel guides him to a big golden room where he saw a big golden Dove.

Then out of dove’s mouth came out three drops of oil, anointing him.

He experienced mass baptism in the Holy Spirit. One of the beggars at the market place who born cripple was healed and walked after his prayers.

A church elder traveled from other city going home while driving his car he praises and worship the Lord with tears. He felt the presence of God then he saw light in a form of man sited at front seat beside him.

For a minute he forgot that he was driving at the dangerous curved road because of that spiritual experience. Then when he read the signboard of that place he wondered because he was already at his place. It would take two hours to travel to reach his place. But the help of the Spirit immediately he arrived.

John 6:21 (KJV) Then they willingly received him into the ship: and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went. God Bless, Freddie”

Besides classroom studies, much of it done on site in villages in the mountains, there is also Bibles provided, fresh water wells put in, and provisions of food, clothing and medicines.


December 20/20

When I (Rhoda) asked Father Daddy God about frequency, I went spiritually into a field. Above me, heaven opened up with frequencies of multicolors. Blue sapphire was the predominant color.

Yeshua and I were by a magnificent waterfall. He helped me climb down some rocks to get into a boat that took us swiftly across a sparkling green river. When we arrived at the river bank, we got out of the boat, walked up a hill and went inside a hut where there was a man lying on a mat sick with tuberculosis.

Yeshua said: “I will teach you how to heal through frequency.” As my hand hovered over his body, light frequencies came out of my hand that looked like small shots of lightning. The man’s disease melted under my hand through these amazing frequencies.

After that I went back and sat on the couch and enjoyed the presence of the Father eating lemon cookies and drinking tea.

A big warrior angel came in together with the cloud of witnesses: Bob Jones, Smith Wigglesworth, Lynn Collins, Isaiah, Elijah and Moses. Another angel came in and was holding a tray with a frequency scroll. When I ate the scroll my entire body vibrated and became multicolored, translucent from red, yellow, purple to shimmery green and blue.


December 25/2020

Jesus and I (Rhoda) were behind the waterfall walking on a narrow pathway with angels behind us. We walked through the wall inside the mountain and ended up in a cave. Yeshua opened a box and gave me a frequency scroll. Yeshua put a frequency of robe over me that was so magnificent I hardly have words to describe it. It was metallic white and when I moved it reflected all the colors of the rainbow.

Yeshua and I then traveled to Tel Aviv with a mission. We walked along the beach by the Mediterranean Sea enjoying the breeze on our way to the market square. A group of orthodox Jews were surrounding an old man with white hair and beard that was lying on the ground. The men murmured among themselves that he had a heart attack. Yeshua told me to take the scroll and put it into the man’s chest. The frequency from the scroll pumped the heart of this man and raised him from the dead. Suddenly with a big gasp the man stood up, puzzled and looked around. The orthodox Jews marveled at this miracle. Then Yeshua showed himself to the crowd and said in Hebrew: “I AM Light “Ani Or.” All the men fell at His feet and worshiped Him.

I turned to the man raised from the dead and asked him his name. He said: “I am Yesuda which means servant of the Lord.” I said to the man that Yeshua is Hamashiach and that He gave him life. The man worshiped the Lord and repented for have denied him as Yeshua.


December 26/20

I (Rhoda) went back to the magnificent waterfall to see Yeshua diving down into the water down from a rock. He brought up a trunk that had lots of things inside. He took out a compass, an ancient map and some scrolls. We were surrounded by magnificent tall angles wearing white robes. A chariot pulled up and we went for a ride and arrived in Israel in ancient times.

We were in the time when Joshua and Caleb were entering into the Promised Land where many battles were taking place. Yeshua pointed up at some principalities over these areas: idolatry, deceit from keeping people blind to the truth of who God is. I also saw an army of angels, Uriel, Elelim, Banai Elohim, Sons of God surrounding these beasts. One huge angel looked like the hulk in Avengers, except it didn’t have the green color, who was dressed in full body armor. He punched one of the beasts in the face. I threw my sword which became like a propeller in the air chopping six heads of the beast. This new sword that I received from Yeshua was very different: it was long, sharp and when it propelled in the air it opened up into two other blades on each side and each had three other swords. We finished the battle by destroying all of them.

Jesus and I came back from the past to Tel Aviv walking to a building that had an arched gate. We went upstairs inside a sanctuary where there was an orthodox Jew lying in a coffin. Two kids were by his side crying. Yeshua told me to take the scroll out and read it out loud. As I began to read it in ancient Hebrew, the letters from the page turned to gold and flew off the page and into this man’s body. His chest started to move, his breathing started up, he came to life and stood up and said: “Yeshua, He is alive, He is God!! Praise God!” Yeshua made himself visible and all there worshiped Him as Adonai!

Next, I walked with Yeshua up a hill on a path of stones. When we reached the top, we sat down on a rock looking out over Jerusalem which led me to pray: “May the house of Israel and the house of Ephraim proclaim You as Yeshua Hamashiach and declare You as King of kings and Lord of lords.”

After that we went to the Father’s chambers by the fire place. Bob Jones walked in with three scrolls: red, yellow and blue.

When I ate the red scroll, the Spirit of the Lord came all over my body turning me red. It also means Blood of Jesus, love of God, blood of the Lamb, atonement and salvation.

I ate the yellow scroll and the Spirit of Understanding came upon me, which also means: faith and Glory of God, anointing and joy.

And when I ate the blue one, the Spirit of Might was upon me. Blue also represents Heaven, the Holy Spirit and authority. Three unusual warrior angels then came in. One of them had hands like swords. We all went to battle in the spirit to a place in Israel called the Kidron valley. This is between the temple mount and Gethsemane. I was riding on my beautiful horse Isaiah, and on my back was my sword held by a sheath. Other warrior angles accompanied us. Suddenly Yeshua took a big scroll and unrolled that went all the way across the valley. The ecstasy changed quickly as creatures and evil spirits appeared and we began to battle them all until the last one. After that the whole place became flooded with large diamonds. I asked the Lord where I should take all of these magnificent diamonds and He said for me to take some to the sea of glass and some to your heart garden. Angles were also collecting them for me in sacks. I planted many of them in my heart garden and the rest I took to the sea of glass. There I exchanged them for three scrolls. One of the scrolls I took to the record room where an angel recorded it. Another to the courts of kings and the last one Al and I took to the Galactic council of Seventy. Here nations are judged and Yeshua showed us that we (Al and I) will be judges over specific nations.

We invite you to partner with us on new adventures in 2021 that most have never heard about let alone ever experienced!


Hope to see you on THE WAY in the Heavens…

Al & Rhoda


November 13, 2020

Rhoda and I have been quite busy over the months, as we’ve each completed a new book and been spending a lot of time in Heaven with Father and our Lord.

Meanwhile, hatred for Christians is rising around the world, especially more so now in America with church burnings, leftist media attacks and blocks (YouTube/Google/Twitter), the various governor edicts shutting down gatherings, laws and hatred directed against us, calling us ‘haters’, ‘homophones’, ‘racists’, etc.

Of course, the usual world-wide rape, destruction and murder continues with the latest news (not found on any mainstream media) that villages in Mozambique were burned, women taken as slaves and 50 men dismembered and decapitated by islamists. The world just shrugs when this happens against Christ’s lambs. The demonized smile and thirst for more.

Sadly, most Christians stay silent, timid, fearful, passive and intimidated when attacked. That’s what they call freedom?

God’s Word doesn’t say to sit back, accept and take it from evil. God says submit to Him and resist the devil (James 4:7). That’s a command.

How do you resist?

God must lead each person in that. No one has His agenda for you accept Him. Go get it. It’s not under a pew or standing in a pulpit. Take your inherited responsibility and go crush stuff and have fun doing it (with God).

Spiritual Warfare over America

Many have been wondering what’s going on in America with all this election criminality, fraud, chicanery. Not really a surprise when so many loop-holes are allowed without proper controls and letting the foxes guard the henhouse.

This is on top of all the hate continually spewing out towards Christians from multiple sources (educational systems; government offices; media; domestic terrorist groups; entertainment sectors).

God recently had me go hunting over America on my chariot with 5 angels. Many other people were there also who joined in. Gotta love a group hunt.

I won’t get into specifics, but I enjoyed myself. The devil not so much.

You want some? See the new teaching, You Are Gods, at the bottom of the Home page for some tips or in one of our new books, My Journey With God and The God Farm. Ask God to get you in His will. Go get some.

15 Christians  rescued from prison in Laos

I (Rhoda) went to my heart garden where the river had many lights. Jesus and I fell into the waterfall and swam. Yeshua went to the bottom picked up a trunk and put it on a rock on the edge of the lagoon.

He took out a tall bottle with oil, a scroll and a sand-timer. A chariot with a big angel came and took us on a long journey to Laos; I knew it was not China. We went along this road to a village and stopped at a square.

Yeshua and I got off the chariot and walked through a market, arriving at a gate with warrior angels.

We walked through the wall-gate and we went inside a prison cell where 15 Christians were incarcerated.

I took the tall bottle of oil Jesus gave me from the trunk at the lagoon and poured over a woman who had a black leg that was gangrene. The oil became crystal light and transformed the skin from black to normal skin color. I continue to heal all the people there including a man who had tuberculosis… his bones were healed.

Jesus asked me to raise one who had died in the cell. I asked Yeshua how we are going to do this and He said you are light so I just raised my hand over the man, light came out of my hand, penetrated him and the man took a big gasp and came to life.

All the people were in awe when they saw us and the angels.

I was asking the angels how we are going to rescue them to take them out. Yeshua said, “We’ll leave and they (the guards) won’t see us.” So, I told the people to follow us and we went right through each gate and the soldiers couldn’t see us because we were invisible to them. We went through many gates until we were on the outside of the wall. We then went down to the river where a boat was waiting and took them to Vietnam.

Get on The Way with your destiny with God.

Good Hunting.

Al & Rhoda

March 20, 2020 NEWS

For those who feel afraid and alone, God has you in His hand. He has great plans for you (not just in this world).

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11


I (Al) went in the spirit.

Father said, “My mighty son. My great one. I love you. Come My son”.

Father is waiting for me at His chariot. I get on and we go. We go through space as stars fly by us. We go through various portals. I’m standing on what looks like a membrane of His chariot that I can see through.

“My son. I’m showing you more of what is. There is more than any can see. There is an eternity”.

We came to a stop at a bright twinkling area in front of us. It was made of many colors, but mostly yellow and white. We got off of Father’s chariot and walked across and through a portal. We came out to a mountain range with many trees and a lake. We sat on a large rock by the water. It looked like Earth.

Father says, “This is a planet that has been untouched by pollution. Untouched by evil. I give this place to you My son. No one else has ever seen this place. No one else but you can come here, unless you allow it”.

I looked around. It was so quiet. No angels. No animals.

Father said, “You make what you want here son and change what is here now if you like. I know you like these mountains, trees and lake so I started it for you”.

I said, “It’s all beautiful Father. I won’t change your gift. For now, I’d like to keep it this way and just be at peace here. Just walk the woods, the mountains and the lake. I do have an eternity to spend with it”!

Father says, “Yes you do My son”, as He hugs me.

“Can we stay here longer Father,” I ask?

“Of course, My son”.

“And Father”?

“Yes, My son”?

“You are always welcome here”!

Father laughs, “Well, thank you son”, as He hugs me again!

Father stayed on the rock as I went walking in the woods. I rubbed my hands across the trees. Untouched by anyone’s hands but mine. The trees swayed to my touch. They are alive, not stationary, like Earth’s. They are so happy to see me. They sing a tune as I walk among them.


“I (Rhoda) went to the dance floor. I was wearing my priestly robe made of silver with gold trim. Jesus was so royal, crowned with a beautiful golden crown decorated with red, blue and purple jewels. I was dancing with the Father also.

After that I went into my garden where I followed Jesus on this river bank made of stone rock that was silvery and black in color. After that we passed over the river to the other side to walk over some hills arriving in a valley. I saw in the distance a group of people with dark skin waiting for us to come and minister to them. When we arrived, Jesus gave them Bibles. I asked the Lord: “Who are these people Lord”? Jesus said: “They are hungry for Me. I shall heal their hearts”.

I then saw an angel throw what looked like saran wrap over them like a protection against this virus. Jesus had them drink from some fluorescent vials and they all got healed.

Jesus and I continued to travel on this road when we arrived at this fancy house in China. This house belonged to a rich person from the government of China. Jesus said to me: “My children have been persecuted way too long here in this land”. We went inside this house and this government leader was looking over a map with other men. They were looking at Southeast China at a camp where many Christians were being held captive. They could not see us, but we could see them and understand what they were saying. The leader said: “We must kill those 50 Christians”. Suddenly Jesus took a drop of oil from His pouch and put it on this man’s head. The man looked back at the map and said that they are not going to kill them. Another man asked him: “What do you mean we’re not going to kill them? You just said we must”. The leader replied: “Not at the moment.”

After that we went to this prison camp in Southeast China by the South China Sea. We were accompanied by 5 big angels. The angels went behind the guards and opened the doors to those 50 Christians. All of them were rescued.

Next, we were all in a forest walking on a path on a mountain. All of them were following Jesus and the angels. We took them across the border to Vietnam then Cambodia. We gave them sacks with food and they went on their way. Praise God!!!

I went to the Father’s chambers by the fire place. Angels were giving us cookies and tea. Father gave Al and I each a scroll.

Suddenly, a 30-foot warrior angel came in and took Al with him to a battle. The warrior angel was like a giant gladiator with a breast plate, with a huge sword and Roman-like sandals. There was a large python slithering around and around. The angel took the beast in his arms and stretched it out. Al took his sword and cut its head off. Al then took the head and pierced it into the sword that was on the ground. Praise God for all the victory.

These spiritual journeys that Rhoda and I take are really hard to describe in words. We can’t imagine life without spending this valuable time with God.

Our lives on this planet is just the beginning. Much, much more is there for us into eternity.

Grab it now!

Get on The Way with your destiny with God!

Good Hunting!

Spirit Traveling with Jesus

I (Rhoda) went to this beautiful waterfall with Jesus. We were on a suspended bridge surrounded by huge waterfalls all around us. As I looked down from the suspended bridge, it was a huge drop.

Jesus and I became eagles and started to fly and do acrobatics in the air. We reached a high cliff where we became us again. We begin to walk in this river and Jesus picked up a big stone that was topaz. He put it on the table and started to break in into smaller stones chipping them and making them smooth.

We then went back to the waterfall where the cloud of witnesses joined us. We all traveled to a village in Africa and we met a tribe of people. There was a man lying on the floor dead. Jesus gave him something to drink from a bottle and suddenly the man stood up and begin to walk. We then walked further in a forest by a pond. There were 5 bodies lying on the ground. Jesus walked by each of them and all were raised from the dead one by one. After that I preached the gospel to them. I said: “This is Jesus Who died on the cross for you, believe in Him, follow Him, He gave you life eternal that no one can give. Repent and change and make Him your Lord and Savior”. We gave them bibles and we went on our way.

Another time I went to my spiritual garden where Jesus was waiting for me under a tree. Father came also and I knelt before Him. He put a crown on my head: the crown of victory. I went in the Father’s chambers by the fireplace and there was an angel there who gave me a scroll. I went to the courts of angels and I saw a warrior angel dressed like a roman soldier. He has full armor on with breastplate and a sword. I showed them the scroll and several angels signed the scroll. After that everyone was looking over this map.

The Xtasy shifted suddenly to a place above Iran and there were multitudes of chariots of angels, special elite force angels. I was on my new fiery battle horse with my armor on and a big fiery sword. Suddenly I saw a huge dragon with a long tale flying around. The battle begins as multiple arrows and fire was thrown at this dragon. After that I took a big swing at this dragon and chopped its head off. Then to my surprise another 3 heads appeared and started to throw fire at us. I shot at the body of the dragon and the dragon exploded like confetti. After that many chariots of angels went above Israel. There was a dragon flying around and I chopped its head off with my new sword.

Jesus and I went to Tel-Aviv inside this tall building. We went inside this apartment where a woman was laying on the bed sick with cancer. I took my emerald green jar and pored oil all over her body massaging her arms and head. She was instantly healed. I told her about Jesus and to receive Him in her life. She knelt before Him calling Him Adonai Yeshiva Hamashiah!!

Judging Angels

I (Al) was in the spirit. I heard Father talking to me. “My precious one. My great one”. Father and I are hugging each other. We are at my cabin by the lake. Angels are all around and in the woods. I’ve never seen this many angels here before.

Father says, “My son. You are a great king and warrior”. I am then taken to a prison. I see an angel in chains. I look around to see angels in cells all around us. Father continues, “My son. These are all here because of your work. They await trial and sentencing by you one day”.

“By me”, I ask?

“Yes. You will review their cases and determine their fates”.

I look at them. They are very fierce looking. In rage that I put them here through spiritual warfare. I walk over to one of them, reach into its cell and grab it by its face. Its shocked that I did this. Guess it thought I should be afraid of it.

I look into its eyes and smile, “I look forward to your day in court”. I let go of its face and look around at all the others, “I look forward to seeing you all in court. We’ll see how tough you are then”. They all quiet down and back away.

Father puts His arm around my shoulder, “You are a great king. You will bring them justice that they’ve earned and will have no hesitation in giving it to them”.

We leave the prison, ending up at my chateau. We go to the library where Jesus is waiting for us by the fireplace. We hug. “Lord, my Lord”, I say! I’m so happy to see Him!

Jesus says, “You’ve been to the prison My brother”.

“Yes Lord. Many are there awaiting their fate”.

“Yes, and more will be added. This is one of your responsibilities as a king”, Jesus says.

“A responsibility that I will enjoy”, I say.

We sit in our chairs, as an angel brings us tea and cookies. I look around at all the books and scrolls everywhere. I’ll have an eternity to enjoy them.

Get Some!

All these adventures and more are available to every child of God! As royal-priests, kings, more than conquerors, saints we have blessings yes, but also responsibilities. Just sitting around in rows with people in some building is not what God wants for you! That is a waste of your destiny! It is contrary to God’s will.

So, get out there with God on The Way and get some!

Blessings and Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

November 25, 2019 NEWS


“I (Rhoda) went into my spiritual garden. Jesus was waiting for me by the river lying on a white sheet. We were having a picnic and had fish, bread and wine. He said to me:” Soak into My presence, I AM. This world does not offer you what I give you”.

While we fellowshipped and ate, I went to my gateways to clean them up. I engaged the first love gate where I saw a bright light soaking my entire body in the light and presence of the Lord until every fiber of my being started to vibrate.

In my subconscious gate there were spider webs and Jesus removed them all. After that I saw my warrior angles removing 2 familiar spirits, arrest them and take them out of the gate. I pleaded the blood and cover the entire gateway with the blood of Jesus and I closed and sealed the door tight.

I next went to my conscious and emotion gateways and did the same thing cleaning out and applying the blood of Jesus.

After that I went into my body gateway and I took my sword and cut out a familiar spirit who had a chain hooked into the gateway and I saw my warrior angles take out snakes. I took a brush and painted my entire gateway with the blood of Jesus and closed tight the door. I asked for a big warrior angel with a fiery sword to guard this gateway.

I went back in the garden and Father joined us at the table to fellowship with us. I was in 3 places at the same time: soaking in the light, cleaning the gateways and having a picnic with Father and Jesus.

After the picnic, Jesus and I crossed the river and He took out a rock with unusual light blue edges. He broke the rock and shaped it until a beautiful translucent gem stone diamond with many facets formed. He took the diamond and put it into my crown.

I then went traveling in the Spirit with Jesus and this time we crossed over to Jordan. We went inside this house where a woman was physically abused by her husband. She had a big wound on her right arm and a black eye. Jesus touched her arm. Then I poured oil over her arm and the wound instantly disappeared. Jesus stood up and the woman got scared and backed into the corner of the room. She never saw Jesus before. I calmed her down and told her that this is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Who died on the cross for her sins so that she will be forgiven and set free. Jesus said: “Don’t be afraid My daughter for I came to rescue you and heal you. Follow Me and you shall have eternal life”. I also gave her a Bible. She then hugged Jesus and received Him in her life. After that I saw angels taking her a to a rescue house for women.

Jesus and I crossed back to Israel into Nazareth and went inside this hospital. An orthodox Jew was there lying with an injury. A car hit him on the road and left him with a big leg injury. His leg was in a cast up to his hip. He was in a lot of pain. I saw an angel cutting his cast with scissors then Jesus started to pour lots of liquid and oil over the wound. The man was sleeping while he had this done. Then the Lord begins to speak to his conscience. He said: “Isaac, I AM, I AM the beginning and the end. You searched all of your life for answers but you could not find them. I died on the cross for you. Believe in Me, follow Me”. The man woke and saw Jesus. He was shocked and couldn’t say anything. He stood up not realizing his leg was totally healed. He walked around the room being afraid of his family and what they are going to do to him if he follows Jesus. The Lord said: “Don’t be afraid”. Then it hit him. He looked at his leg and marveled at this miracle healing. The he fell at Jesus feet saying: “Adonai, You are indeed the Son of God”. After a while this man’s family walked in and they were shocked to see he was absolutely healed. He started telling them what happened and how Jesus healed him. Praise God for victory in Jesus.


I (Al) went to war with some new angels this week. The other ancient ones that I worked with for years got promoted. These new ones are “rugged” is the word I’d use. No nonsense, battle-hardened, warriors.

I am with Father at my chateau where the wall opens up to give me a scroll with the location of our next battle. It is a centralized place (not mentioned deliberately) where evil troops are rising out of a ground portal.

My angels are on fiery chariots with weapons and I on Whitey, ride there. I move quickly riding down the portal, as the angels take on the evil entities on the surface. It is so dark I can’t see anything but the light of my sword. I end up in an open cavern where there is a huge entity on its throne directing the coming battle on earth. It is surrounded by countless evil things.

It stood up quite angry that I was there and moved forward to confront me. I get off of Whitey, walk up to it, chop out its legs with my sword and then take its head. I then struck the sword on the ground. A blast came out which destroyed all the entities in the cavern.

I put the leader’s head in a bag and ride out.

The 7 angels are waiting for me.

All is in ruins. They had killed everything on the surface.

No prisoners.

I love these guys!

We all ride back to my chateau and into the room of trophies. I take the large trophy head and put it on a waiting pedestal. Details of the war is already displayed below its head. I congratulate each angel. I give each of them a sword to commemorate the victory. Jesus is here and congratulates us also.

Whitey gets my thanks too!

Your turn!

Get on The Way with your destiny with God!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

October 7, 2019 NEWS



One time my money is not enough for a bus fare to go to another city for the kingdom of God sake. Then I prayed ” Lord help me.” Then inside the bus as I sat the bus conductor started asking the passengers for their destinations then issued tickets. As the he coming to me, I felt calm in my spirit I never premeditated what to say. Then he asked and issued ticket to the passenger at my left side then to my right side. But he never asked me or issued ticket for me. But I never bothered him. In my mind I asked what happened? why? Is he didn’t saw me? I’m I invisible to him? After he issued tickets to all passengers. He came back again to collect money for fares. He collected fares to my right side and to my left side but Never to me. Until I arrived the place for the ministry my mind still asking what happened? But in my praise and thankful to God. God will make a way. He is wonderful and miraculous God. And he Never change. Glory to His name.


Years ago, I received vision from the Lord. I saw many stars above my head. The Spirit said “these stars are churches that you’re going to build under your ministry” I replied “Lord you know that I am poor give that ministry to those who have money and already established. Why me?” For many months and years, I do not know what to do to fulfill that vision. Until God gave me word from the Bible. Mark 11:23 “…whosoever shall say and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith” God gave me revelation through that verse. I received faith how to fulfill that vision. So, from that time I always said, “thank you Jesus many churches shall be build” Every day when I remember it, I continue confessed “many churches shall be built” “I shall have whatever I saith”.

So, from that time until now we build 30 places. Glory to God. And still we continue our ministry of discipleships, church planting, children ministry, healing and evangelism. And thank you for your prayers and gifts for the ministry. God bless you more abundantly.

We’re so happy to be supporting this ministry in The Philippines for over 15 years now. There are also supernatural schools with 75 students in The Philippines…

“We continue our teachings in two different places. One at Davao Occidental with 50 students and at Davao del Norte with 25 students.


Just when I thought I was into some top level Xtreme Big Game Hunting, God takes me up a notch!

I’ve never heard of anyone doing what God had me do the other day. Does that mean it’s not acceptable because it’s not in the Bible? No. Many things took place that never hit the Bible.

“And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.” John 21:25

And. Only 5 of the 12 disciples of Jesus wrote books in the Bible. Imagine what all the others did. Imagine what saints over the last 2000 years have done in the supernatural that were never mentioned in the Bible. I know some who will not read or consider anything else but the Bible. How restrictive.

They’re saying, that God’s work through people isn’t worthy of attention. Get a life!

Don’t be scared off or put off by supernatural things that God does with you or others. He’s not confined to the Bible. He’s not in a box. If we limit Him to certain parameters (that’s religion), we’re hindering Him and ourselves.

One of the keys in The Way book to advancement with God is the Awareness Key.

I won’t be getting into the specifics of what happened, as we share as led by God. Some things are kept private. But here’s what I can put out… open up all your cylinders and deal with multiple principalities at the same time!


I deal with demons in groups, rather than one at a time.

Then, I like spiritual cookies and tea afterwards.

The Awareness Key is yours.

Your turn!


September 17/19

“Al & I (Rhoda) went to the beach to walk with Father, Jesus and angels, the ancient ones. We received 3 scrolls. One was golden, another one silver and the last one platinum color.

The 1st scroll has the title: “Destiny”
2nd one it was written: Assignment
3rd one it was written: Declaration

After that, Al & I went to the throne room and received golden mantles.

After that I begin my adventurous travels with Jesus and this time we went to Cairo. We walked through this cobblestone road by a huge market with fruits and vegetables. We crossed the street and entered a rugged old house with an arch shape entrance. As we entered there was a man sitting on his bed sick. I had like a doctor bag with me.  I opened it and took out a golden topaz liquid small bottle. I gave the bottle to Jesus. He gave to this man to drink from it. After the man drank from it, he threw up and was completely healed.

Al and I went back to the beach and we received an assignment to battle with an octopus looking creature with multiple tentacles. It was far in the distance suspended in the air. I took my sword and with one strike I cut it in 2 and it fell to the ground. I approached it and I cut it more and I took out a huge red ruby.

I went to the throne room where I saw the ark of God, Aaron’s rod and showbread. There I saw the 4 faces of God. Ox, Lion, Eagle, Man.

They all came down and we all started to dance in a circle. It was awesome to encounter all of them. I also ate the showbread. After that I saw Al, Jesus and I sitting on a blanket on the beach taking communion.”

We’ve had so many experiences in Heaven and with others and their testimonies. More to come up ahead!


Store up your treasures in Heaven!

Get on The Way with your destiny with God!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

August 21, 2019 NEWS

Spirit Traveling

I (Rhoda) was in the spirit and went under my tree in the garden where Jesus was waiting for me. Jesus and I had fellowship for a while and after that He said, “Come, let’s take a stroll”. So, we walked through the trees and I said, “Lord, where is the river”? He pointed it out and I jumped in. We begin to swim together down the river having fun until we arrived at this waterfall. I said, “Wait a minute. This is the waterfall that we swim at all the time. Wow! This is in my garden Lord”? He said, “Yes.”

We swam for a while and even went under the water into the ocean and swam all the way until we got to a beach. There was a man breathing very hard who was about to have a heart attack. We sat him down. I said, “Lord, how are we going to heal him.” I could see inside of his heart where I saw a blockage. Jesus removed the blockage and he was healed perfectly!

After that Jesus and I went to my house in Hawaii (spiritual). We sat on the deck admiring the ocean. I said, “This is mine Lord?” He said, “Yes.” Jesus then said, “If you think this is beautiful, wait until I show you this.” So, we went to a similar place where there were mountains that were green and made of diamonds that was alive! A beach was next to it. We begin to walk on the beach and after that Father joined us.

Suddenly a group of warrior angels came. They were special elite force angels. One of them gave me a scroll. I looked at Jesus thinking, “Battle?” He nodded. Then, out in the ocean I saw a twister coming from the bottom of the ocean up into the sky. The angels and me were on our horses surrounding this twister when a head came out. I struck it with my sword and cut if off. The angels attacked it. The battle is intense. After that, fire from heaven came down and destroyed it. Its remains were taken into a different dimension.

I was then summoned to go to the courts of angels, where all of us received medallions.

When I was in Hawaii, Jesus and I visited some native Hawaiian people. There was a house where people were concerned about a relative dying inside the house. Jesus and I passed by them. They didn’t see us. There was a huge man sitting on the bed who I knew had congestive heart failure. I saw a cobra snake coming out of him. Warrior angles were also in the room. When I cut its head off more snakes came out. Angles put them into a bag and took them away. We did warfare until all the snakes were taken out. The man asked Jesus, “Who are you?” I said, “This is Jesus Who died on the cross for you to wash away your sins.” Jesus showed him a vision when He was on the cross and how His blood paid for his sins. I said, “Would you like to receive Him as your Savior?” He said, “Yes I will.” We gave Him a Bible. He repented. We took him to a pond and he was baptized.

Praise God for all the Glory and Victory!!!!

New Stuff

We’ve been spending a lot more time with Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit over these months. It gets harder to walk in this physical world.

Although sharing our adventures is nice (and we could write and write lots more). We want everyone to have their own adventures with God in Heaven.

So, send us your testimonies and we’ll put them up!

God makes all of eternity available to everyone and anyone now!

If they’ll choose it.

Come and join us on The Way!

Blessings and Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

June 7, 2019 NEWS

June 4/19

On my Seat of Authority

I (Rhoda) went in the spirit to the bridal chambers and saw a very bright light. Jesus gave me a crown of light that was very shimmery adorned with white diamonds. I was wearing white garments and a white robe. Jesus also gave me a honey like substance to drink. I kept drinking for a while, and then my body suddenly became very shimmery. I also received a bigger emerald green jar to heal the sick. After that I went to it on my seat of authority.

Healing Trip with Jesus

I (Rhoda) went in the spirit with Jesus to Carol’s house. She was in the living room sitting on the couch with one leg up on another chair. (She had torn meniscus and pain in her knee from a fall). I started to pour liquid from my emerald green jar over her knee. I saw an angel with a tray approaching us. He came close to Carol and pulled 6 big nails out of her knee. He put the nails on the tray and then he left. Another angel came to bandage her leg. I released the light of Christ into her knees and I poured oil over her head. I asked her to walk around and activate her faith. So, she got up slowly first, as she used a walker, but then she pushed it away. She was completely healed. Praise God!!! I believe that Carol is healed in Jesus name.

After that Jesus touched her head and said, “Blessed are you my daughter among women, you’ve been faithful. Continue in faith my daughter. A new season of blessings are coming to you. Faith will sustain you. I AM. Come to me daily; spend time with Me in the Spirit”.

Then He turned to John her husband and said, “Blessed are you John a warrior for Christ. Your heart pleases Me, not people. Stay on the narrow path. I AM. Don’t be discouraged. I will take you to where you need to be. I am holding your hand steadily on this path.”

Traveling in the Spirit to China

I (Rhoda) went with Jesus to China. We were by a forest on this street. There were soldiers there that wanted to stone and kill 5 Christians. When they threw the stones at them suddenly the stones became sand and fell to the ground. Angels then surrounded the soldiers and made themselves visible to them. The soldiers got scared and ran away into the forest. Jesus came and threw an invisible blanket over the Christians. We translated them in the Spirit to a safe house. Jesus and I went to another place in China where 10 Christians were about to get shot. There were many angels there. When the soldiers fired, the bullets ricochet around. Some of the bullets became dust. Other angels surrounded the group and transported them to a safe house. The soldiers were shocked and did not know what was happening.

Mom’s Birthday Party in Heaven

For those of you that have read The Way book, one of the testimonies covered a time I spent in Heaven on my (Al) Mom’s birthday. Well, it was her birthday again in May and here’s what happened…

Father called out to me… “My son, come to Me now”.

I’m in my library at my chateau (also covered in The Way book). A party is going on for my Mom! Saints are mingling about. Many of them run over to hug and kiss me on the cheek. I walk over to my Mom to hug and kiss her on her cheeks. My Dad is there and we also hug and kiss cheeks. Father and Jesus are here.

Father says, “All My dear children, blessed am I that you are all here. My dear child Lynn blesses all of us today, her birthday”.

My Mom is glowing bright, has a shiny crown on and long white robe.

Father continues, “Lynn is responsible for many of you being here. Some are here through her branch Al”, as Father looks to me. “Other branches from her also produced much fruit for the Kingdom and treasures for her. Her warehouses are full and still being added too”.

Jesus steps up and hugs my Mom. “My sweet sister is so full of love she glows. We walked together on earth experiencing many who were wounded and lost. Many of you are here now. We celebrate her life and position”.

Angels walk up and hand her scrolls, a new robe, and 3 new crowns. She’s smiling and crying at the same time. Everyone congratulates her. I step up to my Mom and put my arm around her and look to everyone as I speak, “My Lord and lords, my Mom was and still is my beacon pointing me to The Way. I’ve stumbled many times along The Way and she was there to pick me up, as were You Father and Brother”. I look at my Dad… “Dad, you gave me much strength of character that is buried in who I am. I still draw from these rivers of strength, knowledge and wisdom. Your love brings me forward”. I hug them both again.

Angels bring out sparkling water, fruit and of course cookies.

Then, they bring out a huge banana split with 3 kinds of ice cream, whip cream and cherries for my Mom who was so surprised. (This is my Mom’s favorite special treat). We enjoy it all.

New Book Tease

As I’ve teased previously, God has asked me to write a new book with Him. It’s awesome! Here’s a big tease I’ll leave you with…

God makes all of eternity available to everyone and anyone now!

If they’ll choose it.

Come and join us on The Way!

Blessings and Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

May 9, 2019 NEWS

The Golden Baton!

Father and I (Al) are walking through a tropical forest of palm trees, fruit trees, tall oaks and elms. Birds of all colors, butterflies. Golden things flying around like shiny lights or fire flies.

“My son, Earth is a small measure of all that is for My children. It is just a taste of what is.”

Father hands me a golden stick or baton.

“What is this, Father?”

“This our new book. We will open it and explore.”

I look at it and see places, animals, dimensions, doors, angels.

Father says, “We will go to many places. I will show you many things I want you to share. Live it.”

He touches it and it opens up into many layers.

“Pick a door My son.”

There are many to choose from. I pick one that looks ordinary, wood, gray. I could have picked a pink door or one covered in diamonds. This is one that interested me for some reason. I touch the door and it opens into a wide valley with a mountain range and many waterfalls. Father and I step through. Angels on each side greet us. Many animals are around of many colors. Some are transparent. Some shine. The plants move as do the trees. So many colors, it’s hard to sort it all out. Almost hard to take it all in.

“Son, where we are would take us the time of times to see and touch all that is here. Eternity allows My children to taste of any and many fruits of creation.”

I reach down and touch one animal. I can put my hand through and pet it from the other side. It laughs or giggles as I do this. It snuggles my hand. We walk over to a waterfall. It shimmers. I look up. So high is the mountain. Up on top is a lake where the waterfall drops down from.

We walk further along a diamond path through emerald and bright flowers. A large bird is in front of us taller than us. Many wings of gold and emerald colors. We get on him and fly.

“Son, life is beyond human imagination. Much is ahead.”

We fly over many areas. Large ocean is in the distance with islands floating on it. We fly down to one island and get off.

Father says, “This small island is like Earth. It’s but a small part of life. For most, this is all they’ll take from life. Confined to an island in their souls. When they die, they become lost. They are buried and lost to existence, which is their choice.”

More was done with Father, but that’s for another time.

There is so much to Heaven. So many dimensions and layers. So much to experience and participate in. Earth is truly a small bit of a shadow in comparison, as our very brief time here. Make the most of what Father offers.

15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. 17 And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.” 1 John 2:15-17

God makes all of eternity available to everyone and anyone now!

If they’ll choose it.

Come and join us on The Way!

Blessings and Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

April 9, 2019 NEWS

At the Throne Room
and on the Road with Jesus!

“I (Rhoda) went to the throne room and was sitting on a throne next to Father. I was wearing my robe and crown. Father and I went to the dance floor and began to dance; kings were there also and angels playing instruments. After that Jesus took me to the sea of glass where we both jumped in and started to swim. My whole body was very shimmery.

Then Jesus and I went to my garden. We found a box in the ground. I opened the box and I saw 2 huge diamonds. Jesus took one of them and put it on my crown, the other one He smashed in small pieces and put one on a ring and put it on my finger.

Next, Jesus and I traveled to China. We found a group of Christians that were being persecuted and tortured for their faith. They were locked up in a short wooden box with wooden bars. They were laying on the floor bleeding. I took my emerald green jar and poured liquid over this woman’s wounds, massaging her arms and legs. Suddenly the wounds disappeared. I did the same for the rest of the people there. I told them that Jesus is Yeshua HaMashiach and they all worshiped the Lord.

I watched outside the door planning to rescue them. All of us snuck out and went into a forest. We all got transported to a field of flowers. We could see a safe house in the distance where they all went.

Jesus and I traveled in the Spirit to the North West Territories. We went inside this house where 4 native men were chanting, praying in their language, using incense and doing magic. They were doing this for this sick man that was lying in bed. He had a large tumor inside of his chest. The warrior angel that was with us was holding a scepter in his hand. Suddenly, he struck the ground with it to produce a loud noise. All the evil spirits ran outside. Other angles took them in chains to prisons. After that Jesus took the tumor out of this man like a surgery and sowed the man’s skin back. While this was happening, the natives were shocked and amazed. After that I told them about salvation in Jesus and that He died on the cross for them and that He is the only true God. The man that got healed, got up and sat in a chair fellowshipping with us.

Praise God for another healing miracle!

Hanging with God in Heaven!

Hey everyone!

Sorry we’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve (Al) been hanging with God in Heaven working on our new book. Been learning about dimensions (there’s lots); eternity, which is alive; getting scrolls (also alive); facets of life; traps and pits of the enemy; and much about truth.

Eating fruit that changes colors; learning of the foolishness of man’s ways; my capabilities as a son of God. There’s so much that’s never been revealed to us.

So much to absorb. So much to share.

And of course, relaxing at my cabin, cottage and chateau, playing with my dogs and eating cinnamon cookies! There’s no peace on earth like there is in Heaven!

Come and join us on The Way!

Blessings and Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

March 10, 2019 NEWS

Walking with Jesus on the Beach!

I (Rhoda) went in the spirit to see Jesus on a beach by a fireplace. He was playing with a stick in the sand. Jesus said, “I’ve been waiting for you”. “Yes Lord”, I replied. “I came here to spend time with You because I get easily distracted at home. Lord you are my Healer”. Jesus replied, “Healing is yours, step into it”.

As we started to walk on the beach, Jesus was wearing a bag over His shoulders, in the distance we saw a mob of people stoning a man. We approached the crowd. We were surrounded by warrior angels. The mob was staring at us, then suddenly all the rocks from their hands were elevated up in the air and taken away by angles. They put them in their bags. The mob was astonished. Their eyes were opened in the spirit. As soon as they saw the angels they freaked out and ran. Jesus and I approached the man that laid in the sand.

He had a broken arm and a huge bruise on his head. Jesus instantly healed his arm and I poured out oil from my emerald green jar over his head and his bruise was healed. The man stood up amazed praising God. Jesus asked him, “Why did those men stone you?” The man said, “Because of my faith in God, I use to be Muslim, now I am a Christian”. Jesus and I blessed the man and we continued our journey.

As we walked away from the beach we went towards a village. We walked through a big market full of people selling lots of fruit and vegetables, live animals and all sorts of stuff. I asked the Lord, “Where are we”? He said, “Palestine”. We left the market and approached a house which was on a very narrow street like the streets in Egypt. As we entered the house I saw five women wearing long black robes that covered their heads. They were crying over another one that was lying in bed. As I approached her, I saw bruises all over her face. Her husband had beat her up. She was secretly a Christian. I poured oil all over her face and arms and she instantly got healed. Jesus made Himself visible to the women and they all fell like dead at His feet. Jesus gave a Bible to the lady that was healed. She hid her Bible under her robe.

Another time…

I was walking with Jesus on a beautiful beach. I was behind Him watching His feet make footprints in the sand.

We found a rock and sat on it and begin to gaze at the beautiful bright shining ocean. Jesus pointed at something in the distance that was coming towards us. It was a beautiful chariot driven by an angel. His hair long was like bright light that was flipping in the winds.

Yeshua and I went for a ride in the chariot. We traveled over clouds, mountains, forests until we arrived at this big castle. Jesus was carrying a small case like a doctor’s bag. The castle had dozens of rooms. We entered this one room where an elderly lady was lying in bed sick from tuberculosis. Jesus took out a vile from His case and gave her to drink. I poured oil over her head from my emerald green jar. She started to cough several times, and after that she got up, walked around jumping for joy saying I got healed, praise God, thank You Lord and then she kneeled at His feet, thanking Jesus.

Jesus and I continued our journey. The chariot brought us to this jungle forest in the Amazon. A man was wounded with an arrow in his side laying on the grass. Jesus carefully took the arrow from His side. I took a small dagger from my side and it was already fiery red hot, I seared his wound, poured oil over him. Then Jesus patched up the wound. The man got up looked astonished at his side, realized that he was healed, hugged Jesus and went on his way.

Jesus and I next went by this gorgeous huge waterfall. Then we both became white eagles and flew down, around and dived around really fast dancing in the air. After a while we landed on the ground became ourselves again and went inside this diamond cave. We walked until we came to this big wall. Jesus took a stick, struck it and all of the sudden a wave of purple diamonds came out. Angels came and put all the diamonds in sacks and brought them to my finance mountain. Angels started to shape them and polish them.

After that I went to my Father’s throne where He put a purple robe over my shoulders and a crown on my head. The crown had a big purple stone in the middle. Purple symbolizes royalty. Then we all begin to dance on the dance floor.


This year I (Al) have been spending a lot of face time with Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We’ve spent time at my chateau, my cabin and my cottage.

Walking, talking, laughing, relaxing, eating cookies.

Yes, of course there are cookies in Heaven!

They’re warm, moist, melt in your mouth, exploding with taste!

Cinnamon of course!

Angels bring them. I”ve never asked if they’re baked on created!

And the other question on people’s minds. Yes, dogs are in Heaven too! Father, Jesus and I were playing with two of mine this week.

Heaven is beyond comprehension. Reality is beyond imagination. Reality for astrophysicists is, they have determined that there are 2 trillion galaxies in the universe. That’s trillion with a “t”. They also determine that there are at least 11 dimensions, not just the usual 4, although, they can’t explain what these all are. All of this is within the supernatural realm, which is much bigger, which God created.

This is reality. Reality that’s here now and reality that’s eternal, that we, His children have inherited. It’s all ours!

That’s a lot of cookies!

As I walk with God on The Way, He’s showing me more and more. We eat cookies by the fireplace at my chateau or at my cabin in front of the lake. I’m thinking I would have learned better in school had they had incorporated God’s teaching with cookies method!

In the months ahead, God and I will be writing another book He says. I have no idea what it’s about, other than it will again be a teaching book.

I’m looking forward to it’s sprouting, growth and production of fruit.

Feel free to join us on The Way. The cookies are waiting!

Blessings and Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

January 1, 2019 NEWS

War in Canada!

I (Al) walk continually with Father. Here is one of our times together in December.

Father says to me, “My son. My heavenly son. My joy. My heart leaps when we get together. Let us go together”.

We’re at my heavenly cabin. Father’s chariot and horses are there by the lake. We get in the chariot and ride high over the lake. Over mountains. We go to the cave of the ancient ones. We get off the chariot and greet my five old friends (angels). We walk into the map room that lights up. Father looks over the map and points to Canada. I smiled.

Father says, “So many are in bondage here”.

I say, “What will we do Father”?

I was very excited to get back in the fight and for Canada.

Father points at the map and says, “Do you see it”?

I can see a long black snake stretched across Canada. The tip of its tail was in Ottawa. Its head roamed around gulping up people and businesses. It had red eyes.

Father says, “We’ll display this one’s head in your trophy room. This one is very old”.

We walk out to the entranceway of the cave. Father gives each of the angels bows and arrows that have chains attached. Chains are on fire. The angels put on their armor and set their horses in their chariots. The horses are excited too. Father hands me a long sword. I get on my horse Whitey, who is there. We ride out over the mountains and down to Canada. The angels ride down with me. The angels shoot arrows into the beast’s face and body. It tries to retract down a portal in Ottawa. One angel attaches a chain to its tail and pulls it out of the portal. The others hold it down with chains as I ride up and get off of Whitey. I walk up to its head. Its much bigger than me. I take out the long sword Father gave me and slice through its neck.

As its head separates, people walk out from its carcass. Buildings tumble out. The angels say to me, “Great one of God. We will take its body away as you bring this trophy to your chateau”. Father then rides up in His chariot. He gets off and hugs each of us for our success. I hand the sword to Father. He says, “That sword is yours now My son. Let us take this trophy and place it at a place of memory for all time”.

We chain the head and attach it to Whitey. I get on and we ride high above Canada… to my chateau in Heaven.

I lower the head down. Angels in the chateau take and put it on a wall that was empty in the trophy room. Underneath it words formed in flames… today’s date, place, the angels and Father. There is a video there that recorded the battle. Under its head it says, “Beast of death across Canada”. Father and I stand under it. It is very immense. Angels congratulate me. One angel brings me a robe and puts it on me. Another puts a crown on my head. We look at the beast for a while.

I look at Father. “Thank You Father for allowing me to hunt this beast”. He hugs me. “Son, you have done so much for our Kingdom”.

We walk over to a table that has a scroll on it. Father unrolled it, signed it and put His hand on it. He then rolled it up and put it on a gold shelf under the beast’s head. Father says, “This will attest with My Hand, all that was done today and the honor bestowed upon you”. I kneel down and offer my crown to Father. He takes it and puts it back on my head and pulls me up. He says, “I love you My son, as you love Me. Let’s celebrate this victory”.

We walk into another room where a great feast is set up. Saints there cheered as we went to the head table.

With Jesus in Heaven and in Israel!

I (Rhoda) went to my garden with Jesus. In the middle it was a beautiful water fountain. The water was splashing everywhere. I took some water in my hands and I began to drink. I took some more water and it became gold and silver drops. Jesus said to me, “Come”. He took my hand and we went to a big feast in heaven. We sat at this huge long table where the Father, angels and Al were there. I was wearing my royal golden clothes. We all enjoyed eating and drinking at the table with the King.

After that Al and I were transported to the courts of war. Clouds of witnesses were there also: Elijah, Isaiah, Abraham and Moses. Al and I received golden scrolls. We took them over to be signed by the cloud of witnesses.

Suddenly all of us we found ourselves above Israel. There was a huge principality that looked like a huge python with heads circling around above Israel. Al and his ancient warrior angels were there. I was ready for the battle on my horse Isaiah.

A huge angel took his sword and cut the body of the snake in the middle. After that dragons and a beast came out of its belly. The war started. Fire and arrows were flying around; the battle was intense with smoke. One dragon’s head came at me. I cut its head off with a just a strike. There were millions of angels fighting in this battle. Finally, that same huge warrior angel destroyed the big dragon.

The battle was won! Praise God for Victory!

After that Al and I, the cloud of witnesses and angels went to the streets of Jerusalem. I saw many angels pouring a turquoise liquid on the streets of Jerusalem until it was flooded. A huge crowd of people surrounded us. Moses stood in front of the crowd and said: “Men of Israel wake up, stop going after false gods, false doctrines and false believes. This is Jesus Christ whom you crucified 2000 years ago. He is coming back for a spotless bride. Believe in Him, trust in Him, receive Him. He is your Lord. Be not faithless but a faithful generation”.

After that, Jesus stood in front of the people and He raised His hands up high and said: “My sons and daughters come. I Am.” Suddenly, all the Jews fell like they were dead at His feet, worshiping Him. Jesus blessed them all.

Praise God!! To Him be all the glory!

Much blessings,

Al & Rhoda

December 16, 2018 NEWS

Travelling in the spirit with Jesus in Tanzania!

I (Rhoda) went in the supernatural realm traveling with Jesus until we got to where Nick and the team are. We walked on this path as we followed Jesus. We saw in a distance this big crowd that surrounded 3 dead people… 2 women and a man. I got close to their bodies lying on the ground and laid my hands on them and said:” Get up in the name of Jesus”. I said this on each body.

All 3 of them rose from the dead. One woman stood up throwing up and coughing up snakes. I saw Brian cutting the snakes head off with his sword. One of the men got up and walked. Praise God for these resurrections! The other one followed also.

Out in the tall field of bushes, there was a beast that was growling at us getting ready to attack, but a huge Warrior angel suspended in the air started to shoots arrows very fast. The beast was defeated. After that, angels poured oil over the people.

I then went into my garden and planted an olive tree to replace the ugly black tree that the angels had uprooted. Before I planted the olive tree, Jesus poured in the ground: wine, oil, salt and His blood.

While in Tanzania, we were talking with Jesus and suddenly above us was a huge black dragon blowing flame at us. Suddenly, from the right corner a strange looking angel pushed him away fast and they begin fighting. Finally, the razorblade angels shredded him to pieces. (They had wings like razorblades).

Jesus went together with us inside this straw hut. There was a blind woman cooking food. As we approached the woman Jesus said, “Take a few drops from your emerald green jar and put it over her eyes”. I did as directed and Jesus said, “See how the eyes are forming into her socket”. Two beautiful green eyes formed inside her sockets. The woman started to scream and shout and for the 1st time she saw Jesus. She was laughing and crying at the same time. She said, “My God and My Lord, thank You. I can see the Son of God”! We both hugged her and continue our journey.

I’ve done so much more in many parts of the world with Jesus. Today I was in the spirit, when we just raised five people from Tunisia who had drowned.

Praise God!! To Him be all the glory!

Much blessings,

Al & Rhoda

He said, “You have more trees to uproot and plant”. So, I uprooted and planted five more light pine trees.


Many adventures for Al and I this month. Here’s a few of mine.

I (Rhoda) went with Jesus and Father to this beautiful waterfall where there were lots of doves flying around. Jesus and I became white Eagles and flew above the waterfall to perch on a tree branch.

After that we went behind the waterfall in a cave to this wall where Jesus scraped some gold to put it into sacks. Angels took it to my finance mountain.

I went to the bridal chamber and angels were pouring water over me purifying me. I receive a new golden robe and a new crown.

After that, I sat at a table where Father did a bone marrow transplant to change my DNA.

I went to the library of Heaven and saw a huge scroll that was about what Al & I will do in the future for the Kingdom of God, places where we travel and reach out to people, deliverance, healings etc.

I went to Jerusalem with Jesus where we walked on this narrow street and entered a building. Upstairs there as a boy who was sick with aids. Jesus did a transfusion of His blood to this boy and his DNA was transformed to receive a total healing.

I went in the spirit to a feast in Heaven. Father, Jesus Al & I and men in white linen were at a table. Father gave Al & I a scroll. We put the scrolls in our belly.

I was in Father’s chambers by a fireplace drinking tea and eating cookies. Angles brought sacks of gold and diamonds. Jesus said, “It is all yours”! He also said, “You don’t need to worry about finances. All is yours. It will be poured out in its timing”.

After Jesus and I were swimming in a waterfall we went to the dance floor to dance. I then went to the weapon room where there was a big hammer axe on the wall. I took it to defeat a dragon with angels. It fell down the mountain, as angles shot arrows into it. After that I cut open its belly. Big red rubies came out. I went to the sea of glass to exchange them for another jar of oil, 5 scrolls and a necklace.

I took the scrolls in the courts of angels.

There’s nothing like Heaven’s reality!

Go on your own adventures in the Heavenly realms!

Store up your treasures in Heaven!

Get on The Way with your destiny with God!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

September 13, 2018 NEWS


A few miracle testimonies from The Philippines!

“Greetings Al.

Signs and wonders are still for us today.

Last month during our discipleship training, the microphone that I used had no batteries in it and yet it functioned very well.

The host church pastor of that place said that he forgot to put batteries in it. Glory to God.

After my three days fasting and prayers, I desired to eat a younger coconut fruit.

But in our stair, there was only an old coconut fruit that already has a sprout.  I held that fruit with my hands and said, “Lord I don’t want to eat this, it already has a sprout, it has already oil in it”.

Then I felt sleepy and put the fruit in its place. I went upstairs to sleep but Spirit said go down stairs. Praise God, the old coconut fruit turned into a younger fruit!

I opened it and drink the sweet coconut water and ate the fruit. Oh my God it’s very good for my taste and stomach.

God bless you.



August 28, 2018

“My son, My perfect son. You are My love. Come to me My son”.

Father and I (Al) are standing by a waterfall. A treed garden is all around us. We sit on a large, golden rock to watch the waterfall.

“My son, much has been shown to you. We are going into hidden realms. Hidden from most eyes and hearts. I want you to share some of these things that I bring to you. Come”.

Father stands. We walk along a pathway to a door. The door opens and we step through. The other side is so white. The angel that is there bows. We walk some more and the white clears. A tall purple mountain is there. A purple gem with gold streaks running through it. We walk across the water to get to the mountain.

After we shared an activity on the beach, Father said, Son, let go of your reality and accept Mine”.

“This is difficult Father”, I say.

“Abandon all into My hands”.

I kneel down. “Father, I abandon my reality and take up Yours. Please help me when I fail along The Way to quickly correct my failures”.

He places His hand on my head. I feel His power flow through me. His heartbeat. His breath upon me. It will never stop giving me life (I know). I stand and hug Father as He too embraces me.


Ready to accept Heaven’s reality?

Go on your own adventures in the Heavenly realms!

Store up your treasures in Heaven!

Get on The Way with your destiny with God!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

September 1, 2018 NEWS

The Way
Taught In the Philippines

I just arrived last Monday from the mission field. I’ve conducted discipleships and teach some portions of your book “The Way”. These teaching is new to them so I start with basic scriptures about heaven and those saints that experienced third heaven. I presented scriptures you used in chapter 11 of your book.

One time during our collective fasting and prayers as we closed our eyes we saw the Father’s throne at the pulpit side glory to God. Glory to God that by the blood of Jesus we have boldness to enter into the holiest. Hebrews 10:19.

This man is one of the tribal leaders and he is also my district church leader. Under him is seven tribal churches. I presented to him your book he will continue to study about it.

Few months ago, I prayed for a lady she could not walk for months but now she is totally healed.

And also prayed for that young girl with infirmity and swelling in her neck Now we only those scratch and she was totally healed. We rebuked those sickness to those babies also. Glory.

On September 11 to 15 I have another teaching session at the mountain of Marabatuan. And many of them are ready to attend.” Freddie

Al’s Journey on The Way with Father
Battle in Cuba

August 20, 2018

Father says, “My son, you are My joy. My heart leaps when we are together”.

“Mine too Father”, I say.

“Come My son, let’s us enjoy each other now”. I’m at my chateau in Heaven, at the bridge and waterfall. I watch the water of many colors as it falls and roars almost deafening. Father and I watch the falls and the eagles flying near them. Soaring around. White Eagles. They are much bigger than me as they fly towards us and overhead. One lands on the bridge and walks over. I rub its head as it nuzzles against me. It stares at Father lovingly. Then flies off to join it’s friends.

Father and I walk past the immense doors into the chateau. Angels are about. We walk into the trophy room. More has been added since I was here last. More robes, a crown, some enemy flags captured. We walk over to an ornate desk. I take out the scroll from my shirt and unroll it. I see the many countries of earth and the spiritual overlay.

Father says, “Son, let us capture a battle flag now to add to your trophy room”. He points to an island. Cuba. “Here My son”. I see the flag on the west end of the island, partially in the water. “Direct the war angels My son, as it unfolds before you”.

I’m in a chariot with four horses abreast of each other. Fire is all around my chariot. Angels are beside me on my right in chariots. Many weapons. Many black horses and chariots form against us below, trying to block our path. Daniel comes to mind, who was told a battle was raging in the Heavens as he prayed. I see a boy on his knees in Cuba, praying for Cuba. Others also. I tighten the reins in my left hand. A spear I take up in my right. I see the enemy leader being protected. They are still preparing.

“Guide my hand Father”, as I throw the spear down. It drives through the top of the leader’s head. The others that it was talking to look up in fear. I look to my troops and nod. We drive our horses down to them as they scatter away. Their leader is gone. My troops are many and surround them all. They quickly surrender to us.

The angels disarm them and put chains on their legs and arms. They are led in a procession behind me down through a portal that opens up in the ocean. I ride into a prison beneath the earth. Angels are guarding here. Other angels arrive to take each one to a cell and bind them to the stone floor with their chains. They are wailing now as they know their fate.

I get off the chariot to walk through the prison. Row upon row of cells and prisoners, going out of sight. I smell rotting flesh. Many shrieks and screams. I shake the hands of many angels. Such a pleasure to meet them. I get back on my chariot, turn the horses and ride out. The angel army is waiting for me. They have the enemy’s battle flag that they present to me. It is black with signs of death and misery and pain written on it. I accept it and ride back to Father at the chateau.

The chariot stops on the bridge. Angels are there to greet me and cheer. I walk into the chateau and into the trophy room up to Father and kneel. I hand out the flag to Him. “For You Father. For Your glory”.

He reaches down and pulls me up and hugs me. He takes the flag and puts it in a slot next to a pedestal that is showing in 3D what took place. Today’s date is burned into the pedestal.

“Father, did I do Your will”? “Yes son, you have defeated the enemy and loosened the prisoners, as I set you to do. Much will change in this place. The angels you battled with will remain and protect this place. Freedom from confusion, hate, religion, death, misery will touch many here”. He rolled up the scroll and handed it to me. I put it back in my shirt.

We walked into the library to the fireplace and sat. Cookies and tea were waiting for us. As we sat, Father said, “Much more to come My son. Great progress is being made, My lovely son”. I bite into a cinnamon cookie. The fire crackles. Until the next time.

Rhoda’s Continuing Adventures
with Jesus

August 24, 2018

I went to my garden and started planting calla lilies. Then I went close to the wall and spoke to the wall to be restored. Then I went to the river, jumped in it and started to swim.

Later, Jesus and I went by this huge oak tree sat down to eat grapes, pomegranates and figs. He said: “I want your faith to grow as this oak tree”.

We left my garden to arrive at the Father’s chambers where there was a fireplace. The angels gave us chocolate cookies. I asked Jesus, “What shall we do today”?

He said, “We shall go to Egypt to visit some Christians who are underground”. We were walking along the streets in Cairo, went inside this building and then all the way down some iron spiral stairs. We met 10 believers hiding for their faith. They were all happy to see us. We gave them Bibles and many food supplies… rice, flour, sugar and grains. We sat down at the table fellowshipping with them and asked them if anyone is sick. One woman said that there is a girl who is sick in this place next door. Jesus asked her to take us to her.

We went thought this tunnel until we came out of the ground to a forest. We ended up going underground again. We found a 5-year-old girl sitting in a bed. Jesus asked the woman how long she had been sick. The woman said one month. Jesus gave the girl to drink from these colored vials: green, purple and red. I poured oil over her head, massaged her forehead and hands. The girl started coughing. We left and the next day the woman said for the first time in a month she started walking and eating. Praise God for these miracles.

Ready to go on your own adventures in the spirit?

Build up your treasures in Heaven!

Get on The Way with your destiny with God!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

August 17, 2018 NEWS

Papua New Guinea
2018 Youth Convention

Angels, Spirit Travel
Spiritual Warfare and Healing

“Dear Al & Rhoda,

Re: Spiritual Exploits

Following my last e-mail to you, here are some of the spiritual exploits we had in the last few months.

Month of May

In May we did a four-week partial fast in preparation for our National Youth Convention that was coming up in June. Our focus in fasting was to see a manifestation of God’s presence in the convention. One evening I got two other young men and trained them to see in the spirit.

The other one was successful in going into the spirit and seeing angels and demons. I instructed him to always depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit and the cover of the Blood of Jesus to guide him in the spirit. The next evening, I asked him how he was doing and he replied that he had gotten on his horse and went exploring the spirit realm of neighbourhood.

When wolves tried to attack us, he went into the spirit and battled them. He wanted to speak in unknown tongues and asked me how. I said you ask Jesus and he will baptize you in the Holy Spirit.

The next day he was speaking in tongues and I asked to tell me what happened. He said he followed my instruction and asked Jesus to baptize him in the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to him and baptized his spirit-man in the river of life. When his spirit came out of the river, he was speaking in tongues!

Another evening during the fast, Stanley, Jimmy and I sat drinking coffee and discussing the spiritual condition of the venue where the National Youth Convention will be held which happens to be Bugandi Secondary School! During discussion we went into the spirit realm and did a spiritual survey of Bugandi. The spiritual atmosphere was very quiet. We attributed it to the cult groups being finally disbanded last year. We went around the school area and came to a creek that ran inside the school and there we saw a water nymph. It turned and looked at us. Stanley wanted to cut it down with his sword but the Holy Spirit instructed not to engage in a fight. The Holy Spirit impressed on me that the water nymph will send a message for help to the marine spirits but the LORD will cover us during the convention and they will not be able to do anything. We left the water spirit and came to the school playing field and there the angels were building a spiritual wall and canopy over the field. This was the site where the meeting will be held. We acknowledged what God was doing and were thankful. The next evening while discussing what we saw the previous evening, I saw in the spirit a very big sea creature came and lodge next to the Lae tidal basin. The Holy Ghost said this principality came in response to the water nymph’s message. We wanted to engage in a battle but again the Holy Ghost would not allow us to fight. I asked the LORD later why we did not fight and His reply was; “There’s a war raging in the spirit realm all the time but the battles in this war are not the same. When the Father God chooses your battle, He will equip and back you in the fight. Let the Father choose your battle. Follow the Holy Spirit”.

It is wisdom to obey God.

Month of June

The National Youth Convention was held from 25th to 29th June (it was school holidays and school was out). Our church organized the meeting and our sister church in Port Moresby ran the meetings. People came from the Central, Madang, Eastern Highland, East Sepik and Oro province. Close to 800 people attended the convention. During the convention our prayer team remained discreet, setting a prayer watch over meeting the whole period. The beast that was in sea sent its minions, a lion and a wolf to attack but they could not pass the wall of fire the angels had built around the meeting. The beast was angry and jumped into the air and falling back into the sea. The spirit of cult also rose up from a tomb where it was buried but Stanley went into the spirit, bound it and with two angels permanently locked it in a vault deep in the earth. Interestingly the spirit looked like a human skeleton! A fierce looking angel on horseback held a torch in his left hand and a sword in the right stood watch beside the platform area where the pastor preached. The water nymph tried to attack but was afraid and never came near the meeting place. Our pastor’s daughter who is six encountered Jesus during the meeting. She fell asleep one evening in the meeting and she saw Jesus come and carried her in his arms and smiled at her. She began to see in the spirit after that experience. The pastors moved in words of knowledge and prophecies on scores of people. People were prayed for healing, deliverances and release of problems in their lives. We were all blessed with the presence of God.

Month of July

One of our church members has chronic malaria for many years. He would take medicine and feel well for 2 to 3 days and then fall sick again. The company he works for had even sent him overseas for treatment but his condition remained the same. He related this me and I said I’ll ask my elder sister, Betty to pray for him. Just last Sunday 22nd Betty told the man what God did for him. She said two weeks ago she was praying for him and the Lord showed her a yam plant that was growing in his body. It had grown its roots into the left side of his body. This was witchcraft and it was the cause of his long-time sickness. Betty prayed and uprooted the yam plant and called the fire of God to burn it up. When the man heard this, he shouted with joy saying that all of a sudden, he had been feeling well and fit. All the symptoms of malaria and the oppressive feeling had disappeared and he felt healthy and well for the last two weeks! This brother was shouting praises to God! God is good. Amen.

Another young person, Hozai also shared his exploit with me. His neighbour had swollen knee and couldn’t walk for days. He had been crying in pain through sleepless nights. On Monday 16th Hozai prayed for the man without him knowing. As he prayed he went into the spirit and God gave him a syringe. With the syringe he drew out dark fluids from the man’s knee. The following days as Hozai continued to pray the Holy Spirit took him into the spirit to see the healing power of God like a white cloud covering the sore knee. On Saturday 21st the man was walking with a crutch. By Sunday morning he was walking without a crutch! God had totally healed him and yet he did not know how it came about. *****

I’m doing training on a one to one basis with selective persons as the Holy Spirit leads me to them. So far this year I trained 4. Of course, I don’t really train them; I only help them discover their abilities in the spirit. The things I’ve learnt from you are priceless and this sets the guideline for us. I’m thankful for your obedience to God and now we are experiencing similar supernatural experiences as you.

God bless, Martin. R-2018”

The above testimony is from Martin’s group that studied The Silver Bullet of God book (formerly Xtreme Big Game Hunting).

You can read more of their adventures in Sector 32 of The Silver Bullet of God.

The Way Lands In
The Philippines

“Hi Al,
I read your book “the Way” at the prayer mountain for two days.
No other book like this. The author is like an eagle that no other birds can fly in that altitude of the spirit.
Those that have an eagle spirit can do the same.
For with God nothing shall be impossible.

I have another schedule for discipleship training at the mountain of Kibanuot on August 22 to 27 and some part of this book shall be teach.
Help pray for us and our needs.

Partnering with Freddie and his team in The Philippines has been such a joy all these years. For over 30 years, Freddie has built many worship centers in the mountains; evangelized entire villages who never heard of Jesus; is an international speaker and teaches disciples of Christ how to operate in the supernatural. Doing this under the protection of God from rebels and terrorists.

Freddie says, “I teach about the kingdom of God its laws and the principles and also about power of God and supernatural and also about the high-level spiritual warfare. etc. On that area where we have disciples those tribal people years ago they depend upon the witchcraft powers to protect them. They asked the evil spirit to heal their bodies and also make plants fruitful. But many of them died because they became more wicked. But praise God we have breakthrough on those places”.

Continuing Adventures with Jesus

August 5/18

“I (Rhoda) went to the throne room of the Father and jumped in the river of life. An angel was pouring fire on my back with a ladle purifying me.

I then went to the Bridal Chambers where angels were fitting my bride dress. It was white. I received a golden robe and a new crown. I sat in my governmental seat of authority on the right hand of my Father. What an honor to sit next to Him, also next to my King of Kings and Lord of lords.

Jesus and I then went to Africa. I was pumping water out of a well to a lot of African kids that were lined up. One of them had a pain in his left leg. I approached him, rebuked the pain and he started to walk normally. He was jumping up and down with joy.

After that Jesus and I approached a boy who lay dead on a stone. I looked at Jesus and He said: “You know what to do”. I rebuked the spirit of death and commanded the life of Christ to come into this body. Suddenly the boy coughed, got up and he was fine. Praise God for this resurrection!!!

After that Jesus said: “Follow me”! We went inside this hut where there were 5 people laying on mats sick with malaria. Jesus asked me to give them some white small pills. He also asked me to give them to drink from these green vials. I did. They all started to cough after they drank from the vials. They all came out of the hut healed completely. Praise God!!

Jesus and I continued on our journey. We went to a beach by a river. We camped there, it was night and we ate fish. It was so good to fellowship with the Lord. He said, “Stay away from distractions, seek Me first and fast”. “OK Lord”, I said.

Next day we went by a huge waterfall and crossed a bridge. Jesus told me that we are in Zambia. “There are 2 tribes here that are at war. We need to bring them the good news”, He said. We sent warrior angels to the camp were the tribes were. Jesus said, “We can go now to meet them”. One of the leaders of the tribe had a spear in his hand and wanted to kill the other leader in the tribe but he stopped and said, “There is something in the atmosphere”. Jesus and I approached them. I said, “Hello, we come in peace”. I asked him have you ever heard of Jesus. He said, “No, who is He?” “He is the King of kings and Lord of lords”. He then pointed his spear towards us. I said, “Your daughter is sick, isn’t she?” He said, “How did you know that?” I said, “The Holy Spirit showed me in a vision. I can see your daughter laying down. If you let me pray for her, I can guarantee that Jesus will heal her”. The leader was hesitating. “OK”, I said, “let’s make a deal. If your daughter gets healed, you and your tribe will receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If not, you can kill us”.  He agreed. We went to this hut where this girl was sick. She had malaria and pneumonia. Jesus gave me this small bag that contained shimmery dust. He said, “Spread this all over her body”. I did. I also took my emerald green jar and poured oil over her body massaging her. After a while the girl opened her eyes. She got up and starting walking. She looked at her father and said, “I‘m hungry”. She sat down and was given food to eat. All of the people marveled at this miracle. The leader fell down before Jesus and surrendered to Him. Jesus touched his head and prayed for him. They all received Jesus as their Saviour, received bibles and were baptized in the river.

Al and I went to the courts of the Galactic Counsel of 70. Here there are records regarding nations. We were sitting in the audience. Suddenly, they summoned us. They said our names and gave us a scroll. You need to take this to the Courts of Chancellors. There they stamped the scroll. On a table there was a big sack siting there. I opened the sack. It was full of gold coins. I felt the coins through my fingers. I asked Jesus how do we obtain this in the physical realm. He said, “It will be put in our account. You will go to the nations”.

Al’s Journey on The Way with Father

I have been having so many encounters in Heaven. Here’s one I’d like to share.

Father says to me, “My son, My precious son. You are such a joy. Come My son. Walk with me.”

We are in a garden with many flowers and trees all around. I see my cabin over to the side. It’s very rustic. I really love it here. We hug. Father puts His arm over my shoulder as we walk. There are many trees on either side of the path. We walk to the cabin and sit outside in front of the lake. So peaceful.

“My son, we have much more to do before you come home. Be at peace during our journey. Walk through the smoke and black lands of the enemy with the Light of the Kingdom. Lay the blade of your sword against the enemy’s neck. Lay siege to their castles. Their walls will crumble at your feet. The prisons they’ve made will open. Lead captives to the Light of the Kingdom. Take them by the hand. Teach them the Way to Me. You have been doing this My son. Much more to come. Drive the tip of your sword into the heart of the enemy. Don’t hold back your hand. As we move forward, the waves of love and truth will wash over the land. Restoration and healing will come. Life will spring up. Nurture the sprouts. Watch over the land. Keep the wolves out. Hunt the wolves. Bring them down under your boot. Put them to the sword. The sword of truth destroys their way. Your destiny is being fulfilled My son. A great storm goes with you. A storm of angels is set with you. They flow with you over the enemy as you walk. Point them at their mission. Enjoy what you do for Me, My son.”

“I will Father. Show me what You want done and it will be done for Your glory”.

Father’s hand rests on My shoulder. He smiles. “You are My joy My son. Let us go into your cabin”. We stand up and walk in. An angel is there. The fireplace is crackling. The smell of incense and cinnamon., The angel hands us each a cup of cinnamon tea. So good. And of course, cookies!

It’s time to go on your own adventures in the spirit!

Get on The Way with your destiny with God!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

July 27, 2018 NEWS


Dawn’s on The Way with Jesus

“O wow! I just received my book: The Way Visit Heaven Whenever You Want.

I am on page 17 & have already been with Jesus! He met me in front of a full-length mirror and showed my image through his eyes. Awwwww…. my heart is HUMONGOUS! Full of silver… no, it’s Gold too! Wait… is this bronze now? It turned to Rose Gold, and then turquoise, Lavender, bursting and spilling out like milk and honey!

He shows me how His Spirit lives within my belly- where living water flows out my mouth from! Where there once was a cold, small ball of darkness named shame (I was delivered!) grows a gorgeous ball of glowing light, barely describable.

It is soft yet intense, moving and shifting, emanating and drawing in like a vortex-those who can somehow sense it.

My long white and silvery gown and pretty sandals will switch to rugged clothing as I need.

He took me down a lush grassy path and into the forest on an awesome adventure. We explored together as I awed over how my clothes (clothed in Christ) changed as did my needs. Together we forged streams, climbed rocky mountains (the coolest shoes ever!) and held machetes in our mouths to slay whatever seemingly small and powerless things were presented as a challenge. We happily faced them together and made such easy short work of it all, focusing ONLY on the joy of being together in the moment and what lies ahead- the goal!

He also showed me that my scroll is rolled up in the handle of my machete. When I asked what it said he told me one word: Repudiate!
We are to repudiate the world and be kingdom seekers! Kingdom spreaders! Kingdom servers! Kingdom royalty! Kingdom heirs! Kingdom kids and Fathers and Queens, not of this world but of heaven. We are only passers-by here!

I feel as though we had a wedding and he took me on the most awesome honeymoon EVVVVER!

He is my life long love.
Jesus, I love you. I pledge my heart and my life to you.
You are AWE- some!
Dawn” July 24, 2018

Teenager in Papua New Guinea Breaks up Cult While Operating in the Spirit

“Dear Al, In 2016 I wrote to you about one of our kids and his exploits in the spirit. Here is the same testimony and its continuance into 2017.

Cult defeated in the spirit

Smith is in grade 8. In June one afternoon after school he went home had a snack and decided to take a nap. When he lay down in bed and closed his eyes, instantly he was in the spirit. His angel beckoned him to follow him. Smith went with his angel to Bugandi Secondary School. This school is known for student violence, drug and alcohol abuse and cult activities. The angel took Smith to specific spots around the school yard where cult members had buried human bones grounded to powder. Smith was instructed to remove these bones and collected them into very large containers and angels came and took them away. The demonic spirits that ruled over the school sensed what was happening and they came to attack Smith. Smith called on warrior angels and they came and fought off these demons. Smith was taken away by his angle back home. In August, the student’s Christian fellowship hosted a crusade in the school. Many of the cult groups came forward and surrendered their craft, confessing and renouncing their activities publicly. The school board is now contemplating on doing away with boarding students in order to stop completely the cult activities which are considered to be the main factor behind students’ violence and lawlessness. This story continues into the following year.

Smith was transferred to do grade 9 at Bugandi Secondary School in 2017 (previous year he was doing grade 8 in another school). I asked him what the spiritual atmosphere of the school is like in general. He related that the cult groups do not exist anymore but he sensed that something dark and evil still hangs around the school so he began to track it down in the spirit. He kept coming up blank so one afternoon he came and asked me what he could do. I advised him to do a spiritual mapping in the spirit. A few days later he came back with a smile on his face and told me he had found the reason for this evil presence. It was a black book used to register all the cult members’ name called a “Generational Book”. All the books were burned in 2016 but the last one was hidden in an abandoned house. Smith quietly informed the Christian Student Leaders about the book and its where about. One Saturday these Leaders went to get the book. Smith said he went with them but in the spirit. (The Leaders does not know that Smith could move in the spirit).

When the leaders came to the house, they searched everywhere but could not find

Students Renouncing Cult Activities

the book. Smith said he was there in the spirit at the location of the book in the house and he tapped the floor mat disturbing the dust. One of the Leaders felt drawn towards that spot and moved the floor mat and there under the floor mat was a secret hiding place cut into the concrete floor. There they retrieved the last cult book. The leaders brought the book back to the school and publicly burned the book under the watch of the local pastors and authorities.

Smith is a quiet person and keeps his secret of moving in the spirit to himself. No one in his school knows what he does in the spirit. He keeps watch in the spirit of any cult activity that tries to pop up and he dismantles them in the spirit. He comes to me from time to time to inform of what he is doing. Just this year, 2018 one of the ex Bugandi student who works with my wife told the story of how the cult group was started. It began when a group of student boys received supernatural instruction to kill their leader, ground his bones and bury the dust around the school. The school was then dedicated to witchcraft and sorcery. This confirms Smith’s exploit in 2016 when he went in the spirit and removed the bones from the school grounds. The burning of the generational books and the ending of cult groups can also be confirmed from the local newspaper on these links.

This is the work of many believers, pastors and ministries and God gets all the glory.

God bless Martin R- July 2018”

The above testimony is from Martin’s group that studied The Silver Bullet of God book (formerly Xtreme Big Game Hunting).

You can read more of their adventures in Sector 32 of The Silver Bullet of God.

Wait until you hear what happened at their recent Youth Convention!

We’re going to bring you much more. There’s so much happening!

Go on your own adventures in the spirit!

Get on The Way with your destiny with God!

Good Hunting!
Al & Rhoda

May 30, 2018 NEWS

On the Road with Jesus

On May 7/18, I (Rhoda) went in the Spirit. Jesus was on the beach next to a fireplace. He said: “I’ve been waiting for you”. “Yes Lord” I said, “I want to come to You to drink from You. Lord, You are my Healer”. Jesus said, “Healing is yours. Step into it”.

We were then surrounded by healing angles. We started to walk on the beach. Jesus was carrying a bag with a strap on His shoulder. In the far distance we saw a group of men harassing a man and stoning him. The man fell down on the ground. We quickly approached the crowd. We had warrior angles surround the group of men. All of a sudden, the rocks that they were holding in their hands were lifted up in the air and were taken away by angles. Then the men saw the angles and ran away.

After the men left, Jesus and I approached the wounded man. I poured oil over his wounds and the wounds quickly disappeared. His arm was also broken. Jesus adjusted the arm and it was instantly healed. The man stood up in amazement! Jesus asked him, “Why were those men stoning you”?  The man replied, “Because of my faith in God. They are Muslims. I’m a Christian”. Jesus and I blessed the man and we continue on our journey.

We started to walk towards a village. We walked through a fruit and vegetable market. I asked Jesus where we were. He said, “Palestine”. As we left the market we approached some narrow streets and entered a house. There were five Muslim women covered in hijab clothes crying over this lady laying on the bed. Jesus and I approached her. She had bruises on her arm. She said that her husband had beaten her. She was secretly a Christian. I poured oil from my emerald green jar over her arm and her forehead. Her wounds instantly disappeared. Jesus made Himself visible to the women and all of them fell down at His feet. (Sometimes we’re both invisible to others, sometimes they see just me and other times people see both of us). We gave the lady a Bible and she hid it under her clothes.

Praise God!!!

More Travels with Jesus

On May 13/18, I (Rhoda) went in the Spirit. Jesus and I were dancing and twirling. We were in this beautiful meadow surrounded by dogwoods and flowers of pink petal flowers. A party in the meadow! Angles were playing flutes. Father was sitting at a table like a judge. He was calling people’s names to give them a scroll. It was like a graduation ceremony. Al and I received a scroll with a red ribbon. Jesus said to me, “I want you to write this book, ‘My Journey with God’. Take everything from your journals and newsletters and put them in a file, invest your time in this”.

After that, Al and I were in a car driving on a road away from where we live. I heard, “The prayer mountain is coming soon. Soon you will be in the promised land”.

I was then briefly walking in the Garden of Eden with God the Father and Jesus.

After that, Jesus and I were transported to Jerusalem. We walked through a field past a sheep. Ahead of us was a dead man. I knew he had been dead for five days. As we knelt down next to him, Jesus touched his forehead as I poured some oil over his head. Then he suddenly stood up and walked away praising God for this miracle.

Next, we went to a market with many people. We approached this woman who had her arm in a cast with a sling. We asked her what happened to her arm. She said she broke it. Jesus spoke these words, “Be healed”. The cast just fell off. Jesus asked her to move and flex her arm. It was completely healed. She was shouting praises to God. After that, we saw a little girl limping on her left leg. Jesus said to me, “This is your gig now, she has a sprain”. I approached the girl and I asked her if she would let me pray for her. She nodded yes. I rebuked the strained ligaments and joints and commanded the foot to straighten out. It did, and she started to walk with no pain. She was so amazed she ran over to her mother rejoicing.

On the Road with Jesus Raising the Dead

On May 20/18, I (Rhoda) went in the Spirit. There was a party in Heaven. Father, Jesus, Al and I, angles and men in white linen were sitting at a long table eating, drinking, fellowshipping and having a good time. Jesus was sitting at the end of the table.

Jesus and I danced. I was wearing a white dress with a white crown of flowers. I said Lord, “I would like to see Father face to face”. On the right side of the crowd, a young man who had a short black beard came up to me. I hugged Him and looked closely to see His face. His face was soft like milk. Eyes very deep. I was so very happy.

Suddenly, we found ourselves in Father’s chambers (this is what I call it). Al and I were facing Jesus and Father sitting on the couch eating cinnamon cookies.

Later, Jesus and I then went to a very high mountain that was part of a mountain chain in Indonesia.

I said, “Jesus, what are we going to do here?” Jesus replied, “Christians are persecuted here”. Our journey took us to a village that was burning. Smoke and ashes were everywhere. Above the village Jesus and I saw a cloud with warrior angles surrounding it. Water from the cloud dropped down like a cascade and the fire dissipated quickly. Jesus said, “This village was attacked by Muslims”. We approached a house that was in ruins. We carried a dead man out on a stretcher. His arms and his face were badly burned. I took my emerald green jar out and poured oil over his wounds. His skin changed from black to red to yellow to normal color. I spoke life over this man and he rose up. In amazement he looked at us puzzled but then in an instance he recognized Jesus. He praised God!

We went to another house where there was a dead child, mother and father. We took them all out on a stretcher. I rebuked the spirit of death and the girl rose up. Jesus just touched the parents and they raised from the dead.

We walked further into the village to this square where 20 people were laid in a line next to each other. I was behind Jesus as He walked by each of them. Every one of them rose from the dead, until the last one.


I could see Jesus’ sandals so clearly as I walked behind Him. Everyone was praising God. There were also unbelievers among them. I started preaching the gospel and we distributed Bibles. I said to them, “This is Jesus, the Son of God. Praise Him. Give God all the glory. He raised you from the dead. Follow Him!!! He is Yeshua Hamashiach!!!

So much going on over these weeks as we have spent time with God! Really, too much to put it all down! Go on your own adventures with Jesus! You’re a saint right now! He’s waiting! Get in the Action!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

April 3, 2018 NEWS

Travelling in the spirit with Jesus to India, Nepal and Heaven!

I (Rhoda) went in the Spirit and Jesus was waiting for me in the same spot under a big tree.

I said, “Lord, I need You, I love You, I want more of You”.

Jesus kissed my forehead and my palms and hugged me. He was wearing a crown of flowers and was laughing. He put a crown of flowers on my head also.

Jesus said, “Come, let’s go. We have work to do”.

We were then transported onto the streets somewhere in India. As we walked, there were people on each side of the road looking at us and smiling. We arrived at this hut where there was a man laying on the floor sick with dysentery. There were 2 angels assisting us. As we knelt down, I took my emerald green jar out and poured the healing oil over his head and body and then I gave him to drink from it. The man started to throw up a lot of the stuff from inside. After that, the man stood up and was healed completely. He came out rejoicing! Everyone was amazed praising God!

Jesus and I then went further to come upon a little girl that had only one leg. I asked Jesus, “What do you want me to do”? He said,” Speak to the leg to grow out”.

I went in the spirit to the body parts of Heaven and I saw the leg that was needed. I brought it back, spoke to the leg to grow out and it did in an instant! Wow! Powerful Almighty God!! She started walking and then running towards her mother in amazement. Her mom picked her up thanking Jesus. Praise God for this miracle!

After that Jesus and I got transported to Nepal. We walked on this mountain for a while then we went inside this house where a widow was there. We were sitting at this table and she was sitting across from us crying, saying her baby had died. We went to the other room where the baby was and Jesus told me to do CPR on her. I did 5 breaths at a time; and then she suddenly started coughing, then crying. Her mother was shocked, picked her up and shouted for joy. God is awesome and Great!!

Next, Jesus and I transported to Heaven. I asked Him to show me my chateau where I live. As I entered my chateau, inside was a huge waterfall, with water that dropped into this pool that I can swim in. I saw many angles surrounding us. Jesus said, “Come upstairs”.  There was a pink room and as I opened the door I saw beautiful pink drapes surrounding the room. Wisdom was living here. This is awesome!!

I asked Jesus to take me to the Father’s throne room. It was amazing scenery. The four faces of God (the Lion, Ox, Eagle and Man) were at each side of His throne. I said, “Daddy, can I hug You please”? He said, “Yes”.  I sat on His lap where I got so filled with His presence, I didn’t want to leave. Then Father handed me a scroll. This is what was written on it,” This is your destiny. I have great plans for you and Al. Get ready for a haul of blessings coming your way like a tidal wave. I AM. Soon you will move to your new house. Don’t get distracted with this world. Healing is yours. Take it!!

Blessings are coming your way. Believe!! Prophesy your future. Fast and pray soon I am coming”!!!

Father shows me Armageddon

Father says, “My lovely son. My great son. You are My joy. My great warrior. Come to Me now My son.”

I (Al) am riding with Father on His chariot. We are both in armor. I had never seen Father in armor before.

“My son, great chaos is coming to the Earth. All those with Me need to wear the armor of righteousness”.

I could see Father’s armor was part of Him. It was living righteousness! It consumed all unrighteousness that would touch it (I was given knowledge of this).

“Carry your righteousness in Me everywhere, at all times My son. It is important”.

“I will Father”, I said.

Father touches me with His finger. My armor becomes stronger and fills in areas that weren’t covered by the armor.

We ride over the Earth. His horses are immense. Fire is all around us.

“War is coming”, Father says. “Much destruction is coming before the resolution takes place”.

We stop over the pyramids of Egypt. I see tanks in the desert rolling towards Israel. Tanks in the north I see also. North of Israel. Ships in the sea sailing towards Israel.

“The great armies of the world form against Me”, Father says. “They launch in vain as I will destroy them all with a breath. My Son (Jesus) rides with My sons and daughters of the Kingdom to finalize their deaths. They will become as dust in time and forgotten”.

I watch as Father breathes. A blast hits the tanks. They melt into the sands. The ships dissolve into the sea. Jesus rides down from Heaven with His army.

Father looks to me, “Take your horse My son. Ride with our army. Finish what the devil started”.

Whitey steps up to the chariot. I hug Father and get on and ride over to join the others. We ride into the enemy’s armies, slashing with our swords. We are much bigger than them and their weapons. They see us with fear and terror on their faces. We overwhelm them quickly. The devil, who was watching from a distance, is taken away in chains, as are the kings of the armies. We all cheer and throw our swords down and take off our armor. Hugging each other and then taking a knee to worship Jesus as He rides by. I look up to see Father still above in His chariot.

I jump on Whitey and ride up to Father, “Father, it is done, all has taken place”, I said. Father says, “My son, you have been a great warrior of the Kingdom. There is much to do as a king”. I’m wearing a red robe now. “Come”. I get in His chariot. We ride to Heaven into Father’s throne room. Father is all in gold now. We step off the chariot and walk into a garden. All is rejoicing, more so than usual. They know what has happened. The suffering is over. The crimes have stopped. The blackness is gone from the Earth.

I ask, “Father, What now”? “My son, eternity awaits you and many others. The touch of death no longer exists. There is much to create and govern. Joy will be your companion. Peace is yours”.

“Father, I know what I just experienced will happen. What do you want of me until then”? He smiles. “My son, continue your journey with Me. We have much to do. Don’t concern yourself with cars, houses, possessions, things of the Earth. Riches will be placed at your feet. Stay on the path with me. All will come into view”.

Praise God!! To Him be all the glory!

Much blessings,

Al & Rhoda

February 22, 2018 NEWS

So, you think you know Me!
Take My quiz… God

God and I designed and just completed a 21-question quiz which contains answer excerpts from our new book, THE WAY, along with supporting scripture and God’s personal response at the end of the quiz, specific to your score!

Where are you along THE WAY?

The new quiz is on our new website!


For our new book we have designed and launched a new website!

You probably already received an email with this announcement.

Although we have a formal shout-out announcement going out to 1 million social media contacts on March 1, 2018, we wanted you to be the first to taste from God’s new wine skin!

Please join us in prayer and celebration for great success and please share THE WAY with your friends! We’d like everyone to learn How 2 Visit Heaven!


Copies of THE WAY have been heading out across the world!

Thank you for your prayers, blessings and exciting emails!

God and Heaven are waiting for your visits! Your always welcome at all of my places too!

He says, “Come!”

“People search for the image of God in religion. Each construct a god that fits their personal desires and agendas to reflect the image that they desire in their god. In most cases, the image is of themselves. They are their own god. Like pieces put together from many broken mirrors and glass, some reflect the image of God, while others reflect man. These distorted glass mosaics of religion, become the socially acceptable golden calves, that are politically correct and user-friendly. There is no religion in Heaven. God isn’t in religion and religion isn’t in Him. No religion can reflect His image. God’s way of “His will on earth, as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10) is preached, yet isn’t pursued.”
THE WAY – from the Introduction


Our companion book for THE WAY is THE SILVER BULLET OF GOD. So many lives have been changed with this book.

“After reading your book I have realized there was so much lacking in my life, and my wish and destiny is to have a deep, true and personal relationship with God and dwell in his presence. Reading your book gives me the confidence that your lessons and wisdom will truly help me connect with God.”

Thetologo N.-Botswana


Rhoda and I have been making regular visits to Heaven. There’s so much that we could say and reveal, with much of what we experienced difficult to put in words. Some of it is personal. God wants to do the same with you! He wants to walk with you! Share with you! Partner with you! Reveal the wonders to you! Talk to you about your inheritance! Don’t miss out on the most fantastic relationship, adventures and components of your life that God has for you now!


One recent visit to Heaven, God and I met at my chateau.

“My son, my wonderful son, you bring Me such joy. I love you so much. You are My blessing. Come My son.”

We meet at the bridge that goes into my chateau. The waterfall is raining down in many sparkling colors. I can breathe in the mist. Refreshing. We hug, Father and I and Jesus and I. We hold hands as we walk into my chateau. Angels are all around inside and out. I see saints walking around too. So ornate with gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies. I look way up. The walls are so high.

“Come My son”. Father says, as we walk toward the library. Our book, THE WAY, is on a pedestal, as is THE SILVER BULLET OF GOD on another pedestal. The pedestals are alive, growing. It’s a tree!

Father says, “Much growth is coming from these books that were planted My son.”

I can see buds and branches and flowers and fruit forming, that are spreading out on each. Roots are going deeper. Angels stand by each one. It’s growing in front of my eyes!

Father says, “These will continue to grow. They are mighty trees.”

We walk over and sit by the fireplace. I love our fireside chats! An angel brings us hot tea. Drinking tea in Heaven. Cool! It’s thicker than regular tea. Like a syrup almost.

“This will strengthen you and refresh you, brother”, Jesus says.

Father says, “My son, great things are coming for you and Rhoda. Unexpected, but planned. Let Me show you.”

I see mountains in front of me and I’m flying over them. People are below on trails and some climbing on different mountains.

Father continues, “You will fly past mountains that people struggle against. You have already defeated many mountains. We have much to do before you come home. So many exciting moments ahead. You are a great king. Allow My hand to take you further. I know you will. Rhoda. Also has much more to do. She is My precious flower. She shines so bright in My heart. Her fragrance of love for Me is so sweet in my nostrils. Both of you are such a success.”

Father and Jesus then both stand, as do I. We walk out to the garden that’s part of the chateau. The lake, mountain range in the distance. So many flowers and trees. Paths of gold. We sit on the rock where we’ve sat before.

“My son, your gift here that I’ve given you grows daily like the trees surrounding the books.” I see sections of the chateau off to the sides that are partially completed. “More is being put in as you grow, as more comes from you. Keep growing. Allow Me to tend to you, water you, feed you, nourish you. Seek My heart always. Your Brother, My Son (Jesus) taught well The Way. Allow the Holy Spirit to fly you over the mountains.”

We stand and hug each other.

“My son, Our love for you is so deep. Refresh yourself in it as We do in your love for Us.”


Unfortunately, these few images and my words don’t come close to describe all that I saw and experienced. I pray that you enjoyed a peek into my visit to Heaven with Father and Jesus. It’s all waiting for you.

Praise God!! To Him be all the glory!

Much blessings,

Al & Rhoda

January 7, 2018 NEWS


We’re happy to announce that both of these books are available now!

You can obtain them by going to the Home page and clicking on the BUY NOW button under each book, which will link you to Amazon. Many other worldwide distributors and retailers carry them also.

You should find that both of these books will guide you to where you want and need to go, in developing your face-to-face relationship with God; visiting Heaven; operating in the supernatural realm with your spiritual senses and conducting yourself as a saint, priest and ruler in the Kingdom now!

God and your inheritance waits for you!

Your life will never be the same!


I (Rhoda) went in the Spirit. I was sitting on a rock next to Jesus by a waterfall. I was leaning on His shoulder and asked Him, “What shall we do today Lord”?

He said, “Let’s go to your garden”.

I saw my beautiful garden with calla lilies, roses, pine trees, fruit trees and many more. Jesus cut some of the calla lilies and put them in a vase inside my mansion. I said, “Can we go and see Father please”?

So, we both went to the Father’s chambers. There was a cozy fireplace with two couches facing each other. Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit were sitting across from Al and I. We were surrounded by angels. I had a bag with a strap across my shoulder as Father handed me a scroll.

I asked, “What is written on this scroll”? He said, “Your destiny”.

After that, I saw Father giving three scrolls to Al. There were two warrior angels standing by me and a new white horse with a beautiful long mane. His name is Elijah. Then all of a sudden we were all transported to a high mountain and I saw in the distance, a village in the valley. It was somewhere in Africa. A black dragon principality was over this village. There was a lot of witchcraft, witchdoctors, diseases and evil in this village. We (Al and I) were getting the strategy from Father on how to take out this dragon.

We rode on our horses in the spirit towards this dragon. The dragon turned its head and blew flames at us. Warrior angels with us took their big shields, blocked the flames and projected them back at the dragon’s head. As they burned its head, it jerked and moved away from us. After that, many angels threw ropes around its head and body to hold it still. Al, riding on Whitey, pulled his long sword out and cut its head off. The dragon fell down in the valley. There was black blood coming out of it, also huge diamonds, and purple vials. I put some of the diamonds in my bag.

After that, Jesus, Al and I went to see the sick people in the village. I took my vials out and gave them all to drink from it. Al started to teach people about spiritual warfare. While Al was teaching, I healed the sick. A man without a leg received a new leg; a blind girl received her sight and a deaf man received his hearing. They were all healed from their diseases.

Praise God for this victory!! To Him be all the glory.

When all was done, all of us went back to Father’s chambers. We were fellowshipping by the fireplace. Angels were giving us cookies. It was awesome.

Father gave each of us a box. Al opened his gift. There were lots of scrolls, a dagger with a silver handle, a sword, and a case that held a bow and arrows. The last gift inside was a chain with a locket at the end. Al put it around his neck.

I opened my gift box. There was a necklace inside with a light, green gem on it. After that, angles took us to the corner of the room where there was a huge bath. Then, it was like the flesh from our bodies opened up like a zipper. We both sat in our spirit bodies in this tub as angles purified us with oil and fire. After that they gave us new robes and priestly garments, put crowns on our heads, scepters in our hands and we went and sat on our mountain of authority.

Father said, “You’ve been purified and washed clean, stay on the narrow path. You are rulers in my kingdom, you’ve been given a galaxy to rule. Guard your heart and your mind. Trust Me, I Am!!!

Be a part of the action!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

December 10, 2017 NEWS


We’re very excited to announce a just completed educational book that God asked Al to join Him in writing to offer to the world. It took most of the year to put together with God and with offshore editing, and cover and interior book designers to complete.

A brief marketing release…



“I have many wonders in store for you. You will see when you come to Me. I do not withhold. I am here. I will not abandon you. I long to be with you. Come, and I will show you your path; your destiny. You will know why you are here. I will tell you. Come expecting gifts. I have so many things to tell you; to reveal to you; to give you. Come.” … GODfrom Chapter 7

“My rare ones, do not think that you are not of much importance. I call out to the hearts of every person to come to Me. Rest with Me. Allow Me to calm the storms that come against you. Allow Me to clear the paths and quench your thirst. What you search for is here. It rests with Me and in this Kingdom. The world cannot touch your heart but with a dead finger. My hand contains life everlasting. Reach out for it, and it is there. I will not refuse you nor reject you. I will soothe your wounds. Come into Heaven and accept your inheritance. It waits for you. Your crowns are here. Your treasures are here. Do not abandon them, as your portion is set before you for a reason. Your inheritance is offered to you now, to partake of as you walk in the world.

“If you will come to Me, the treasures of Heaven belong to you. Walk in your gardens and mountains. Eat of the fruits that are ripe. So much waits for you. Come.” … GODfrom Chapter 10

“The Way was virtually lost into history, saved for a few who learned how to walk with God, in His image.

God will speak to you directly on how you can find this lost ancient Way!

He’ll show you The Way to come and visit with Him face-to-face in His throne room!

He’ll teach you how to walk into Heaven whenever you like, to partake of all of its treasures!

He’ll talk directly to you about your life, to comfort you and love you!

You’ll learn how to see and have angels protect you and work with you!

God will teach you how to tap into unlimited wealth that He’s had waiting for you before you were born!

God will show you how only He can provide you with the secrets to life and success, as He says that the ways and secrets that man provides are a fool’s errand and have become their powerless gods.

Follow The Way now and step into immortality!” from the Introduction

This book provides keys and messages from God on how anyone can develop their spiritual senses and capabilities, with a final goal to walk with Him face-to-face. Which is His desire for everyone.

Included in the book are Al’s many experiences over the years on Earth and in Heaven of meeting, talking and walking with Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and angels, and how he got there, to assist others.

Xtreme Big Game Hunting in the Heavenly and Earthly Realms
A Field Manual for Superheroes

I (Al) did an extensive revision of the Xtreme Big Game Hunting book, again with work from various offshore designers, to market it with a new title, editing and a new cover and interior design.

A brief marketing release…


Something that acts as a weapon; especially one that instantly solves a long-standing problem.

The term traditionally originates from ancient days; said to be the only kind of bullet that is effective against monsters.

There’s a Silver Bullet of God for each of your monsters!


A few of the results from around the world…

… the child rose from the dead!

… impacting the world!

… am introducing all to my University students here in Nigeria!

… I feel like some kind of chain was broken. A cloud of sadness was lifted off of me!

… I read your book last week and it is the most powerful and most knowledgeable book I have read on spiritual warfare!

… crime has stopped around us!

… instrumental in transforming my life!

demonized, sicknesses, and illnesses, including HIV/AIDS victims are instantly healed!

… attacking the enemies, in their realms, destroying their strongholds, and kingdoms!

… our Faculty of Theology unanimously decided to teach this in our Bible College, Churches and Seminaries!

… my province is the only one free from child trafficking!

… physical infirmities of people (lung problems, TB, eyesight problems) were healed!

… I bound a giant evil entity over an area and many drug addicts were brought to salvation!

… this completely changed my life. Your book covers everything!

… big impact upon our Youth Leaders and Bible College Students!

… lady paralyzed for seven years was completely set free!

… our entire city was under attack. Suddenly, it all stopped and all is at peace in our city!

… I teach to Sunday school children and the children are going and worshipping in the spirit, manifesting spiritual gifts… going into heaven and seeing Jesus and angels!

… we have never seen spiritual warfare of such nature!

Training in this book is provided in salvation; successful evangelism; Holy Spirit baptism and spiritual gifts; divine healing and raising the dead; spiritual warfare for individuals, neighborhoods, cities and nations; developing a relationship with God; developing a ministry/destiny with God and much more!

This book is being taught from in Universities, Colleges, Churches, Sunday Schools and groups all over the world. We have heard from so many people on how this book has healed them from physical and mental torment; delivered them from crime, drugs, witchcraft, the occult and evil spirits; set them on a path for Jesus; changed their neighborhoods and families and started, equipped and enhanced their ministry.

The expected launch date for both of these books is January 1, 2018.

Please join us is prayer and spiritual warfare for the success of these books in going around the world for God’s glory!

Our apologies for recent newsletter and teaching delays as we’ve been immersed in book writing, upgrades, design, publishing and marketing activities that were all quite consuming.

Be a part of the action!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

October 20, 2017 NEWS


I (Rhoda) was in the spirit and met Jesus under a tree. He said,” I’ve been waiting for you.” He was wearing a white robe, with a strapped bag over His shoulder. As I sat next to Him, He leaned over to kiss my forehead. He said,” Come we have work to do.”

So, we walked down this hill through a small forest, ending up in a city. We passed through the same square where we did many healings before. We walked by tall buildings, crossed the street and went inside an apartment building. I asked the Lord, “Where are we?” He said, “Tel Aviv.” On the other side of this building was the Mediterranean Sea.

When we arrived at this apartment in the building, someone opened the door. Inside there was a group of concerned orthodox Jews talking to each other. They couldn’t see us. Jesus and I passed them to go to a room in the back, where an elderly lady was laying in bed.

Jesus put His hand on her forehead. He said that she had a really bad fever. Jesus asked me, “You still have the emerald oil jar, right?” I said, “Yes Lord.” “Let her drink from it”, Jesus said. As she drank, her eyes opened and she gazed around. She could see me, but she couldn’t talk, because her pain was so intense. She also had gangrene on her left foot. I asked,” Lord how do you want me to pray for her?” He replied, “Rebuke the fever”. When I did, the fever left. Jesus then rebuked the pain in her foot and her foot became instantly normal. After that, she looked at Jesus and He smiled at her. She stood up totally healed and amazed at this miracle.

She walked out to the living room and one of the man there said, “Mom, you should be in bed, what are you doing up?” She said, “I’m fine. Jesus healed me and yes, He is Yeshua Hamashiach (which is the proper title in Hebrew for Jesus Christ)!” She sat down in this big chair and they gave her something to eat. People were marveling and grumbling at the same time among themselves. Now they could see me, but they couldn’t see Jesus yet. The elderly lady said, “Jesus is Lord. He is also alive.”

I said, “Listen to what she has to say. Yeshua Hamashiach is the Messiah. 2000 years ago, He walked these very streets of Israel; did miracles; healed people; raised the dead, yet you rejected Him and crucified Him, but He rose to life. Follow Him!”

One of the Orthodox Jews said, “This is blasphemy.” I said, “Look, your mother is healed, and yet you still don’t believe.” I said, “Let’s make a deal. Bring me someone here who is sick and if the Lord heals them, then you will accept Him and acknowledge Him as Yeshua Hamashiach.”

Suddenly, from the group, a man walked toward me who was on crutches. He said his leg was in pain. I took my emerald green jar and poured oil over his foot. Jesus was watching me. I rebuked the pain; commanded all the ligaments and bones, to come into alignment with God’s will. His foot went from flexion to extension. He tossed his crutches away and start wailing. He was astonished. All the Orthodox Jews marveled at this miracle. Then Jesus, materialized in front of them. All of them fell like they were dead at His feet, calling Him, “Adona!! Yeshua Hamashiach!!”

Yes, indeed the power of Jesus is limitless! We are called to do even greater things that He did!! He will slay satan with His breath!!

Get going with God!!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

October 1, 2017 NEWS


I (Rhoda) am in the Spirit.

I see Jesus in front of me saying, “Come to Me”. He is wearing a white robe. He puts a crown of flowers on my head. I ask Jesus, “Can Daddy Father join us”?

He replied, “He is walking on the beach”. So, we both then went and joined Father and walked together along the beach.

It was so awesome!

Jesus and I were then walking on the streets of Jerusalem. I said to my Lord, “Can you teach me how to bring what is in the spiritual realm to the natural realm?” Jesus pointed at a woman without an arm. Suddenly, I saw myself in the body parts area of Heaven. So many body parts everywhere. I saw an arm sitting on a self. I took the arm from the shelf, brought it to this woman and put it onto her. Her new arm was fully functional. She was perplexed when she saw what God did for her. She jumped right up and praised the Lord!

Next, we saw a man with crutches walking toward us. He had no leg. I went to the body parts area of Heaven again, found a leg on the self, brought it to the man and it attached. He had a new leg from Heaven!

After that, Jesus and I went to a prison. We went downstairs where the walls were made with old stone. Jesus had a bucket of water and started giving water to the prisoners through metal bars. When He finished giving water, we translocated or walked inside a man’s cell. This man was under a blanket. When he saw us, he stood up. His body was full of wounds. Jesus touched him and all the wounds disappeared. He was so happy! He was rejoicing and praising God!!

After that Jesus and I went out of the cell. I watched as Jesus was gazing at all the prison doors. He raised both hands and then suddenly, all the cell doors exploded open. All the prisoners were set free!

After that, we went walking through Jerusalem and in front of us there was a fountain. I drank some water from the fountain. A few feet from us there was a man sitting down begging. He was missing a foot. Jesus approached him, touched him and immediately he received a new foot.

Then we went to this woman’s house, who had three children. One of them was sick with tuberculosis I was told. I poured oil over his head and the child was healed instantly. His mother was amazed. Rejoicing, she fell at Jesus’ feet. She received Him as her Savior and was healed emotionally.

After that, we went on a boat fishing. His disciples were there also and all of us were pulling this heavy net of multitudes of fish into the boat. We went to the beach to fry and eat the fish with Jesus. After eating, we walked on the beach. Father and Al joined us. I was wearing armor (my usual metal silver-colored armor). Al was wearing armor also.

Far in the distance there was this dragon flying above us. We got transported in the air and we were surrounded by armies of angels.  The dragon started throwing fire at us. We covered our bodies with our shields. Angles were holding this dragon with ropes.  I received a new sword prior to this battle so I took my long sword and cut off the dragon’s head. Its body fell down to the ground. Flames from Heaven came down upon this creature, which burned it up.

So much going on over these weeks as we have spent time with God! Really, too much to put it all down! Go on your own adventures with Jesus! You’re a saint right now! He’s waiting!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

September 1, 2017 NEWS


On August, 30 2017, I (Rhoda) went in the Spirit to my God the Father’s Chambers. I fell down at His feet.

I said “Father, Daddy I would like to see Your face”. Father asked me to come and sit on His lap. I hesitated, but Jesus was there also, so He encouraged me to go forward. I sat on Father’s lap. It was an amazing feeling, sitting in His presence.

I then went next to the waterfall of sparkling diamonds. As I was swimming, I put my hand under the waterfall to collect some water and there were diamonds, white sparkling diamonds, in my hand.

I went up onto the beach where Jesus was looking at a map. He said, “We are going to Israel today”.

Suddenly, I found myself on a street in Jerusalem. I went inside of this building and there was a woman who was lying in a bed, that had sores on her body. I poured a liquid on her that I had and watched as her sores started to disappear. She got up dancing and rejoicing.

Then Jesus and I went to another place through some gates where there was a woman who was dead in her bed surrounded by a multitude of people. As Jesus spoke life into her, she got up and praised the Lord!

We next took a boat and went fishing. I could see the net very clearly. There were a lot of fish pouring into it. We took the fish up on the beach, cut them and put them in buckets. When we got back on the boat, Jesus said, “We are going now to northern Israel”. We sailed across to the other side of the Sea of Galilee to land in Capernaum. We walked to an area that had streets of cobblestone. Jesus told me to start preaching the gospel. I stood on a stool and started to preach, “On these very streets walked a King whom you have rejected and crucified, the King Jesus Christ the Son of God. Come to Him now and repent and have your sins washed away, make them pure. He is coming back again. Don’t let Him find you without repentance. He can heal any sickness and disease”.

A man in the crowd was laughing, saying, “If He is the Son of God and He is the One you say He is, how can my brother still be sick from cancer. He has been suffering for a long time”? I said, “Jesus can heal him right now. Bring him here”. Then I said, “No, in fact I am going to go to him now in the Spirit”. So, I traveled in the Spirit to his room. There was a man who was lying down in dark clothes with a white sheet covering him. I commanded every cell in his body to be regenerated new and the cancer ones to die. Suddenly like a fire sparked and started burning his body until all those cancer cells disappeared. He was completely cured. I said to the man, “Jesus has healed you”.

I went back in the spirit to the crowd and said, “Your brother is healed”. The man was still mocking me. But in a short second he received a phone call on his cell. “What?” he said. His brother said to him, “I am healed. I have no more cancer”. The man was astonished. “Really? I don’t believe you. I am going to take you to the doctor right now and do tests”.

As the man left, another man without a leg came close. I commanded the leg to grow and it did. Then two men in wheelchairs got up and were healed also. “Now, who wants to receive Jesus I said?” All put their hands up!

Jesus said, “We need to travel across where the Palestinians are”. I said, “Lord is it safe?” He replied, “You are always safe with Me”. In Jericho, Jesus said, “There is a man here who is confused about his faith. I appeared to him in his dreams many times, but he still hasn’t decided to follow Me. I want you to tell him about Me”.  So, we went to this man’s house. As he opened the door I said, “I know about your dreams regarding Jesus. He is real”. I went in and gave him a Bible. “Everything you need to know and how to know Him is here in this Book. Please read it”. He hesitated. I told him that Jesus is here with me. Suddenly, Jesus appeared to him and he could see Him. Jesus sad, “I am the Way, The Truth and The Life, anyone who comes to Me shall not perish but have eternal life, believe in Me”. The man fell down bowing down and worshiped Jesus. I said, “Repent now and receive Him as your Lord and Savior”. He did. Then I took him to the Dead Sea and he was baptized. I also laid my hands on him and he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

These were my adventures with Father and Jesus on this day!

Praise God for His miracles! Praise the Lord Jesus Yeshua Hamashiach!!!

God is waiting to have adventures with each of us. Nothing in this world matches spending face-time with God!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

August 15, 2017 NEWS



I hear Father calling me, “My son, come to Me now”.

I’m standing in front of Father in His throne room in Heaven. I kneel and say, “Father, I give You all praise and glory in all things. All in my life is for you Father. I hand you all. Not 10%. I give you 100%. What will You have me do Father?”

He stands from His throne, steps down and pulls me up to His hug. He looks into my eyes. It’s like looking into a window that spans everything. I could look for an eternity into His eyes and not see everything. His eyes see all of me, every thought, every memory. I can feel it.

He says, “My son, your love and desire for Me is laid before Me. I am in your heart and you are in Mine. We are forever bonded together. Nothing will separate us. I am your Father. No forces will withstand your hand, with My hand upon it”.

We start walking away from His throne, to enter into a garden. I see angels standing throughout this garden. Father says, “This is the Garden of Eden, where I walked with Adam and Eve. They walked with Me here as we are walking now. We shared our love. A desire that we had to be with each other. What we are doing now is My desire with all My children”.

I look around to see many different kinds of trees and plants and flowers. I can tell this was different from other gardens that I’ve been to. It seemed to be the garden of royalty, to pick a descriptive word. Animals were everywhere. Lions, elephants, strange looking small ones that I’ve never seen before. Angels I can see in all directions. I can feel holiness through me. Call it glory if you like. It is a deep sense of love too.

Father says, “My son, My desire is to share all things with you. To rise you up further. To give you much more”. He touches My head with His hand. I can physically feel tingling. I had a desire that My mind would be able to do more, understand more, accomplish more, than the small percentage it is said we only have access to.

Father says, “What do you see (understand)”?

Father, “My breath is Your breath. It breathes life. As I breathe, it produces life where it goes. My thoughts with my breath”.

He smiles and says, “My son, this gift is yours to use as I will”.

We walk around some springs of water bubbling up from the ground. We are both barefoot. My feet feel refreshed with each step. I stoop down to take a handful of water to my lips and drink. It’s a sense of energy. There are many trees here. We walk up to two prominent trees that rise above the others.

Father says, “You know these two trees My son. They are the ones that Moses wrote about. The ones that Adam and Eve lived with. They are still here. Each of My children have a decision to make in life. My heart’s desire is that they walk with Me. I have already chosen to do so with them. I cannot force them to walk with Me, My son. When they walk with Me, this blesses Me. My heart tears when people reject Me. I do not choose to abandon them. I continue to reach out to them for love. When their time ends, their will is done. They always have a decision”.

We continue to walk. It’s so peaceful and calm. No one else is around except the angels here and there. We end up at the edge of a cliff, that looks out over an immense valley that has a large river that I can see split into separate winding rivers in the distance. We sit down on a rock looking out over the valley.

“My son, I came here many times with Adam and Eve, to this spot. We talked and I shared with them, as I am doing with you now. Our book will be done soon. I will give you more. To teach others about who I am and My desire for them. For them to be rich in mind, spirit and body. To know how much that I love them. To know that they are welcome to come walk with Me. That I am their Father. That they can rest and find comfort in Me. This book will bring Me to them so they can understand The Way to Me. When they bring their heart to Me, I will embrace them. I pour My breath upon this book to touch them. To reveal Myself to them. To open the doors of their prisons. To set them free. They must step out and leave prison. My son, tell them of My love”.

“Father’, I say, “All that you have said is going in our book”.

He says, “Walk with Me, My dear son”. We stand up. Sensing that we are leaving, I look out over the Garden of Eden again. There is no place on Earth that could come close to the beauty and majesty of this place.

We enter into His throne room. Angels are bowing to Him as He enters and sits. Father takes His position on The Throne of all thrones! The beasts around His Throne are full of fire and smoke. I kneel down, as I look up at Him. He is much bigger than me now.

He says, “My son, you are so pleasing in My sight. Your heart beats for Me. Your love for Me is a great joy. Finish the final areas of our book as I guide you. My hand is upon it and all who partake of its fruit. I love you My son”.

I stand up and walk down the few steps on the platform. I am now back from this visit to Father, Heaven and the Garden of Eden.

It’s your turn to visit and walk with God! Let Him show you The Way!”

End of new book’s excerpt.

Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit has shown so much to us over the last several months! What is in store for us in Heaven is well beyond our imagination!

Don’t settle for what little attractions that the world or religion or our own will have to offer. Continue moving with God in the supernatural. Build up your treasures in Heaven. Don’t stop on your way up the stairs to Him and heaven! You’ll be so amazed!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

August 1, 2017 NEWS


One day last week I could hear Father say to me, “Happy Birthday My dear son! My great son! My wonderful son! You are such a joy! A mighty warrior of the Kingdom. Come to Me My son”.

I was instantly standing in front of Father at His throne. Jesus is also there. They step down smiling from their thrones and each hug me. My parents are there and hug me also. Angels standing there are clapping for me. I’m wearing a red robe and holding a scepter.

Father says, “Great king. Today is a special day. We are here to celebrate you. Your life. You have accomplished much for the Kingdom. Many have advanced themselves with your efforts. You have distributed My will on Earth to many others, so that they can come to Me, to walk My path for them. So that they can see and follow the Light of Truth and Life. To be victorious. You have distributed much of the Kingdom’s wealth. Wealth that has enriched the Kingdom. That has enriched you. You are part of the Kingdom. It is a part of you. We are part of you, as you are part of us”.

We all then walked out of the throne room area. We were outside where many people and angels were waiting, all smiling and clapping. We walked down this pathway made of large flat stones made of gold. Huge trees were on either side of the path. Birds in the trees were watching me and singing to me. I was still wearing my robe and carrying the scepter. We walked to the lake with mountains where my cottage sits.  The willow tree was there. My two dogs were also there so happy to see me. I petted both of them and told them that they were good boys! Father, Jesus and I were standing in front of my cottage. I have no idea what is to be said or to be done. Many people and angels are there watching.

Jesus hands me a book from His robe. It is old looking with a clasp holding it closed. Many gems are embedded on the front and back covers. I asked, “What is this Lord”? He says, “Open it with this key My brother”, as He hands me a golden key. I insert the key into the lock and the clasp snaps open. The book is empty of words except my name and a few titles. Heavenly titles.

I looked at Jesus and Father and the others standing there and asked, “What do I do with it”? Jesus says, “Brother, as a king and lord, you are a creator. Fulfill yourself with your abilities”. What a stunning gift. I say, “Thank You Lord”! He smiles and hugs me. I see the 5 ancient ones that Father has put me with as a team. They each step up and great me. They each hand me a large fist-sized gem. Their names are on them. They say, “We would be honored if you would accept these gifts, great one”. I examine each one. Each one so dazzling. So beautiful. I looked at each angel and said, “It is I who is honored to work with you. Of course, these gifts will have a special place in my heart”. They were so pleased.

I look at Father, Jesus, the ancient ones, my parents and the others there and say, “Everyone, I am the one honored and blessed to be here and to be part of this family. A family of Heaven. A family of love. I love you all. Rhoda and I will embrace Your will continually, to harvest for the Kingdom. To allow others to join our family. Thank You Father and Lord for giving me such a great life and the opportunity to do all of this. Please continue to guide me and give me Your strength. All glory, praise and thanksgiving go to You Father and my Lord”.

We all celebrate with sparkling water in our diamond glasses. I mingle with everyone, as they admire my gifts. My dogs are so playful. I thank everyone for celebrating my life with me.

Father and Jesus step over and place their hands on my head, “Our blessings upon you great king and lord. Go forward in victory”!

It’s so hard to leave. But for now, I go back to Earth. More to be done. Heaven is my home.

Birthday party in Heaven! How many can say that they’ve done that?

All this and more is waiting for every one of God’s family. You! We are kings and lords of Heaven now!

“These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.” Revelation 17:14

Don’t leave any of your inheritance on the table. Come and get it!

(The picture here is not one that I took of my cottage. Still haven’t found a camera in Heaven. This one is a pale facsimile).

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

July 1, 2017 NEWS


On June 19, 2017, I (Rhoda) was in the spirit by a lake with Jesus, He said, “Come”. He wanted me to go fishing with Him! Of course, we were successful! After Jesus cooked the fish, we sat to eat it together with Al. There’s nothing like a fish fry on the beach with the King of kings!

After we ate, Jesus said, “I have an assignment for you. Go take warrior angels to this mountain”. As the Lord directed, I took six warrior angles with chariots to arrive at a mountain range.  When we arrived, I got off the chariot and went inside a big cave. There was a big creature inside the cave, growling at me. A guardian. As it came forward to attack me, one of the angels cut of its hand. Then the rest of the angels tied it up with ropes and took it out of the cave.

I walked further inside the cave and looked up to see stalactites hanging from the ceiling, sparkling like rubies. I took my sword, cut some of them off and put them in a container. Angels helped me to cut some more off.

After that we walked deeper into the cave and came across a large pile of gold nuggets that I put in sacks. I walked over to this wall that was glittering with white diamonds. I scrapped some of them off and added them to the sacks.

Nothing else could be seen in the cave so we went back to our chariots and rode them to the sea of glass in Heaven. I was to exchange everything I found in the cave, for a different sack that was full of scrolls. I took the scrolls and walked over to my throne in Heaven. As I sat down, Jesus told me to give the scrolls to all the people that came to me. I handed over those scrolls to many people and then I rested.

On June 23, 2017, I was in the spirit and see Jesus sitting by a fire. He was poking a stick into the flames. I came over and sat next to my Lord. I asked Him if we could go heal someone.

We traveled for a long time by chariot to arrive in this village. A man came towards us who was possessed by many demons. Jesus cast them all out and angels arrived to take them away in chains to a spiritual prison.

After that we walked into this village some more to see an elderly lady without a leg from the knee down. I said, “Lord, she needs a leg”. Jesus said, “Go and heal her”. Suddenly an angel took me to this body parts room in Heaven to look for a leg for this woman. There were so many shelves with body parts everywhere. I found a suitable leg and brought it back to this woman, and put it on her. Her Heavenly leg formed onto her. She instantly noticed what happened and started jumping up-and-down for joy, praising the Lord!

Jesus said, “Let’s go further, we’ve got work to do”. We arrived at this leper colony, where there was a hut full of people. The stench was so bad, that angels came to disperse the smell for me. Jesus poured this liquid over my head and body to keep me protected from this disease. There was a total of twenty lepers in the hut.  As Jesus and I entered this hut, He took a beautiful emerald vial and poured it over some of the lepers. The Lord then gave me the vial to pour it over the rest of them. All of them got instantly healed! They all came out of the hut shouting and praising God for this miracle!

I traveled in the Spirit on June 27, 2017 and met with Jesus. We sat down in this beautiful pasture on the grass and ate fish. After we finished eating He said to me, “Would you like to do a healing today”? I said, “Yes Lord”.

So, He took me to a beautiful white carriage that we rode to a house. Jesus took what looked like a doctor’s medicine bag from the carriage, as we walked up to and entered the house. A lady was laying on a bed. She was surrounded by people. Jesus said, “She has cancer”. Before I prayed for her I asked her to forgive everyone who had ever hurt her. She did. Then Jesus took this small orange bottle from His bag and told me to put some of its contents on the cancer spots on her skin. Then He handed me a green bottle and a yellow bottle from the bag and directed me to have her drink from them. I did all that. Jesus and I waited for a little while as these Heavenly elements took effect. Suddenly, she stood up, jumping for joy saying, “I am healed! Praise God”!

Set your sights on going into Heaven to God’s throne room, to Heavenly gardens, to work with angels, to operate from your throne and much, much more that God has planned for you!

Don’t settle for religion! Don’t settle for crumbs on the floor, when the banquet feast is yours to partake of!

Accept and step into your position, power and authority!

Good Hunting!

Al & Rhoda

June 15, 2017 NEWS


This all took place while spending time at our special place next to the lake.

I (Rhoda) went in the Spirit to find myself with Jesus on a beautiful beach. There were 2 huge rocks next a clear ocean. Jesus said, “Come”.

Al came and joined us. He had his armor on. Jesus found a spot on the beach and said, “This is the place”. He put a white blanket down, laid a map on it and then showed us the places where we needed to go.

He then gave me a little bottle that had a long red neck and also 3 keys. He asked me if I still had the emerald jar that He gave me a while ago. I said, “Yes”. Then he gave Al some scrolls.

He also gave me a road map and said, “Follow the map precisely”. Al and I then mounted our horses to follow the map.

I also took 5 angels with me. I asked for 3 warrior angels, a healing angel and a minister angel.

1st DOOR

When we arrived at the 1st door, I took out one of the keys that Jesus had given me to open it. Inside there was an old-fashioned fireplace and a woman laying on a recliner chair, who was full of sores. I took out my red bottle with the long neck and applied this liquid over her. The sores disappeared. Suddenly, a number of cobras appeared in the room. I took my sword out and cut their heads off. Then the angels who were with us, cut the head off of a huge python that was approaching from behind. This went on for a while. There was also smoke in the room. I asked the Lord what was all of this. He said in my Spirit, “A witch lives here”. I forgot to mention that I pushed this witch against the wall and wrestled with her before her healing. She said, “Who are you? What is this power that you have? I have no power anymore”.

After all of this was over, I saw her laying on the recliner again, totally changed. Her face didn’t look like an old rugged wrinkled woman anymore. She was now a beautiful elderly woman with long gray hair. I poured healing oil from my emerald green jar over her body to complete her transformation.

When all was done, I came out the door with the angels.

2nd DOOR

I went in the spirit to the 2nd door. Using the next key, the door opened up to overlook a village. There were huts all over the place. I released the angels into the huts to get the people. Jesus told me to take everyone from their huts to this grassy area to preach the gospel of salvation to them. I also released healing over this crippled person. Then I asked, “Who wants to receive Jesus”? All of them put their hands up. They all received Jesus.

This all followed the Gospel process… first preach God’s Word, then He backs up His Word with miracles, signs and wonders. Without accompanying signs, the Gospel hasn’t been fully preached.

“And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.” Mark 16:20

“For I will not dare to speak of any of those things which Christ has not accomplished through me, in word and deed, to make the Gentiles obedient— in mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God, so that from Jerusalem and round about to Illyricum I have fully preached the gospel of Christ.” Romans 15:18-19

I then took them to a river where they were baptized in water. Next, I released the Holy Spirit over their heads like fire and they all begin to prophesy. So Awesome Lord!

3rd DOOR

I was then back in the spirit on the same beach with Jesus, at the same spot where we had looked at the map.

He said, “So, you went through the first 2 doors. The 3rd one is more intense. Take the 5 angels with you again”.

I was now traveling in a chariot with 4 horses. We rode for a long time. The chariot was covered and had 2 windows. There were fiery darts coming at the chariot from all directions they had no effect.

The 3rd door was over a cave. The key was turned. I entered in with the 5 angels. There was a beast hiding in this cave. As we walking, the beast suddenly showed up. It had a weird looking head, with the body of a bear. It swiped its paw at me but missed. I had a whip and a rope on my sides. I used the whip to lash at it. I quickly then used the rope to tie it around its neck, arms and legs. The angels carried it out bound and away.

Next in the cave, there were bunch of spiders as big as rocks coming at us. Another angel picked me up in his arms, as the spiders were crawled everywhere. One of the angels used what looked like smoke to kill them.

The 2nd beast looked like a prehistoric saber-tooth tiger. I took some powder from this pouch on my side and blew in its face. It died instantly. The angels dragged this one out and away also.

Then a goat appeared with big horns. I threw some small spears I had into its eyes. The blinded beast was taken away by the angels.

After all of this, I arrived at a room in the cave that had treasures everywhere. In the middle of the room, sitting on a rock, was a sparkling emerald vase, that had a very bright, long neck. The Lord told me in my Spirit, that I needed to ask the angels to cover me as I go through this vibrating space. The angels covered me as we all stepped into the room.

I took the vase, turned around, as the angels took me again through this vibrating space. We walked back to the cave entrance. I jumped in the chariot and was taken to the sea of glass.

“And I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire, and those who have the victory over the beast, over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass, having harps of God.” Revelation 15:2

Here, I exchanged this emerald vase for a case that looked like a lunch box and what looked like three rubix-cubes on a string.

I took these items back to Jesus, where He was waiting for me on the beach. I said, “What is this Lord”?

Jesus opened the lunch box and there was a huge sparkling white diamond in it. He gave it to Al saying, “This is your treasure, as you enter the promised land”.

Thank You Lord for all that You have shared with us to do in Your Kingdom!

All glory to You for the victories!

What’s behind the 4th DOOR! Next time!

June 1, 2017 NEWS


I (Al) went to my Mom’s favorite place to be with the Lord, as my goal was to spend this particular day with her, as it is her birthday. She went home in 2008. Father spoke to me, Good morning My son. You have come here on a very important day. Your Mother’s birthday. She is My sweet one, whom I adore. She spent so much time with Me at our place, where you are now. She was so inquisitive then, as you are My son. My precious son, your mother is here with Me now. Come.”

I am walking on a path that has trees on either side. I take this dirt path towards an open meadow that I see ahead. I then see my Mom in the meadow. I run to get to her. We hug. We are so happy to see each other. I say, “Happy Birthday Mom”! She smiles and hugs me again and says, “Sit dear”. We both sit down on a blanket in the grass. She says, “Our Lord has been telling me about you”.

I then see Jesus standing out of the corner of my eye. He walks over and sits with us. He says, “Gentle ones, I love you both so much”. He hugs my Mom and kisses her cheek. He hugs me and kisses my cheek. “You are both so pleasing to Me. You both enjoy My presence, as I enjoy walking with you”. He looks at my Mom and says, “Sweet one, you were put on Earth many years to accomplish great tasks for the Kingdom, which you accomplished. Many would have perished without you. You brought My peace and comfort to so many. Many are here now because of your obedience”. He gives her a medal around her neck and a crown that was so brilliant it was hard to look at. He said to her, “These gifts are from me to celebrate your life and the gift that you were to so many. You toiled for many hours and gave so much of yourself to others for me. Your love is recorded forever”. My Mom stood up and hugs Jesus saying, “Thank You so much Lord. I enjoyed all of it. I received so much joy helping others”.

Jesus then turned to me, “My son, your missions are not yet done on earth. You have much to do before you come home. I will be with you always, as I told you when you were a child in your bedroom. I have never left you. I know that many have let you down and hurt them. Forgive them all and give them to Me. Turn yourself to all that you were created to do for Father. Look to Him to advise your path. Spend time with us as We have so much to do before I return”. I stand and hug Jesus. We sit down again as He breaks a loaf of bread that is there and passes big pieces to us. We are drinking water out of very fine-looking glasses with gold on them. Each glass is made of a single diamond! My Mom looks to me, “Al, I love you so much, since the day you were born, I’ve adored you. You are such a blessing to me and your father.”

Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw my earthly father walk from the path. Jesus stands to hug him and kisses him on the cheek. My Mom stands and they hug and kiss. He admires her crown and medal. He looks at me as I stand. He walks over, hugs me, kisses my cheek and says, “Al, I am so proud of you. You walk with the Lord more so than I did. Your Mom was such a great influence and guide for you. I wish I had done more”. I told him, “Dad, you are a great role model for me as you taught me honesty and integrity and honor and stability. We could have said more of this to each other, but that was a different time and now behind us. Let us enjoy where we are now and this lovely day with Mom”. He smiled, hugged me again and Jesus smiled, as we all sat.

Jesus gave my Dad some bread and a glass of water. We just smiled and enjoyed each other’s company so much. Butterflies were flitting about, as were birds. I could hear a waterfall in the distance.

My Mom looks at me and says, “Dear, what has Father had you doing?” I looked to Jesus and He smiled. I said, “He has me going to different places with angels to conduct warfare for the Kingdom. It is all new to me (this kind of warfare), but I look forward to doing His will on Earth and when and where He needs me”. My Mom smiles and says, “That sounds so wonderful. Father blesses you and all of us so much”.

I look over and see a huge banquet table.  I see my aunts and uncles, my grandparents and great-grandparents. We all great and hug. It’s a family reunion that Jesus arranged! I tell each that it is so nice to see them again. They are congratulating me on what they’d heard I was doing. I see angels also there. They all hug me, although they are twice as tall as me. We are all sharing bread and eating fruits on the table.

Jesus says, “We are all here to celebrate Lynn’s birthday. She is a dear one to all of us. Al desired to be with his mother today so we met his request with a celebration for all of us to be together”. We all mingled around and hugged. So much peace and joy. My heart wanted to stay here, but I know what needs to be done by me, for Father, for others, for my destiny was of greater need. I knew that the time will come for me, as it was for everyone here. They had overcome and received their crowns of life!

Jesus had me come to where He was, then He put His arm around me. He looked at everyone and they all looked at us. He said, “Al has come here today to celebrate his mother’s birthday. She is a great beacon in his life. She pointed the Way to him, which he is following. His grandparents and great-grandparents all endured for this Kingdom and prevailed. I celebrate you all for your lasing love for Me. You are all rulers in this Kingdom, as you will be forever”.

Jesus hugged me again. I walked around to each person, hugged them and said goodbye, for now. I walked up to my parents and hugged them. I said, “Happy Birthday Mom! I’ll see you both soon”. I waved at everyone as I walked back to the path that I had come in on. They were still celebrating.


Another time I was wearing armor kneeling in front of Father in His throne room. He advised me to go to a certain place. “Take this scroll of war with you”, He said. An angel stepped up and hands me a scroll. It is very big with gold tassels on each end and a red wax seal on it. I take the scroll to a specific area where it was to be opened.

When I arrived, I broke open the seal and unrolled the scroll that gave instructions on where to go with a host of angels. Unfortunately, the battle specifics are to be hidden at this time. Jesus was there with His horse. Now there’s a horse!

He told us that we had broken a great curse that had been upon that country.

He says, “Your battle is recorded for eternity”. Later He said, “My son, you are a king in the Kingdom with power and authority. Walk in it always”. Then He hugged me.


I (Al) see myself standing in front of Father in Heaven at His throne. I have a white robe on. He places a jeweled ring on my finger. It has many colors. He says, “Son, you are My precious son. Those who see this ring will know who you are”.

From there I went out on an assignment to a specific country to conduct warfare. All was successful. All glory to God in the Highest for the victory!


“Peace be upon you My children. You are My precious gems. Come to me in joy.

My will is for you to succeed in all things. I put before you mighty mountains that I want you to bring down and move. You can do these things. I have given you power and authority in My Name. None can stand in your way.

False Christians that come against you have no power. They are weak. They come against you in vain. Their activities are an abomination in My Sight. I do not permit them to succeed. I will bring them down. Leave them with Me. I will wipe them away with My Hand.

In the Kingdom there are libraries and record keeping and courts. There are warehouses of wealth and treasures. Access is available to My children now, if they will come.”

May 15, 2017 NEWS


My testimony from May 4, 2017. I (Rhoda) went in the Spirit and asked for more: “Lord I want more and more of you!!! Give me a clear mind, help me to focus, no more confusion”.

Jesus said to me: “You have the mind of Christ”.

Suddenly the Lord took me in the spirit to a library in Heaven. It was huge. It had a tall book shelf, with countless books. Awesome!

There was a chair with a light and I saw a huge book opened.

Jesus said: “Write”!

I said: “Teach me how to write supernaturally”.

He said: “You know how to write, there are seeds of writing inside of you, that just needs to be developed”.

I said: “Lord what you want me to write about”?

He said: “Write about your journey with Me, about all the experiences you had with Me that you wrote in your journal in the past, every experience you had with Me since you met Al”. I then saw myself writing.

Suddenly I went in the Spirit to another place. We went by the ocean, I saw Jesus walking around some rocks in the water, and I saw His feet, and His sandals. He took my hand put me on a rock and we both looked at the ocean. It was indescribable scenery!!

I said: “Lord I would like to travel in the Spirit to another country, lay hands on someone and raise them from the dead”.

Suddenly I see Jesus take my hand and we journeyed to this village, arriving in front of this hut. There were many villagers outside this hut. I entered the hut and I saw a woman lying on the floor dead. Jesus said: “Lay hands on her”. I did and I felt the Lord told me to say: “Get up in the name of Jesus”. She opened her eyes, stood up, walked out, happy dancing, rejoicing and praising God, hugging everyone for what God did to her. I asked the Lord where this village was. He said: “Murundi (which I found out when I got home, is a village in Rwanda).

After that, Jesus took me to another place where there was a building with a lot of people inside. I saw a dead woman laying on top of a stone. Jesus said: “Blow life into her”. I did. I started blowing, then suddenly she woke up, jumped up and praised God. Everybody shouted and rejoiced with her.

I said: “Lord this is awesome. 2 resurrections”. I asked the Lord to take me somewhere where a person needs healing.

Jesus took my hand and we traveled on a long journey to a village through a big forest with tall trees. After a while we saw in the distance an old house. There was smoke coming out of the chimney. We entered the house and we saw 3 people surrounding a woman in a long garment lying in a bed with a wet cloth over her forehead. She had a terrible fever. Jesus and I knelt at the side of her bed. I asked: “What do you want me to do Lord”? He said: “Take this oil that was at His side and massage her hands, arms and face”. I took the oil and massaged her hands, arms and face. Suddenly her fever left. She jumped up saying: “I am healed, I have no more fever: praise Jesus then she sat at the table and begin to eat.

Jesus said, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8

Awesome God. Awesome Jesus. Praise God for Miracles!! Rhoda


“Hear My words. For many, life is just existence for the moment, for pleasure. This is not why I created man. There’s a purpose that escapes them. The world blemishes many of their minds with confusion and alternate paths, which lead to destruction. Their thinking is not My will for them. My will is for their entire well-being. To walk with Me in harmony and love. To enjoy peace and fulfillment. The world cannot provide this comfort. My Kingdom offers them what they seek. Come to me. Into My presence. You who are lost, without direction. Allow me to be your Light. I know everything about you. I am your Father. Abandon false paths.

Set your mind to the task of coming to me. I am here. Moving yourself in the spirt realm is a path that I desire for everyone. Your spirit is who you are, along with your mind and body. Set your mind to operate your spirit, as you do your body. It may come about as awkward at first, but continue to move. Do not look to methods that are dangerous. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you on the path to Heaven and to Me. The Holy Spirit is The Great Teacher. Ask Him to teach you. Follow My voice.”

May 1, 2017 NEWS


“Good morning My precious ones. You are My great Eagles. Eagles of the Wind. The Wind of the Spirit. My Spirit. The Spirit of Truth. Fly higher. Soar higher. Fly higher over the mountains. Come.”

Rhoda and I were again spending time with God at our special place by the lake. It was a beautiful sunny day. When Father said to me, “Come”, I went in the spirit. I saw myself rising past Earth. Into the Heavens. I found myself walking in a garden. Jesus is there. He greets me and we walk together. He says, “My son, take all that has been given to you. All that is available to you. Your inheritance is rich and full. Your blessings are upon you. Breathe them in. Make them part of you. Consume them. Trust them.”

I see butterflies going to the flowers. Yellow butterflies. Pink and blue flowers. Forests of pine trees in the distance. Mountains behind them. The mountains are purple. We look around. It’s so beautiful!

We sit down along the path. I see some bees. One flies up to Jesus’ face to say “Hello”! Jesus smiles at the bee. Birds fly by us. There are great flocks of birds everywhere. I see fruit trees to the other side of the garden. Oranges, grapefruit, bananas, dates. I ask Jesus, “Lord, what do you want us to do?”

Jesus looks into my eyes. His eyes change colors. I see them brown, then blue, then green, then light blue. He says, “My son, I love you so much. I died for you and Rhoda. I suffered so you don’t have to. You both already know this. Take these gifts of Mine and give them to others. The love of the Father for His children is endless. All must know this. All are in His Heart. He carries them. He desires that all would come to Him. Many are lost. They don’t know the way. Keep showing them the way, which is through Me. My passion for them is great. My desire is to bring every soul here, for an eternity in Heaven. The Kingdom is alive and sings for each person to come home.” I can see different parts of Heaven actually calling out, like music. The water, the trees, the sky. I could feel it pulling me towards it. An attraction. It is a sense of harmony, a calmness, a restfulness.

Jesus said, “Heaven is multi-layered, multi-faceted, eternal, it is all alive and part of Father. Father is a part of Heaven and Heaven is a part of Him. It exists as He exists”.

We stand up and walk. We walk quietly. Everything has a music. I see my horse. I climb up on Whitey. Jesus says, “Father has something for you”. He waves as I ride away.

What Father had for me is for another time.

God desires that everyone would come to Heaven to visit. He wants to walk with you in the gardens. He wants to talk with you. He wants to show you your inheritance! As Father says, “Come”!

April 15, 2017 NEWS


Rhoda and I were by the lake spending time enjoying God’s creation. It was a beautiful sunny day. The waves were lapping against the rocks. Ducks and Canada geese were swimming by us. A few seagulls flew overhead. I could hear the red-winged blackbirds and cardinals in the distance. Buds had sprouted on the branches of the trees. We waited for God.

“Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

Some of the things God says is, “Come to Me. Rest with Me. Commune with Me. Share with Me.  Your desires are important to Me. I desire that all would come to Me. I open Myself to all. I have no desire that any would fail in life. I offer My peace and prosperity to all who will have it.

Keys will open wide many doors. People must pursue Me. Look for Me. Open doors that lead to Me, as I am here. I am not hiding. I am available to all. All must understand that life is available to all. Life with Me in My Kingdom is peace. It is Heaven. My Kingdom of Heaven was designed by Me. All is designed by Me. Earth is similar to Heaven. Heaven is eternal. Earth is not.

When people become My sons and daughters, they can partake of Heaven’s treasures. There is always an abundance in Heaven. I have so much to give. When people abandon themselves to Me. When they allow Me to direct them. They will have access to Heaven. The gates of Heaven will open to them.

When people worship themselves or others or set their eyes to a different direction, a separate path, then the path will not lead to Me.

I do not hide the keys to Me. They are freely offered to all. Take a key and then use it on a door. The door will open. Don’t go back through the door. Move forward. Step onto to where the path takes you. Look to Me, as I will lead your way. The path opens to Heaven. Enters into My throne room.

I encourage all to come to Me. When you are afraid and alone, I am here to comfort you and protect you. The gates of hell have no power over you when I am with you and you are with Me. Walk with Me daily. Listen to My words, as they are the breath of life.”


We’ve shared much over the years with this ministry, now starting its 45th year…  its 13th year with Al Collins as the Director.

Along the road that we’ve been on with God, we’ve seen so many around the world learn about spiritual warfare and how to operate in the supernatural.

Thank you all, for the blessings that you have supplied us, of sharing your testimonies and your joys of fulfilling your destinies. And allowing us to participate in your ministries. Such a great treasure and encouragement to us!

Please continue on your path with God. Let Him reveal Himself to you and work through you. There really is no greater path!

Good Hunting!

April 1, 2017 NEWS


“I love you so much. Come rest in My Arms. Be at peace with Me. Enjoy being with Me as I enjoy being with you. My peace be upon you. Search your heart to find Me. Look to Me for your bread. I will sustain you.

My son, the enemy has a great desire to destroy all of My plans. He destroys many lives. He infects the Church with his lies and deceit. Many are trapped in his cages. Cages of false doctrines and lies from deceivers that are under his spell. Many shepherds are blind. They wave their tongues about vainly talking about Me, when they don’t know Me. They speak lies and people believe as they have positions of power. Many are put into power by satan and none other. Some were on the right path but decided to take another path that looked more attractive. Some succumbed to people’s chants of their greatness. Pride overtook them.

The enemy has a large organization of troops that direct people down into areas that are dark. Others follow them into these areas. All cannot see the path anymore. The path to Me must be lit by the Truth and My Son. He carries the Light. All must walk behind Him, as He directs your feet on the path. The path can be difficult, yet it cannot be abandoned for another way. Man’s way is not acceptable. Lies may sound good, but are still poison to the body. The body of Christ must abandon the wrong paths. Paths of unrighteousness; of pride; of religion… all lead to death. Take the path of Truth always is the only way that can lead to My joy; My health; My life; My Kingdom. All must embrace the Truth to obtain life; to obtain eternity with Me.


Continue on your path My son. SECRET MESSAGE HERE. Walk in Heaven’s gardens and streets. Eat its fruit. Enjoy the birds here that sing of Me. Breathe in the freshness of this Kingdom. Fill your lungs with the air of righteousness. Grip tightly your sword, as you have much to do with it. Destroy the enemy as he howls for your defeat. Go to him and strike him down. Strike the ground with the blade. SECRET MESSAGE HERE.”


“On March 17, 2017, I (Al) went in the spirit to Heaven. I am beside a waterfall that pours into a pond. Jesus is there. He invites me to sit. We both sit on rocks as the waterfall drops into the pond. Fish are swimming in the pond. Golden fish. Jesus says, “These fish are like people. They are in their element and don’t know anything else. Their world is the water around them. They know of nothing else. When you fish for them, you bring them out of their world into a new world. They can’t survive in the other world. It is too strange for them. They can’t move. They can’t breathe. They must be taught how to move and function. They must die to their old world and live in Me. They become born anew into Me, as I am their Living Waters”.

I look around and see mountains. Purple mountains. There’s a green one. And a red one. Made of solid gems with gold veins running through them.

Jesus says, “These treasures are yours My son. Many possessions are in Heaven waiting for you to partake of them”.

I see huge trees with tops into the clouds. Jesus says, “Heaven is a world without end. It is alive and constantly growing. Angels are at work and at play. It isn’t all work here. There exists a plan within Father’s heart for everyone”.

I ask Jesus to see more of Heaven. We get on our horses and ride. He shows me great rivers that splash upon mighty rocks. Vast waters. He shows me huge mountain ranges. Forests of many trees and colors. We ride through lush gardens of flowers; butterflies; bees; and small birds that are red and blue. People wave at us, that are walking around. All have smiles.

One approaches us and says, “Greetings my Lord. And who is this?” Jesus introduces us. The man’s name is Paxton. (I found out later that Paxton means “peace”). Paxton says that he is a missionary from Indonesia visiting Heaven. I had thought he was a permanent resident. He laughs and says that he visits all the time his home in Heaven and his grandparents. He says he travels all over the Earth. He tells me that he has been visiting Heaven for years. We wave bye and ride on. Jesus says, “I wanted you to meet him as he also visits Heaven, like you and Rhoda. There are others, but not as there should be. All can come here for rest and peace. To talk to Me and Father and others. To visit their treasures. Come with Me now”.

We ride over to a cliff and see a city sparkling in gold. Jesus says, “This is the New Jerusalem. We are preparing it for its birth. It is alive now but soon to be in a new place”.

“Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband…. The construction of its wall was of jasper; and the city was pure gold, like clear glass. The foundations of the wall of the city were adorned with all kinds of precious stones: the first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald, the fifth sardonyx, the sixth sardius, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst. The twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.” Revelation 21:2 and 18-21

Jesus says, “Father would like to see you now”. We ride into the throne room of God. I get off of Whitey and step to the brief stairs, along the familiar platform that I’ve been to many times. Father says, “Come up My son”. I step up to Him. He brushes His Hand lovingly across my face. I see into His body. There is so much going on. Cities and people and planets and galaxies and a tiny baby. Father says, “All is from Me and is in Me. Soon evil will be cast out forever and peace will reign again. This time of death and sorrow is soon over”.

Father then says, “My son, rush to your destiny. Your destiny is set. Look at it”. I see a path set in what looks like a brown marble wall to the side of His throne. It is a map. A life map.

I look around the throne room and can see Father and Jesus standing there. Angels also. No saints.

Father says, “My son, My mission for you is set. Look to Me for the path. You will see where to go, what to do. SECRET MESSAGE HERE. Concentrate on this. Stay on this path. Look to no other for guidance. SECRET MESSAGE HERE. People need to answer my call to them. I call out to them but they don’t listen. SECRET MESSAGE HERE.”

I see an angel go to a burning plate on a stand. He takes out a coal burning gold and red. He places it on my chest, as Father directs him. Father says,” Revelation opens in you. Write down what you see. Look to Me for your life. You are My great son, with whom I am well pleased. A new awakening is in you. Let it shine. Come to Me often, as we must discuss much ahead. Be at peace My son”.

I turn and hug Jesus. I walk over to Whitey and get on and ride past all that Jesus showed me. I wave at Paxton as I ride back to Earth.”

These adventures are waiting for everyone in Heaven!


In our of March 1, 2017 newsletter (see below), Rhoda testified of her trip in the spirit to the courts of Heaven on behalf of someone who requested prayer.

We just received a testimony from Michelle on what happened.

Dear Rhoda,

Thank you for your response and praying and going into the Spirit for me. I have had such a peace come over me the last week. Praise God, it is unbelievable. It used to be like my spirit/soul was always crying but now there is this peace. I waited some days to write so I could write fully what happened. I feel like some kind of chain was broken. A cloud of sadness was lifted off of me. I will write a full testimony in the weeks to come as I believe that God has done something big and it is still unfolding.”

Awesome! All glory to You Lord!

March 15, 2017 NEWS


“Open your hearts to Me My children. Come into My presence. I seek your presence with Me often. I love to spend time with you. Open yourselves to Me.

The path to Heaven is like a path through the woods. It goes through much but leads to Me. They (people) must walk with Jesus on the path to get to Me. There are times the path can be difficult, but look to Me and they will find hope and joy and success.

When they come to Me, tell them they will be greeted like a triumphant general entering the city from a successful campaign. There will be cheering and celebration. All of Heaven will rejoice for each person that comes.

Encourage people to come into My presence, visit Me, walk in the gardens and partake of their inheritances as sons and daughters of the Kingdom. Walk with the animals; swim in the waters; talk with Jesus; learn from angels; meet the saints that are here.”

Rhoda and I are quite frequently in Heaven. There is so much to explore! There is so much to take in!

If you aren’t visiting Heaven, you’re missing out on the greatest adventures of your life! It’s not just a vacation… spending time now in Heaven is a life changer!

You’re always welcome to visit Heaven! Reservations and suitcases aren’t needed!

March 1, 2017 NEWS


While Rhoda and I were visiting heaven in the spirit we went into the Courts, walked in the gardens, talked with Father and Jesus and visited with a very precious member of my family!


After talking with Father for a while, He invited me (Al) to come into the court. Father said, “Come into the court now. See what I have prepared for you.” I could see sacks sitting on top of a table. Father says, “These are yours. Take them.” There were four sacks that we had to spread over our lives and ministry. Father said, “These sacks will never go empty. Spread them around your life. Your joy is My pleasure. I want both of you to be rich in spirit, in body, in success, in all that you do. Bless others as you go. Claim your inheritance. Speak it into existence. Create it with your mouth, your words, your heart, your faith. Do not doubt or fear. Step into it. It will come. Trust in Me as I am your Father. Love Me as no other. Rest in Me. Capture your thoughts and focus them towards Me. Walk in My gardens of life and wealth. Refresh yourself at My brooks of peace and calmness. Believe and you will see mighty things in your lives.”


On another occasion in heaven, Father talked to me about the devil. Father said, “Do not be discouraged about what the devil is doing in Canada and other countries. He is setting up his kingdom for failure. It cannot stand. My Light and Truth will prevail over it. He is already a defeated thing. He lost at My Son’s sacrifice on His Cross. The Blood washes away the evil from My sight. Keep walking forward with your swords and armor into the battles, as he (the devil) will lose.


We also discussed another project that I’m working on. Good news coming!


While I was in heaven, Father said, “Your mother was a great role model for you to follow. She is My precious rose here with Me now.”

Then there was my Mom (who went home in 2008)! After she said some things to me, we hugged each other for a long time.

Definitely another one of heaven’s perks!


Rhoda went in the spirit and did some warfare for someone who needed some help. It involved a heavenly spiritual warfare combo with heaven’s courts, Father, Jesus, and angels, working with Rhoda against an evil spiritual attacker.

“I (Rhoda) went in the Spirit to the courts of heaven on your behalf and I saw God the Father as the judge, Jesus Christ as the lawyer and the accuser on the left corner accusing you.

Suddenly I was taken somewhere else to a different place. In fact, he (evil entity) had you tied up with chains: one big metal neck collar with a big chain, then chains on each arm and leg.

I turned to the accuser and said: “Let her go”. Jesus was pointing to angels to surround this creature. The black creature said: “She is guilty, she has sinned”. Jesus said: “She has repented, now let her go”. The creature didn’t want to let her go.

Then all of a sudden, a huge fire ball came down from heaven and hit this creature, destroying it.

The chains broke off. Then Jesus took you inside the court again, where angels took sponges and washed you with water. Jesus gave you a clean white robe and anointed you with oil.



We received this testimony after the teaching was sent out in mid-February on, “How to Operate in Miracles”

“Thanks, so much Servant of the Most High God Al Collins. This message is very encouraging some of us. I have tried several times by the grace of God to do this and a number of deliverance and healing have taken place. Sometimes I noticed that while either leading prayers or just an exaltation or Bible study I could notice people weeping or shedding tears while others vomiting. Though being a brother in the house of God but the moment they will call me to lead in intercession there will be manifestation of evil spirit in the lives of people. By the time we finish praying a number of people in the church will experience freedom, healing and uplifted. Therefore, I totally agree with your message and please be informed that I choose you to be one of my mentor after my first encounter with your book Xtreme Big Game Hunting since 2011. I know people ask me how can it be possible to be mentored by someone you have never met before; my answer usually is simple…the Holy spirit makes me understand every message he sends in my email address…time will come when they will know who influenced my Christianity (Spiritual growth) and growth in my calling.” MOSES MUKONDE


All of the above that has been covered in this newsletter and previous newsletters, is available to every Christian!

Visits to heaven in the spirit; walking and talking with Father and Jesus; entering the courts; walking in heaven’s gardens; gifts given to you; visiting with family members; revelation from Father to you on your destiny; spending time in your heavenly home and so much more!

All of this far exceeds anything this world has to offer.

Get some!


February 15, 2017 NEWS


Father was talking to me (Al) the other day and then invited me to the Court of Heaven to witness a trial. I went in the spirit and sat down.

I can see Father on the throne. Many are there. They bring in a prisoner in chains. Angels stand on either side of this creature. An angel reads from a scroll, “You are charged with murder and inflicting adultery on families. You have stolen people’s lives. You have corrupted many with drink and gambling and illicit sex. You have poisoned the minds of children with your filth. You are now to be sentenced.”

I see this creature shaking.

Father says, “You are guilty of these crimes. You are banished to the darkness and flames of everlasting fire. Go now to your fate.” I see people in the crowd clapping. The angels take the creature away.

Father tells me that, “This creature was a fallen one that deserved its fate. Judgment against it is pure. There is no mercy for such as this. Remember this My son, as you are a king and judge in My Kingdom.”

Each Christian is a king and judge in God’s Kingdom. We each need to act like it while we’re here.

“Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life?” 1 Corinthians 2:2-3

February 1, 2017 NEWS


“Plant yourselves in Me. In My will. In My heart. In My mind. Let the rivers of joy and harmony from Me flow into you. Let My peace be yours. Come now into the heavens My son.”

I was then taken in the spirit. God says, “See your home here next to the lake. This is yours. One of many. The mountains you see here are yours. These trees are yours. You also have the land with huge barn where your horses are. These are yours. Work from them. Rest in them. Enjoy then now. You are a king over much. You will understand more as I reveal it to you. Right now, engage the enemy, as he is crafty and devouring many on earth. Seek to destroy him and his works. Push back his progress. Look to me for your progress against him. I will light the way for you and Rhoda. Work with the angels. Carry My sword with you. Your spirit will pierce into and through the darkness.

Let the winds of the Holy Spirit’s power flow through you. Shatter the enemy’s armies with one breath of My power. Let it happen. Be willing.

Both of you come to Me often as I am waiting to give you much more. All is here at My feet. Come to My throne and ask little ones. I gladly give all to you, as there is much to give. Accept it all with a glad heart.

Teach many My words and My direction for them. People need to know My will for their lives. Many are bitter and alone, without Me in their lives. Break their chains of darkness. Darkness of religion and man’s inventions about Me. I desire to carry them in My arms if they will let me.

You are like no other in creation. You are the joy in My heart. I enjoy so much when you come to Me, to spend time with Me. Walk into My presence with laughter and happiness, in comfort and rest. You are secure with me. I am your Father.”

Our Father loves you very much. These words apply to you too! Love Him with all your heart and mind. Go in the spirit into the heavens and into his throne room now! Go visit your home in heaven now! Your supernatural destiny is your now!

January 15, 2017 NEWS


Rhoda and I were at the lake again at our special portal to heaven, to spend time with Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

God said, “Rest in Me. Have victory in all things. Rejoice and praise Me as I am your Lord. My Hand is upon you, never doubt it.

The enemy has set his face against you and all My children, yet he is a defeated foe. He roars about in anger and hatred, as he knows his time is near. His chains in darkness in the abyss will lay heavy on him, as he knows. His strategies to prevent his fate are futile and feeble. Destruction is his appetite and destruction is his fate. Defeat him under my strategies and power in you. The armies of My Kingdom are vast and without number.

Walk forward into your awakening. Much is there for you to take. Ask for it. Weapons, success, prosperity, strength, is all available. Look to the present and the future in faith and hope. Never doubt your purpose with me. I am with you always. The end is near. You are seeing it now. The earth groans for My return. The birds sing for My return. The animals look to My return, yet man wallows in his muck, in his sin and filth. There will be no hiding from My judgment for these goats.”

I (Al) saw Jesus in the spirit with 3 scrolls. The 1st one is golden with diamonds on the edges. It has writing in it, in Jesus’ Blood. Jesus points to it and says, “Verily I say to you, the Kingdom is open to you and all that is in it. Behold, I am your King and I say that it is so.” He hands me that scroll and I put it in a bag on my side.

Jesus opens the 2nd scroll. It is white like snow with emeralds on it. Jesus says, “Woe to all those who disobey the Words of the Lord. Their judgment will be swift and merciless. It is as I say for now and forever.” He closes the scroll and gives it to me. I put it with the 1st scroll in the bag.

The 3rd scroll is smaller. Jesus unrolls it. It is much longer than the others. It is worn and old looking. Jesus says, “These are My Words. Words of salvation and life. Words of everlasting peace. And Words of death. Words without end. They cannot be erased or forgotten. They are Words of creation.” Jesus rolls up the scroll and hands it to me. I put it in the bag. He puts His Hands on my head and says, “My son, take these scrolls and put them to your lips. They are the Fire of God. Teach others these scrolls. More will be revealed to you as you move forward. Open yourself to My Mind.”

Father says, “Keep My Fire in your hands and upon your lips. Bring nations to Me. Leaders of these nations will have their ears opened. Put the fire in it to consume them either as it consumed pharaoh or is it resurrected Cyrus to move nations towards me. Both of you, Al and Rhoda, love Me and trust Me to deliver these Words for you and for your lives. Be ready. Set yourselves to the task. It is at hand.”

All for Your glory Father!

Healed of Cancer
Raising the Dead

Hi Al,

A happy new year to you and Rhoda too. 

Thanks for the update on the text book. Fantastic job. 

We are fine here at Lae. We are doing another month of fasting to complete our 70 weeks. While praying in tongues on Saturday, I saw waring angels as big and tall as skyscrapers descend into the church area. They were here to ensure the 70 weeks was completed on schedule. 

November last year, Gabi and Joel went to Kimbe for a meeting. The meeting was organized by the university students from Madang. My elder sister lives at Kimbe and attended the meeting. One of the lady students prayed with her for healing of cervical cancer and she was instantly healed. She is now well and putting back her weight.

On new year Monday, she called me and related to me that since that meeting at Kimbe after Joel and Gabi prayed with her for spiritual activation, the spiritual gifts in her seemed to have doubled in operation. Just last week she was at her house sitting under a tree. She felt the Holy Spirit urged her to turn and look across to her neighbor’s house opposite a soccer field. There a child had just died and his parents were mourning. The Holy Spirit urged her to pray in tongues. She continued to pray until the child rose from the dead. The parents and all those around were very surprised but did not know what or how it happened. All the while my sister never approached them or even gone near them.

God is still in the miracle business.

Many blessings,
Martin, Papua New Guinea January 4, 2017

January 1, 2017 News


Rhoda and I went to my Mom’s old “open portal to heaven spot” at the lake. We see so much in the spirit here, travel to heaven, talk with God.

This activity can be done anywhere, but some locations seem to produce greater clarity.

God always has so much to say that he’d like to share with you. Here’s some of it.

God says, “Seek Me always in all things. I am here to direct your path, to direct your way. I will never leave you. Your paths are designed by Me for your success in the Kingdom. People need to know that I want them to come to Me now. They also need to hear My voice so they don’t stray away. And so, that we may share with each other. I have plans for them, which they can’t do properly without Me in their lives.

Carry My torch in front of you. My torch of understanding and righteousness and holiness. Prepare the way of the Lord who is returning to earth to bind the enemy once and for all time and eternity. The devil will soon have no place to roam anymore. He has been defeated. Celebrate and find joy in this victory at the Cross over him, over death, over sickness and tears of sadness.

Praise Me in all things as this moves mountains. Open your hands and receive all that I have offered you. Be focused on Me and all will come to pass. Be excited. Be encouraged. Be expectant. Receive.

Capture your thoughts and place them on Me. Be aware of the enemy’s tricks and disturbances. He is crafty and relentless. Be the same against him. He is but a dog in the street with no home. His path is set.

Be of good cheer always, as you are with Me and I am with you. You will not fail with Me. I will protect you and guide you.

Love each other and follow My ways. Be at peace. I love you.”

God has great plans for your life. Let His will be done in your life, as Jesus did. He can’t fail you!

December 1, 2016 news


During one of our regular times at the lake with God, Rhoda and I would like to share with you some of what God had to say and show us!“I (Al) see Father sitting on His throne giving us (Rhoda and

“I (Al) see Father sitting on His throne giving us (Rhoda and I) crowns. I’m wearing armor. Whitey (Al’s spiritual horse) is there. Both of us standing there with our horses. I see more weapons being handed to us for the war ahead. Spears and arrows. Angels being assigned to us. We’re bracing for battle. Jesus hands us scrolls, each of us. I see other warriors there too, getting direction, getting weapons, getting scrolls. Each scroll is a little different. Mine has gold engraving and gold tassels.

I open it. It says, “My son, you are a great warrior, a great leader. Lead nations and peoples to the defeat of the imposter. Your priestly position is confirmed. Attack as you see the enemy’s armies in front of you.”

I see a seal at the bottom of the scroll, shaped like a lamb and a golden lion. The signature is in Blood (Jesus’ Blood) which reads, “The Righteous One”.

Rhoda opens her scroll, it says, “My daughter, My precious flower. You are a great remedy for the disease that has spread to my people. Break their yokes of infirmity and pain from their bodies and their minds and their lives. Spread the balm of peace on them that I give you”

I then see Jesus handing Rhoda a jar of ointment. It is green like emerald. Jesus then speaks to all of us there.

“You each have been chosen. You have assignments. You are critical. Go forth and stay steely on your path.”

We each took our weapons and scrolls and got on our horses and rode in the spirit from the heavens back to earth” End

Walk with God in the spirit! He has a destiny for each person… if you will accept it. GO FOR IT!

November 21, 2016 News


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This Program will take time for a person or group to complete, as does anything worthwhile, but will produce Supernatural results with God to those who are hungry and committed to God!

This Program involved distilling through many hundreds of books and research over decades to provide the student with a study Program that will get Supernatural results!


Rhoda and I regularly go to our special place with God along the lake, to spend time with Him; walk with Him in the heavens; go to His throne room. Here’s a bit of what we’ve experienced recently and some of what Father has shown us and said. Much of which can apply to you also!

Father God says, “You are My precious flowers! You are My royal priests. Enjoy My presence. I love when you come to be with Me. Come to Me often as I am your bread and living waters of life.

My peace be upon you both. Live each day with Me, as I direct you. Let My Hand take you as I direct your path. Look to me so you will know how to live and walk. Enter into My rest.

Capture My Heart and make it your heart, for people and for nations. Many people are suffering in the world. They need My peace through My Son.

The time is short. My Son is coming soon to relieve the world of satan and his tricks and death. A new world is coming.”


Father was speaking to me about the Philippines where we are connected with an Apostle and his group. Then I (Al) went in the spirit and could see an eagle sitting in a nest and other eagles in nests and eagles flying over the property (in the Philippines). They fly out past the Philippines to other countries to land and have chicks and build nests. I see a great tree come up out of the ground with leaves and heavy with fruit that people are picking and put into baskets. Then they hand the fruit out to others who are eating and smiling. Looks like yellow apples and nuts. Angels with swords are there along the borders with swords protecting the fruit pickers and the eagles in the nests.

A chariot with six horses and an angel comes down from the heavens and circles overhead guarding. I see an angry principality being held back, waiting to attack. I ride in (in the spirit) on Whitey (my spiritual horse) from behind it and cut off its head. It’s body slips into the ocean. I carry its head and give it to the angel on the chariot. Other evil entities see this and are in fear. This principality was a major one over the area (The Philippines). The angel rides with its head over the property.  The head looks part human and part dragon.

I’m on top of Whitey watching over the property. Watching the people picking fruit in the trees. Some fruit falling on the ground and children picking them up.

Father God told me, “You have destroyed a dark presence over this area. It was worshipped for many centuries. Continue to bless this place.”

Lots more coming from us and from God.

Don’t forget to go to the GIVE page and GET IN THE ACT! We need your support around the world! God is looking for participators not spectators!


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