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Dr. C. Peter Wagner
Presiding Apostle Emeritus of International
Coalition of Apostles
Author of over 80 books/International Speaker-USA

“Hi Rhoda. Here is my testimony. I am so grateful for this book (The Way) and for the ministry you and Al are bringing on the earth. 

The Holy Spirit Key unlocked my first trip to Heaven.

While reading Chapter 5 of ‘The Way’ I discovered the, ”Release yourself/Surrender To The Holy Spirit, Be Guided By The Holy Spirit, Not The World Or Religion Key”.  I started my next prayer session by asking the Holy Spirit to guide me.

 I began to pray and immediately felt the Holy Spirit come. I saw my spirit as a bright burning light. I was then shooting but at the same time instantly stood inside of the gates in Heaven. I was face down on a cobblestone path. I looked closer and realized the cobblestones were actually gold bricks. I could feel a coolness coming from the bricks. I sensed Jesus nearby. Putting my full trust in the Holy Spirit, I looked up and saw white leather strappy sandals with gold embossing. I knew it was Jesus. I reached out and felt his feet. They were solid like stone. I slowly pulled myself to standing. I reached for the Holy Spirit. He immediately came in the form of a thick, grey solid mist. He surrounded me and held me so tight. I slowly turned my eyes to look at the face of Jesus, but my eyes caught the vibrant green radiating hills behind. After taking in the beauty of the scenery I turned to look at the face of Jesus.  In the depth of His eyes I saw the universe. I looked down and saw I had on beautiful onyx armor. Jesus had placed his hands on my shoulders and was looking at me with pleasure. Love was flooding through me and I felt He was congratulating me for making it to Heaven!”  My alarm went off and it was time to get ready for work…

 The most important aspect of this encounter was what happened next. I was preparing to go to work, reflecting on what had just happened. Again I saw myself standing before the Lord in the armor. I had a knowing that the armor I wore as I stood before Him was my attempt to hide my pain. Under the armor I saw an emotionless shell alive with pain, disappointment, grief, loneliness, sadness, shame, and abandonment. I saw a dejected, lost, hurt and broken person. Jesus showed me that accepting and feeling my pain was the only way to fully access my authentic self, which is how I would fully experience Heaven.  The “me” I was created to be needed to be set free. I knew in that instant, nothing is hidden in Heaven. I cried for a long time feeling and accepting my grief and pain.  The authentic “me” that I saw underneath the sadness was so beautiful; completely innocent of all of the corruption of the world. 

I have visited heaven daily for the past 30 days. I have experienced so many interesting encounters, some healing, some enlightening and some just plain fun! I have visited my mother several times who died when I was 13. I have spent time with Jesus at a pool with gems as the sand where I swam in effervescent water. That was the day Jesus sent me Comfort, my lion in a lightning bolt.  I have gone in to the Throne Room where I chose to remain.  I learned there that I am able be in many places at once. I have done 2 missions on earth; I have no clue what they were really about, I just followed instructions. Some days it all feels quite unreal and I wonder if I just have a very good imagination. If so I will take it. I have never felt this kind of love permeating my heart, my mind, my soul and my spirit. I am so alive and positively giddy with anticipation every day. I can’t wait to go and spend time in Heaven. I have never felt so excited to pray in my 35 years as a Christian. It has to be real because nothing in my life has been the same since November 22, 2019. The really cool thing is I can feel that I am changing to be more of my authentic self on earth as I am in Heaven”.

Laura P. – USA

“Dear Al… Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ.

We are unceasingly praying for you & about Your Ministry; we thank you very much for (your) book in very much need to Biblical Students, Christians Leaders, Educational Institutions, and Youth Leaders & Sunday Schools. We appreciated you and your Love towards Encouraging the Lords Harvest in India.

Our Emmanuel Bible College Faculty of Theology unanimously decided to teach this syllabus in our Bible College, Churches and Seminaries. All of our Bible college teaching staff & students, Bible women, Youth Leaders, Evangelists are blessed by your syllabus. When I shared about your vision and the Way of the Eagle newsletter, which is impacting the world of many leaders, after the meeting many pastors they came to me in conferences and said we need leaders like you to our nation to visit us and bless our Land. I believe that we can train many leaders and send them to all nations to establish the Kingdom of God. You are welcome any time to India. Our doors will be open all the time for you In my 36 years Ministry experience I am really Blessed to be a Part of sharing Bishop Al’s vision in teaching lessons to our Bible College, These lessons are going to be big impact upon our Youth Leaders & Bible college Students they are going to be empowered for Almighty God.

Myself and all of our Ministries from India we appreciate Al with whole heartedly that he is doing a Great Job for God and winning lost souls for Lord’s Kingdom. {Amen}

This is my words from my bottom of my Heart that he is a Great Man of God and He got Great Call of God upon his Life. He is going to win Many Souls & His Messages will be a Blessing to many Nations.

Yours in Him, Dr.Mera Jesudass,” India

Rev. Dr. Jesudass is in charge of over 150 congregations, a Bible College, a Christian school, an orphanage, church planting, a widow’s home, and youth ministries across India.

He is one of many utilizing this textbook across the world in over 200 countries and in 100 languages!

“You are the first person I have ever heard of that deals in the Spiritual realm at the level that you do. You are like a “Green Beret “or “Navy SEAL” in the spiritual and I don’t think that there are that many like you in the world.”

Rochelle H.-USA

“Man of God we offer Certificate and Diploma in Christian ministry in many ministry fields at 28 training centers across Uganda and Kenya. Part of our curriculum is teaching Xtreme Big Game Hunting. Many students have been empowered, because there some who comes from Baptist backgrounds who were taught that Christ fought all their battles so they should not bother themselves to wage spiritual warfare, but after being illuminated, they begin to experience the power of God setting the captives free.

Brother Al, your book is more practical, in case you come across some who oppose it, just know that it is not them but some evil powers behind them to oppose the revelation which the lord gave you.” Much Blessings

Charles M.-Pastor/Teacher/International Speaker -Uganda

“Dear Al and Rhoda,

Thank you for the teachings on spiritual warfare. I shared your ebook Xtreme Big Game Hunting with a pastor friend and he and a group of children have fasted and prayed using the teachings of your book. There are about 60 people in the group. Majority are children and teens with a few adults, some who are parents of the children. They are now experiencing spiritual encounters such as visiting heaven and hell, travelling to England, USA and Australia praying for sick people. Just last month a group of children travelled with Angels of God down to the Bermuda Triangle and closed the gate of hell there. Initially, only 4 children ages between 8 and 13 got caught up in the spirit during a fasting and prayer meeting. Now the number has increased from 4 to 12 which includes some teens. The impact of your teachings are astounding.

We have never seen spiritual warfare of such nature. The children related instances of how they went into the spirit realm and followed the Archangel Michael into battle against the strongman of the town. Spiritual experiences are still taking place at this time but are too many to capture in writing. The outstanding of all these is, God the Father’s command for holiness, righteousness and truth in the lives of His people. This is the last revival before Christ returns.

Please remember us in your prayers. God bless you.

Martin R, Papua New Guinea

“Dear beloved, Al and Rhoda. Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our LORD. We wish the whole Christian world would turn to your teachings now. Because we are of Jesus Christ; and the real meaning of the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:29-20)

We do appreciate so much the mobility ministry that you’re performing here in Tanzania, while you’re physically in USA/Canada.

Muslim families are receiving Christ, many other religious people, too, are being freed from different bondage. Demonized, sicknesses, and illnesses, including HIV/AIDS victims are healed in JESUS’ NAME. We’d like to invite you to visit us this summer, please. We believe that your skill will enable us to advance in the battlefields.

You’ve been blessings to so many very poor/ need people, we are reaching (preaching) them in the very fields (villages). When we suffer for Christ’s sake on invasion and attacking the enemies, in their realms, destroying their strongholds, and kingdoms, you’re with us financially and prayerfully. Physically you’re in USA but spiritually walking, running into wilderness, jungle, forests, and fields in Tanzania. You’re quite different from the modern apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, whose ambitions are earnings, after money, prominence and ready corrupted and misinterpreting the true Word to fit to their own interests.

People are being freed from captivity, curses, diseases, illnesses, troubles, etc. From your donations, we’ve a generator, fare for transport, bought tents.

The Tents of Meetings are being built in each village we are hunting or planting churches.

We’d say that the missionary role, through your revelation of Xtreme Big Game Hunting teachings, has been revived in Tanzania, but, I also believe that it shall spread out all over the world. Many trainee, from various nations, shall be coming to be trained, learn how to run and the essence of this new program, lively. It’s a big challenge to some ministers, gospel preachers who just concentrate on areas where it’s Not necessary; health and rich lands, cities, towns, people, rather than reaching out the poor communities, (DO the HUNT), as well as Jesus and His apostles did it.

May you be blessed exceedingly and continue to listen more and more to the HS, receive new revelation daily.
In His Fields,”

David N.-Pastor/Missionary/Teacher/Speaker-Tanzania

“I’ve gone in the spirit and seen Jesus, angels and the Apostles and fought many evil entities. I bound a giant evil entity over an area and many drug addicts were brought to salvation. Physical infirmities of people (lung problems, TB, eyesight problems) were healed. I fast and conduct spiritual warfare in the heavenlies and destroy the evil power over an area and am able to conduct many successful evangelistic meetings afterwards. I teach Xtreme Big Game Hunting to Sunday school children and the children are going and worshipping in the spirit, manifesting spiritual gifts… going into heaven and seeing Jesus and angels. My 18-year-old son read your book and told me it has set him on fire to fulfill his destiny as a great world-wide evangelist. I printed 50 copies of your book for all the leaders across the Philippines.”

Freddie D.- Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Missionary, Church Planter -Philippines

“I found your website and this completely changed my life. Am from Kenya though have been working in Saudi Arabia and I wanna thank The Holy Trinity for using you to help others. Have been reading the eBook and am so happy for it’s what I have been looking for. It covers everything and I pray that God uses me into advancing His kingdom through these principles you’ve outlined. Thanks a lot and God bless you.”

Patricia E.-Kenya

“This ministry has actually changed my life and enabled my own ministry to go to higher heights doing things that I previously never imagined doing. I now consider Al a friend and spiritual mentor/teacher.

Clinton J.-TV Host/Author/Prophet/International Speaker/Teacher-USA

“Am introducing all to my University students here in Nigeria. We in Kingdom Life Christian University will be using Xtreme Big Game Hunting as part of our study materials to open the eyes of our students to have more knowledge about spirit realm and how to be victorious”

Bishop Dr. Godwin O.-University Director-President/Founder The Africa Project (TAP)/Founder of International Network of Bishops and Archbishops (INBA)/International Evangelist

“Hi, First of all I would like to thank Mr. Al Collins-Man of God, for such a Wonderful & Powerful book. I must admit that this book is a great gift to all the true Christian who wants to live like Jesus in their Life. I Pray to God to use each one of us to expand His Kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven. In Christ.” Nikhil G.-India

“I read your book last week and it is the most powerful and most knowledgeable book I have read on spiritual warfare. In fact, I taught aspects of it to my Prayer Group of about 20 prayer warriors. I also applied the book at a recent crusade we had last Friday attended by 2500 people in Dubai. After the Crusade, it was announced that the church will be expanding to a new territory outside Dubai called Sharjah. This was announced by the evangelist after we had prayed for the expansion of the kingdom in the UAE. This was a shock as the evangelist did not know what we prayed. I have shared the book with up to 10 Pastors in Dubai and more than 10 Brothers and Sisters in the UK, my home country. I have also shared it with more people in Dubai, Doha and Lagos Nigeria. TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR SUCH GREAT REVELATION. My prayer is that God will continue to establish and reward you for your faithfulness.”

Leye A.-United Arab Emirates

“I would like to share with you as to what I experienced on Friday. When we started soaking I heard the Lord tell me to go out of my (spiritual) garden… I saw a waterfall, but it was an unusual waterfall. The waterfall had like 7 parts and I could move each waterfall part to the sides like you could to with a curtain. There was a cave behind the waterfall, and I went in. I saw 2 treasure boxes, I opened both. In one of them there was something in there that was like a sword upgrade. I could stick it to my sword, and it would extend it. A few minutes later, all of the sudden I saw a big snake. It had no wings or anything to fly, but I never wondered why it could fly. Suddenly I stood in front of it on my horse (which really surprised me) and I said to the snake standing about 1 meter in front of it (the snake was maybe 20 meters long) “I don’t fear you”. I then wanted to use my sword to kill it, but somehow I couldn’t do it, something didn’t let me, or wouldn’t work, like my sword was somehow incompatible versus this snake. Then I remembered the sword upgrade I just got from the cave. I put it on my sword and then tried to kill the snake. I set my sword at the end of the head where it goes over to the body, because I wanted to cut of the head, and thought this is what I would do now. Now I was expecting to cut of its head any second, but much to my surprise, my sword basically instead of cutting vertically, it cut horizontally through the whole 20-meter-long body and I heard the snake shouting out in great pain. Finally, after that I was able to cut of its head. After this I did not see anything else. Really appreciate that God introduced you into my life.” David G.-Germany

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the insight you have given me… I’m in the heart of Islam, the lies are real and the kids are mostly affected. Can’t do much about the grownups, infection too deep… If I lose my life, so be it… this is for me…” Sharna W.- Saudi Arabia

“While I was reading your book when Jesus took you to The Final battle on your white horse I saw it too. My wife is seeing much more too. She was sitting at home soaking with the Lord and was brought to heaven and her body shook a lot in the chair. An angel came and handed her our baby boy. I appreciate how you have encouraged me brother, THANK YOU!” Chris P.-USA

“I want to be involved in this battle for me and my family which include my wife and my children… I just finished reading your book and I sense that I need to thank you for this material. Our region has the reputation to be hard to evangelize. Thank you for your counsel.”

Samuel B.-France

“I want to thank you for visiting me in the spirit and revealing to me what was going on there. Honestly I was shocked to see that you yourself visited and wrote to me. I am reading your book… Since I have been battling, winning and conquering throughout this week and last week, I have been having new spiritual experiences on my bed (my most tense spiritual activities usually happen here whether I am awake/asleep). Thank you once again for your time, attention and assistance.” Donovan R.-Trinidad

“I have never had such an experience ever since I was born, like I was entering the spiritual realm. As we have not been getting paid at the company I work for, for the past three months, I and other two ladies decided to come together and seek God… God showed me what had gone wrong in the company… he showed me there was no holiness in the company… breakthrough… on Friday 1 June 2012 the Chief Executive Officer of the company wrote to the Financial Director instructing him to pay all employees without fail, the outstanding salaries to maintain good relations and they have since started paying us our March salaries and April salaries to be paid as soon as we have all got our March salaries. Thank you so much for your book. God bless.” Anna M.-Zimbabwe

“We are a Pentecostal Church following the footsteps of the apostles and Jesus Christ is the centre of our focus through to God with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our main teachings are based on salvation, deliverance, healing and worship. The eBook has brought so much to our understanding in the ministry as we will continue to give you to the searching of the knowledge of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Thank you so much.”

Pastor Shadrack U.-England

“After reading your book I have realized there was so much lacking in my life, and my wish and destiny is to have a deep, true and personal relationship with God and dwell in his presence. Reading your book gives me the confidence that your lessons and wisdom will truly help me connect with God.” Thetologo N.-Botswana

“I live in Lahore, I am Evangelist. I appreciate what you have been doing for His glory. You are welcome to Pakistan for the ministry work i.e. seminars, conferences, Bible study centers, evangelism and other welfare work to help needy and poor in Pakistan.” Emmanuel-Pakistan

“I am a minister of the Gospel and I work in Brazil where there is plenty of darkness, many churches are ignorant of the spiritual battle. I started reading your book, very deep, a very great blessing for me and for body of Christ, everyone should know him. Thank you very much for your encouragement, for your prayers, that the Lord is in full control and bless us through your ministry. God bless.”

Aimé-Claude Z.-French Guiana

“I have just discovered your website and I feel so excited to knowing that I will learn so many things as a Christian, my prayers are for Our Mighty to continue to use you to win others to Christ.”

Rose M.-Zambia

“Remember the Islam-Muhammad document you sent me? Well, I changed the title to ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and forwarded it to many of my friends. Do you know that in Malaysia, one is legally bound by law to convert to Muslim if one marries a Muslim? They have jails for those who don’t do so. But now you’ve confirmed for me the demonic elements of the religion. I never wanted to ask this of the religion because I didn’t want to have to face the uncomfortable thought of having to be actively opposed to the religion. But I suppose I’m ‘stupid’… I’ve known all this while that they regard us as ‘kaffir’ (disbeliever) and can do anything to us, even kill us and they believe they will be in the right. That was a great article… a lot in it struck home.” Roslyn T.-Malaysia

“I also “go in the spirit” on a daily basis, just for intimacy with Father God. This is extra special for me! I personally thank you! You have been instrumental in transforming my life!”

Diane M.- Prophet – Canada

“We really had a blessed time teaching people all about strategic warfare & praying for the World Cup. So far news reaching me indicates that my province is the only one free from child trafficking. We have also seen the government clamping down on crime during the World Cup & 54 mobile courts established to deal with crime all because we prayed.” Pastor Leo D.- South Africa

“Since Al’s 2007 conference I have been engaged in hi level spiritual warfare directed by our Triune God. I have encountered and defeated many demonic entities including a fallen angel!”

Richard G.-Retired Scientist-USA

“How are you doing dear man of God. The lady who was paralyzed is called Mrs. Boniventure. She had the paralysis for seven years. After applying the deliverance and healing principles (book) which you sent to me, the lady was completely set free.”

Pastor Johnstone K.-Tanzania

“I believe that anyone who reads “Xtreme Big Game Hunting” will be blessed immensely as their spiritual eyes will be opened even wider. God is willing to provide us with His knowledge; we just have to be open to receiving it. “For lack of knowledge my people perish.” Before this experience I would have thought that someone was making all of this up. I consider myself to be a Spirit-led person grounded in biblical principles, yet I must admit that I was a little skeptical. Now I know better! There are things in the Spirit that call for deeper things as the bible says that the “deep calls unto the deep.” I pray that people will be open to the things of God that has been revealed through Al Collins…deep!”

Karen Y.-Minister/Counselor-USA

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