Many locations face clean water challenges due to their location in the mountains or desert areas which can benefit from the relief of a manual water pump. We bring the Water of Life, however, we also can help them to have clean drinking and washing water. Please help us help the tribal church brethren to have manual water pumps installed.

Also during typhoon season, many areas suffer from flooding that require people to move to shelters, where they are supplied food and clothing. Food and supplies are also hiked in to very remote places, in order to bring refreshment to our brothers and sisters in Christ in need. Your gifts are a blessing to them.

We purchase Bibles for those who don’t have one and can’t afford one. Imagine not having a Bible or a large group of people having to share one old worn out one. Please help us to provide God’s Word to comfort those in poor and remote areas.

Another project that we enjoy being a part of is the building of training/worship/fellowship structures in the mountains. Missionaries go into villages to evangelize people who have never heard of Jesus. A mentor is planted to train a village leader in the Gospel and supplies are carried in to build a gathering place in the jungle. Help us to build training, fellowship and worship centers in these areas.

Another concern is the rise of terrorism from muslims. In southern Philippines, the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) reported that muslims moved into a Christian town demanding that they give them their land and leave. When the Christians refused, the muslims took a machine gun and brutally murdered the pastor in front of the church. Many Christians around the world are experiencing persecution and are fleeing for their lives, becoming refugees. They need help in resettling. Thank you for your support.

Please consider providing relief to your brethren in Christ that are in crisis. Our GIVE page will allow you the opportunity to reach out and bless others in these areas.

God bless you.

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