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This spiritual warfare ministry started over 40 years ago in 1973 by Rev. Dr. Rex Shanks in Kansas.

Rex personally took the ministry across the USA and into Haiti, Nassau, Jamaica, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Trinidad and Mauritius Island and was the author of four books.

Crown of Life Ministries, Inc. (COLM) became a USA 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization in 1984, with Rex as Chairman and President.


Rex retired in 2005 and under God’s direction, Bishop Al Collins, CCP, CGBP became the new President and Chairman of the Board. Al brought to this position decades of experience in global business, finance and years of experience as a spiritual warfare minister. Al has done spiritual warfare in such places as Canada, various US States, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, France, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

Al continued the success of COLM by introducing Way of the Eagle International to the world! This is an educational arm of COLM expanding the service to people in offeringFREE spiritual warfare training to the world via electronic communication through website, eTextbook, eTeachings, and email. Freely teaching others to fulfill their destiny with God as the main goal!

Jesus commanded those who follow Him to, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.” Matthew 10:8

We take Jesus seriously so COLM doesn’t sell services, partnership agreements, prophecies or products for personal profit, remembering also that Jesus whipped merchandisers (Mark 11:15-17; John 2:15-16)

God led Al to write “Xtreme Big Game Hunting” and showed him and told him that, “it would go across the waters”. The eTextbook goes deeply into spiritual warfare on how to conquer principalities and powers over cities, territories and nations and evil spirits. Also how to do effective evangelism, develop a relationship with God, visit heaven now, operate in your spiritual senses, and get on the right destiny track with God! Hunting not only the Xtreme Big Game in the heavenly spiritual places but also in the physical realm. Also, hunting people to set them free of evil entities, religion, corrupt leaders, the world and themselves and setting them on the right course with God!

The 3rd Revised Edition eTextbook is a 567 page eTextbook that is being used in Colleges, Training Centers, Churches, Sunday Schools and by Christians around the world.

This ministry has been tracked as going into 193 countries so far and is translatable FREE in over 70 languages! Testimonies pour in on how this eTextbook has changed lives and ministries! Glory to God!

Al has a Professorship position on spiritual warfare studies at Kingdom Life Christian University in Nigeria, having several campuses. A World Council of Independent Churches (WCICC) leadership conference was held in Nigeria, where Al’s spiritual warfare teachings were the main focus of the conference. The WCICC is affiliated with and in a consultative relationship with the United Nations.


Rhoda Collins, Al’s wife, is also a board member who was brought to salvation through Radio Free Europe on an illegal radio during the cold war where she grew up behind the Iron Curtain. This was a hard place to be for Christians. Experienced in street evangelism, prayer groups, working in an orphanage and with seniors has allowed Rhoda to bring a well rounded addition to COLM’s leadership expertise.

COLM has a growing leadership network in several countries who are experienced missionaries, pastors, teachers, international speakers, evangelists, spiritual warfare ministers, and intercessors, involved in many activities that COLM supports such as mission outreach, church planting, crusades, and food, literacy and workforce and community development programs.

Al and his wife Rhoda are blessed to be able to set captives free, bring down the evil kingdom and advance God’s Kingdom! Our special blessing is being able to teach others to fulfill their destiny with God and operate in their spiritual senses. Many ministries have joined us and network with us and are experiencing miraculous results!

COLM has many ongoing projects in various countries and we look forward to your networking and joining us in successful campaigns for Christ for yourself, your family, your city and your nation!


The mission of Crown of Life Ministries, Inc. is to counsel, assist, train and nurture people of all ages to obtain physical and mental healing and deliverance (infants to seniors) and move Christians back to being spiritually-centered and God-centered, through demonstrations of God’s power (miracles, signs and wonders) per the guideline of 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 and 1 Corinthians 4:20, utilizing educational programs via internet, publications, and hands-on seminars, conferences, training centers and Colleges, in international locations.


Training is done in many countries now, however, the vision is of an International College of the Eagles in six continents… Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North & South America.

These programs are formally commencing in Nigeria and in the Philippines in January 2015. Please pray for their success in sending out new spiritual leaders across the globe!

To rise up Men and Women of God like Elijah and Deborah requires gifts of land and funding. Ask God how you can help!

Offensive conquers the enemy, not defense!

Xtreme Christians… Xtreme Results!

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